Ex-Evangelicals. Energy Spirituality Curious?

First of All, What’s with this Trend for Evangelical Women?

“Evangelical Women Abandoning Trump” screams a headline in the New York Times. At least, this headline — and article by Jeremy W. Peters — screamed to me.

And Including YOU in this article. As well as these two fabulous sources.

More media quotes will appear than usual for one of my articles. I’m including them WHY? In order to give every one of you readers exactly this: A chance to find this article relevant to your life right now. Whether you’re:

  1. An Ex-Evangelical, aka Exvangelical
  2. An Evangelical for now, but you just might be curious about your alternatives
  3. A regular lurker at this blog
  4. Or an active, commenting, Blog-Buddy here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.
  5. Maybe you’re “Other.” Somehow you got to this one-of-a-kind blog. So welcome!

Second, What Is “Energy Spirituality”?

Short answer: It’s my jam. Normal answer:

  • You can learn a lot of the essentials just by having fun at this huge website. Go play!
  • Most compelling evidence of “huge”? Our 66,000+ comments. Quite a lot for a one-person blog. And just one indicator that this is a lively place.
  • In addition, all the blog posts at this link can help introduce you. Unique articles, ready for you to read now. Or later.

#1. What Ex-Evangelicals Can Find in Energy Spirituality: No ATMs in the Lobby

Do you remember when you first learned that megachurches brought in ATMs? Were you as horrified as I was? My immediate thought: Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple. How can clergy who claim to follow Jesus desecrate their own church?

As described by Sarah Stankorb

A turning point for Ex-Evangelical Katie Loveland came when…

By Contrast, Energy Spirituality is not a “Movement.”

More like a buffet. With really tasty, nutritious food. All the books, workshops, and sessions have this in common: I co-created them with God.

#2. What Ex-Evangelicals Can Find in Energy Spirituality: Nothing Cult-Like

Very likely, your church has changed. Until now it’s at a point where you can’t stomach the alliance with Trump. Or the naked power grabs. Or the greed.

By Contrast, Energy Spirituality helps people to get over cults.

It’s one of my specialties, facilitating personal sessions with clients. Over the years I’ve helped many clients to exit from cults. Whether religious cults, sex cults, meditation cults, etc.

#3. What Ex-Evangelicals Can Find in Energy Spirituality: No Worship Trap

Loving God is the most beautiful thing I know. Many Blog-Buddies here also have a passion for God. Just as many Ex-Evangelicals used to go to church mainly for social reasons. Yet, others of you felt such a calling to know God.

Just how slippery that slope?

The New York Times article cites two polls by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI).

By Contrast, Energy Spirituality does not use worship as an excuse for lying.

As for worship, that’s a la carte. Totally personal: Whether and why you do it. Or how you do it. Sometimes I’ll use my personal Technique Time to pray or sing hymns, etc. etc. that’s personal. But what will you find if you benefit from any of the four main specialties of Energy Spirituality?

If you have a personal session for Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING

I’ll co-create with God. Your version of God. Using tested skills, often trademarked skills. Known to be effective.

If you have a personal session for Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING:

I’ll co-create with God. Your version of God. Using tested skills, often trademarked skills. Known to be effective.

If you’d like me to help you as an Empath Coach?

That would be smart. Quite a contrast to other things being taught in the name of Empath Empowerment® ! And yes, every aspect of that system? Co-created with God.

Finally, what if you’d like me to help you as an Enlightenment Coach?

Also a smart move, if you’re interested. Definitely different from religious teachings. Also, different from what most Enlightenment Teachers today are offering. As for whether or not I co-create every aspect of that with God? Ha, you guessed the answer to that one, right?

#4. What Ex-Evangelicals Can Find in Energy Spirituality: Not Fear-Based

For a religion that’s supposed to be about love and following Jesus? Pretty shocking how much of it is really about fear of Hell, Satan, being tricked, etc.

Energy Spirituality is a proven way to overcome religious fears and hurts.

Also, to help with personal growth + spiritual awakening.

Granted, not “proven” due to scientific research in some lab. Simply bringing results. So far I’ve facilitated over 10,000 sessions for Energy Spirituality clients. In the process, I’ve helped many to let go of religious fears.

  • Here’s an example that some of you readers may relate to. Complete with audio files from a recording with LIANE, a client who graciously allowed me to share with you. Probing the aura of a big-shot Evangelical.
  • And for contrast, here’s another set of recordings, only this one may uplift you. JULIE’S experience was more spiritually beautiful than she knew, before our research.

#5. What Ex-Evangelicals Can Find in Energy Spirituality: No Faith Required

Have you sometimes agonized over your faith? Maybe it would help you to know that Jesus taught during the Age of Faith. And your church was established during the Age of Faith. Most important, that Age of Faith ended during your lifetime. To be precise, on 12/21/12.

For instance, if you follow politics at this time of Black Lives Matter

According to Jeremy Peters in the New York Times:

By Contrast, Energy Spirituality isn’t about faith.

For example, you can be quite skeptical, when booking a session. Just, please, don’t lie to me during your session. Or test me. Simply give me a chance to help you. Following that, decide for yourself about whether or not you get results.

In Conclusion, Engage!

Energy Spirituality offers Ex-Evangelicals a different way to alleviate to life’s pain. You’re cordially invited to COMMENT. Now, here’s the deal.

  • Since some of you have stories.
  • While some of you mainly have feelings right now. Pretty strong feelings!
  • Whatever you’d like to share here is welcome, as always.

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