Everyday Blinking…

Everyday Blinking in Enlightenment. These Angel Wings Don’t Do It Justice. But Where’s a Photo that Shows God Having Wings.

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Most of us never consider the sacredness of an ordinary blink. What happens then to our consciousness?

Could a quick little blink hold a large spiritual significance?

Turns out, good quality aura reading reveals what’s going on spiritually within us… even during ordinary, everyday blinking.

Potentially, a Ton of Aura-Info Is Available on Blinking

Because, by researching chakra databanks, you can discover a ton of fascinating details.

Given all the treasure troves of info available with advanced skills of energetic literacy…

What could be more fun that to research than: What happens during an everyday blink?

Especially fascinating if the person being researched… happens to be in Spiritual Enlightenment. Like my client Joe.

Basically, that’s what I’m going to give you here. One of our pioneering articles of Energy Spirituality, exploring the leading edge of research.

Preparing You for Our Best Article Yet to Research Blinking

Just so you know, when it comes to the amazing details about Everyday Blinking? Twice before we’ve published aura research of this kind. Exploring what happens to a person’s awareness… during the super-quick act of blinking.

How to research that exactly? By making use of an advanced skill of Energy Spirituality: Aura Reading Energetic Holograms. (Really, it’s not science fiction. Merely a skill that’s pretty darned easy-and-effortless to do. Learn more about it at the link I’ve just given you.)

Simply for fun, I’ve just googled “What happens spiritually when a person blinks?” Zero hits. However, that sure is the purpose of this article, haha!

In order to appreciate how this sort of research has evolved over the years, hmmm. Might I suggest you check out these two articles before reading what follows?

  1. This blog post one researches Gladys, who’s in Enlightenment. Noteworthy, this article from 2017 includes a sound recording.
  2. Meanwhile you’ve also got a guest post to enjoy. Namely, this 2020 article researching Masha Gessen while blinking. Noted with thanks to Energy Spirituality Practitioner Isabella Cates.

Sadly, Masha Gessen is no longer in Enlightenment. I sure wish I could have helped her as an Enlightenment Coach. Since folks in Enlightenment can use knowledgeable support. Especially during these early years of the Age of Awakening.

Technically, What’s ADVANCED about Today’s Article?

We’re going to research three chakra databanks. (That is, specific parts of my client Joe’s aura.)

Multiplying the info, I’ll research each chakra databank 3 ways:

First, baseline research will introduce you to Joe’s aura.

Second, I’ll research what happened during a particular moment in our session. A moment while Joe was calling himself a “Perfectionist.”

Ever diagnose yourself as a “Perfectionist”? Or casually use that pop psychology lingo on yourself?

Could be, today’s advanced aura reading will help you to stop limiting yourself in that way. Seriously, limiting yourself.

Third, I’ll research one moment when Joe literally said, “Because of my perfectionism.” And he was blinking.

Again, you’ll see the consequences of labeling oneself with that belittling, cringey-diagnostic problem of “perfectionism.”

Also noteworthy: With Joe’s permission, I was able to transcribe from a recording made during this session. Never before has this kind of article… supplied this much detail. Let today’s adventure begin.

Aura Research on Everyday Blinking #1.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

1A. Baseline, a Moment of Normal Conversation During the Session

Symbolic Size

47 feet. Definitely within normal range.


Love and gratitude, despite receiving clarity for going through a difficult situation in Joe’s life — the main topic for this session.

Changing inwardly, given the removal in recent sessions of certain illusions. Namely, illusions that had been with you for a long time. Illusions you’ve been overcoming as part of your extra-rapid personal growth as a man in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Underlying everything about your human experience, you’re steeped in inner calmness and Divinely-inspired peace.

1B. A Moment While Joe Was Calling Himself a “Perfectionist”

Symbolic Size

Structurally 47 feet but operationally 5 inches.

Why the contrast? Because you’re trying to squeeze yourself into a conceptual box. It’s a way too small box to really fit you. But this is the perfectionism Box, supplied by Collective Consciousness, a box that’s supposed to be TRUE.


In this moment when you casually insulted yourself, naming yourself as a “perfectionist”… That box was far too small to fit you, and so you temporarily shrank aurically so that you could fit the box anyway.

1C. A Moment of Everyday Blinking. (While Joe Talked about His “Perfectionism”)

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Totally — apparently — shut down. (During this brief moment, anyway.)


