Feeling Drained?

Drained Nonsense. You’re far more than a set of pipes, requiring some plumber’s attention.

Drained Nonsense. These are the words you’re invited to put together from now on… Whenever you hear folks complain of being “drained,” swap in the pair of words: Drained NONSENSE.

Since these folks are not just complaining. Nor are they truly “drained.” Although good people, they’re simply talking Drained Nonsense.

Of course, any swapping of words that you do in the future would be your choice. But consider it. Since this article aims to bring you clarity.

So Much Nonsense about Being Drained!

Have you noticed? All the Drained-Complaining has reached epidemic proportions. Although actual draining may not really be an epidemic at all.

Also, how about gaining perspective on the whining, in general?

Because it’s just possible that, after today, you may stop feeling sorry for people who do… what?

Drained-Complaining, that’s what.

  • Instead, you can have a more helpful conversation with them.
  • Or with yourself. In case YOU are the one who’s been told to pay attention to “draining.”

First of All, Let’s Get Clarity Where It Counts Most

You are awesome. Opposite to being some poor, victimey person. Supposedly terribly endangered because you might get “drained” at the drop of a hat.

And since most of us don’t wear top hats any more, let’s update. Supposedly you might get “drained” at the drop of a mobile phone. ;-)

Even without going into specifics of your uniqueness as a person, hello!

  1. Of course, you’re smart. And living with a sophistication beyond what most people could manage. Even as recently as 50 years ago!
  2. Naturally you have free will. And you’re not afraid to use it. Otherwise, would you dare to read this blog? Here we’ve got a resource — and informal community — for thought leaders.
  3. And just because certain doom-and-gloomey ideas have become wildly popular? All that means is this: Subconscious influences from silly ideas in Collective Consciousness. Namely, influential by nature. But — unlike you — not intelligent at all.

Beyond that, as you’ll discover in this article, there’s good reason to rename a certain popular word. A pathetic word, starting with the letter “D” and ending with the letter “D.” A word that currently happens to have how many hits on Google?

Take a wild guess about the results of my googling today. Turn to our COMMENTS to see the ridiculously large number of hits.

Meanwhile, please know that we’re going to have a recurring theme in this article:

Why You Deserve Better than to Believe in this Kind of Nonsense

Drained Nonsense for Empaths

For example. fourth-rate empath writers just loooove to warn empaths about being drained.

Hence-and-whence, this dubious advice from an entire website that coddles empaths. As though all of us are poor, weepy, victimey, and misunderstood…. Simply due to being born empaths. Ready for a typical quote?

Feeling your own emotions can be exhausting enough. But as an empath who picks up on what everyone around you is feeling, it can quickly become way too much.

This includes strong emotions of any kind — from deep sadness to excitement and joy. Empaths have to carefully manage their emotions and practice a lot of self-care to avoid constant emotional fatigue and exhaustion.

Nonsense is a mild term for this idea. As if empaths are simply doomed to drainage… unless they spend most of their waking hours on “self-care.” Grrrrrr.

Why You Deserve Better than to Believe in this Kind of Nonsense

As America’s most experienced Empath Coach, I’ve got plenty to say about the previous quote. Here I’ll make just two points:

If you’re an empath, find a teacher who can give you an intelligent answer to this question: What IS an empath? For instance, check out this Empath Video #1. And then take a few extra minutes to see Empath Video #2.

Altogether, you can learn a lot of useful information at this easy-reading website about Empath Empowerment®. As a result, you’ll gain clarity about… Drained-Empaths Nonsense.

Drained Nonsense Leading to Being Detached

According to this enthusiastic writer on being “drained,” it can lead to detachment. Namely:

You can’t bring yourself to feel much of anything, good or bad.

You’ve gone numb.

Whatever it is that you’re dealing with has drained your light to the point where you literally can’t feel the emotions you’d normally feel when you encounter a situation or subject.

Wow! That’s my first reaction. All this “drainage” can simply lead to going numb? And the author of this article “clearly” can help, due to being able to bring up a psychological diagnosis:

Anhedonia is a type of emotional detachment that specifically prevents you from being able to feel joy or pleasure, and is a strong sign that you are dangerously depleted.

Why You Deserve Better than to Believe in this Kind of Nonsense

Human imagination is a powerful thing. Especially now, since we’re living in the Age of Awakening.

Ever since the Shift on 12/21/12, every human being has a New Vibrational Freedom for positioning our consciousness. (Read more about that here.)

One way to misuse that new freedom…

Is to start worrying about how drained you are. Or how damaged you are. Or, perhaps, how far your anhedonia has progressed. Etc.

If you suspect something seriously wrong, find a professional with relevant expertise. For example, you could consult with Catherine Winter, the author of this article. All the way at the end of her lengthy article is a bio. And what are her qualifications for Drain-Type Expertise? Hey, she’s a writer, art director, and herbalist-in-training.

Honestly, choose your professional wisely.

In case you’re wondering, you might prefer to book a session with me. Alternatively, you might wish to consult with another Energy Spirituality Expert.

Drained Nonsense for Pandemic Burnout

Is there really such a thing as the Covid-10 Pandemic?

Absotootly. Whenever and if-ever you encounter somebody who doesn’t believe in that. Hello, you’ve just met a reality denier. And very likely a conspiracy theorist.

Sure, you and I have been going through a pandemic experience. Meanwhile media without enough normal stories to cover… Media have written “caring” articles about being a new kind of victim, a pandemic victim.

Specifically, media have often seized upon terms like “Pandemic Burnout.” As if, inevitably, all of us are now so terribly-terribly “drained.”

According to the article for which I’ve just supplied a link, supposedly we’re mentally exhausted, i.e., mentally “drained.” What to do? Among other “solutions”:

You can [fix your mental exhaustion] by focusing on your five senses: What do you feel, hear, see, taste, and smell? “Look at the sky, run some water on your face, take a break and listen to some music, exchange a few jokes with a friend. Reconnect to the world around you,” she recommends. “There is a lot more to the world than our worries, if we take the time to find it.” This is a grounding technique that can help you get back into the zone and feel more at ease.

Erggg, maybe you have already read my blog post on the dubious “benefits” of grounding. Otherwise, you just might want to click on that link just supplied.

Why You Deserve Better than to Believe in this Kind of Nonsense

Because you’re not a walking cliche, that’s why. Blog-Buddies, there is no one thing that “has” to happen to you during the pandemic. As an alternative to fearing a huge sucking sound of humanity now being Pandemic-Drained, check out one or more of these articles.

In Conclusion

Because there are oh-so-many-more kinds of nonsense about being “drained”… We’ve just begun to consider the many-many problems that could be ascribed to internal problems with plumbing.

Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash



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