Finding Hope 5 Ways

After Election Day 2020, Could You Use a Little More Hope?

Five little ways to start finding and feeling more hope

After Election Day, political life in America isn’t pleasing too many of us. How to regain personal balance?

Ever Play 52 Pickup?

When you were a child, did you ever learn how to play “52 Pickup”? Like, it’s such a Grownup Card Game.

Obviously! Even though you’re three years old, you’re allowed to use the same playing cards as the big kids!!!

  1. Somebody, like your big brother Joe, dumps them all on the floor.
  2. Following that thrilling tumble of cards…. (Similar to when rain happens. But somehow not wet.) What happens next?
  3. Maybe your brother says something like this:
  4. “Pick up all the cards and give them to me.”
  5. Seems as if this takes a really long time. Of course, it helps that you’re singing a lot.
  6. Finally, you hand over the last card to your grinning brother.
  7. Shrugging in his extremely sophisticated way, Joe announces: “Game over. I win.”

Erggg, life is full of surprises. Both then and now. Definitely surprising more often than not. Elections being a current example.

Finding Hope 5 Ways #1.

Paying Attention to Politics Now More than Ever

In my view, learning to care about politics is a one-way street. Once you start traveling down the road called Paying Attention to Politics… What happens?

You’ll never want to turn around and go back. Because now you can see the street sign in the direction you came from: Irresponsibility Ave.

Sure enough, while watching the news, you’ll learn plenty. Facts about objective reality. Such as who’s responsible for what. And who in government really does what.

Naïve or simplistic old views? Soon you’ll pass them by. Following that, you’ll start traveling through some fascinating neighborhoods. Maybe you’ll even become politically active, in a constructive way.

Of course, you’ll read newspapers of record, right? Either the Washington Post (free online). Or the New York Times.

Please, never corrupt your judgment by watching the fave network of who? The world’s greatest spreader of disinformation about Covid-19. You know, the TV network whose signal achievement is bringing the world “Fake News.

Naivete about politics is a luxury we can ill afford right now. (Or for years to come.)

And why not? Because our world is still adjusting to the very big deal Shift into the Age of Awakening.

Only by participating as an INFORMED voter can you make a positive difference.

In short, if you’re not already spending 15 minutes a day on quality political education? You might find it remarkably worthwhile. Also, empowering and hope-awakening — because skills bring hope.

Finding Hope 5 Ways #2.

Interesting Consolation Re the Mask Denier Vote

Usually there are two sides to every story. Thus, thoughtful people can find something right on each side.

However, in the case of adults who defy mask wearing? And believe there is no such thing as super-spreader events?

Absolutely, folks can enjoy their rightness. Even their righteousness. However, they’re also quite likely to suffer a nasty illness. Develop lifelong “pre-existing conditions” that may not be covered by health insurance. And even permanently exit the planet.

Instead of feeling distress over this, maybe take hope. Whereas mask-defiance used to frustrate the heck out of you… Now you might simply choose to protect yourself. And beyond that, accept this simple fact: People get consequences from their choices. That’s how Earth School works.

Finding Hope 5 Ways #3.

Giving up on Old-Fashioned Prayer to Coerce People

Fess up: Have you tried praying to sway this election?

If so, how has that been working for you!

Did you know? Many of the prayers you’ve relied on “forever” come from the Age of Faith.

If they don’t work the same way now, consider: You’re not broken. More that you’re living in a different era on earth. Know it or not, like it or not, the Age of Awakening began on Dec. 21, 2012. Quite simply:

  • During the Age of Faith, religions taught us to live like God’s obedient child.
  • But now in the Age of Awakening, we can learn how to live like God’s grownup.
  • You can find a ton of hope if only… As of today you stop forcing yourself to surrender to an obsolete understanding of God.

Finding Hope 5 Ways #4.

Keeping a Loving Heart: The Best Revenge

Love can help to renew your hope. Pursue every good relationship, knowing that you’ll be nourished most by…

Relationships in “Energetic Real Time. Namely, talking with people in person, by phone or webcam.

Far less nourishing? Relationships via Twitter, Facebook, or any social media. Hey, I just gave you links to my accounts on Twitter and FB. But that’s because…

If you’ve spoken with me ever in Energetic Real Time, hello! We have a personal relationship, to some degree. Accordingly our doings together at this blog or elsewhere won’t be as empty as more lurkerish relationships.

  1. Don’t friendships help you find hope?
  2. Has it helped you to stop trying to be friends with folks who don’t appreciate you?
  3. And do you have any idea what I mean about this next part? Keeping a Loving Heart can be an excellent form of revenge. Even if not done as an act of revenge. ;-)

Finding Hope 5 Ways #5.

More Motivated than Ever to Live The New Strong

“The New Strong is a book full of skills for living well in the Age of Awakening.

For a more immersive experience, there’s The New Strong Online Collection of Workshops. (Including this Free Intro.)

Basically, The New Strong can help you find hope in a distinctive way: By helping you to “position your consciousness” in ways that make your life work.

Thereby sparing you so much suffering! And helping you to develop a “consciousness lifestyle” that helps you to authentically live and love and grow spiritually.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”

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Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.