Blinking has a spiritual purpose. Even though it’s super-quick. And most people (so far) don’t have the research tools to tell what the heck is going on.

In reality, this chakra databank isn’t shut down. It’s transcended. Like at this time, it doesn’t matter that you’re a human being in a human room: Being physically present.

Something’s going to turn out to be more important, as showing in your aura. Just not what shows in that particular chakra databank.

Aura Research on Everyday Blinking #2.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Stability

2A. Baseline, a Moment of Normal Conversation During the Session

Symbolic Size

47 feet. Definitely within normal range.


Slowly waking up from a kind of sleep, one you were put into during your childhood. But at this time in your life, you’re overcoming that. It’s dawning on you how, in reality, you deserve kindness and consideration from those you know best.

Quite specifically, when other people at work have seemingly scoffed at your ideas, hello! From a broader perspective, they weren’t just acting rudely. But they were acting from their level of consciousness.

What you said or did went over their heads. Consequently, they flunked the opportunity to acknowledge you.

Learning this consciously, now, has implications for how you feel about yourself, from now on.

2B. A Moment While Joe Was Calling Himself a “Perfectionist”

Symbolic Size

47 feet structurally, 5 feet operationally.


Experiencing a familiar feeling, a feeling from childhood. Feeling small.

Why feel this way? This chakra databank shows traces of how you developed that way of feeling. During childhood, it protected you when family members did their various naughty things to you. By becoming small, it “helped you survive in a hostile world.” Very much a vestige of this lifetime, and how you got through the difficult childhood.

Yet one way that you can start growing this year — and beyond? It can be to recognize, all the way down to your subconscious-and-astral chakra databank is this: The world in which you find yourself now is quite different. Quite different from those heavily scripted, childhood years of a typical Life Contract.

2C. A Moment of Everyday Blinking. (While Joe Talked about His “Perfectionism”)

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Again, a chakra databank flatlines.


During this split-split second of the blink, guess what else doesn’t matter? Having human emotions.

Note: Emotions are an Earth School thing, for us incarnated as human. Just like sex, as we humans (unique among other animals on Earth) can experience sex.

Of course, it’s possible to position consciousness at the Divine Vibrational Frequency. When we do, these “petty human considerations” don’t matter. (All this is well documented by teachers of Traditional Enlightenment.)

Here, of course, it’s just a split-split second transcendence into Divine bliss. During blinking. Given that Joe’s living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Like what’s happening here, during the blink, is that Joe’s getting refreshed spiritually. Plus, he’s having a break from human emotions. (Not because something’s broken. Simply because he’s a man in Enlightenment… blinking.)

Aura Research on Everyday Blinking #3.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

3A. Baseline, a Moment of Normal Conversation During the Session

Symbolic Size

47 feet. Definitely within normal range. Beautifully in proportion with your other chakra databanks. As is typical for someone in Enlightenment, when not upset about something going on in your life.


As if you’re sitting in God’s super-comfy armchair: Both enfolded, protected, and loved. All this has integrated into your sense of self.

Thus, this is the truth behind one of the illusions of Earth School. Although it seems as though all human beings are just about equal, not at the level of chakra databanks. Just as people speak and act according to their consciousness… So too, our auras reveal experiences that are in keeping with our consciousness. In your case, Joe, that means living in Spiritual Enlightenment.

Not because you’re trying to achieve anything. Rather, Enlightenment is simply your normal, natural consciousness lifestyle.

3B. A Moment While Joe Was Calling Himself a “Perfectionist”

Symbolic Size

47 Feet. Normally sized.


Although you still know yourself to be powerfully connecting to God, it doesn’t seem relevant to your day-t0-day life.

Commonly that’s the plight of a person in Enlightenment. Like, “Yeah, I have the armchair. But it’s not doing me any good. Besides, much as I love this armchair… Enjoying it isn’t relevant while inwardly I’m trying to squeeze myself into a little tiny box.”

3C. A Moment of Everyday Blinking. (While Joe Talked about His “Perfectionism”)

Symbolic Size

Out to deep space. Namely, trillions of miles.


Quite simply, it’s like having God hug you.

Spiritually, you’re being refreshed. And receiving the heart to return, yet again, to the struggles of human life.

COMMENTS, Anyone? Questions? Reactions?

Thanks again to my magnificent client Joe, who gave me permission to publish this. Among the most advanced aura research yet at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

Enlightenment Coach Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”



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