Finding Your Purpose

How Life Purpose Has Changed with the Age of Awakening

Rose Rosetree
3 min readMar 9, 2022


Finding purpose in The Age of Awakening can point you in the right direction for a better life.

Finding purpose matters. But not just finding purpose. Finding and then following up! Doing this will get us through, I believe. And help generations to come.

You see, finding purpose is different now that we’re living in The Age of Awakening. (This began on Dec. 21, 2012. Yet most people don’t have any clear idea yet about what has changed. Gain clarity here.)

Some Personal Thoughts to Help You Find Purpose

For years I struggled with finding purpose. In fact, that’s why I developed one of the 10 trademarked systems of Energy Spirituality:

Soul Thrill® Aura Research can help you make your best human choices. Given the options available to you right now.

But that kind of purpose is not some grand idea, neither the version in Evangelical Christianity nor versions from New Age Spirituality.

Although cocreated (always) with Divine help, Soul Thrill Aura Research can deliver human wisdom. While you’re actively involved, rather than passively awaiting Important Instructions.

And the human fact is…

Nearly Nobody Has a Fancy-Flashy Soul Purpose

Instead, we do different jobs during a lifetime. We can find extra ways of growing in our personal lives.

All this counts for something. Especially if you let go of the (once you think about it as a sensible person) simplistic idea that:

Oboy! Now I found my purpose. Only now does my life have meaning.

Hello! It’s better to live as a good person and find meaning — human meaning — wherever you go.

Besides, Did You Know?

Your Soul Is Packed with Lifelong Gifts

They’re distinctive.

They’re yours for this whole lifetime. But only you can use them.

Easily done, really! Simply do your reasonable best every day, one fresh-and-free day at a time.

Read about soul-level gifts at the link just provided!

How Ridiculous Is This?

Probably you know at least one person who has asked a psychic to read their Akashic Records. Maybe done this many times, like shopping at different stores in order to buy the perfect outfit.

Well, wouldn’t it make more sense to learn about your own gifts? Because you do have those magnificent soul-level gifts.

As for finding a big shiny purpose? That’s totally optional.

In Conclusion

Totally expectable, really. In this Age of Awakening we’re capable of more clarity than folks living back in the Age of Faith.

Why not let go of the candy-coated dreams that good people lived for, during the New Age Years? (Namely, from 1980 until the Shift.)

As changes go, changes in this Age of Awakening is bigger and far more subtle than anything we could have imagined.

The same could be said for finding life purpose.

Living now, what we humans can do is thrilling. Personal growth beyond what we’ve achieved in previous generations. Millions are going to be able to move into Enlightenment, and do it without having to live as renunciates.

That prospect thrills me the most, how we humans can anticipate so many wonderful things.

Instead of seeking our big, fat purpose, how can we spend our time? What’s needed, seems to me, is simply to move forward day by day.

Finding purpose one day at a time, may we pursue that purpose.

Along the way we can help to bring more human truth into earth.

Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”

And yes, you could consider the spiritual daybook “Let Today Be a Holiday” as a do-it-yourself version of finding Life Purpose.



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