Enlightenment Validation for Violet

How She Moved into Spiritual Enlightenment

Rose Rosetree
5 min readMar 24, 2021


Every Enlightenment Validation is the culmination of a unique story.

It’s really important to validate Spiritual Enlightenment. Certainly that was true for VIOLET.

Like most of the folks I help as an Enlightenment Coach, VIOLET didn’t know what had changed for her.

At least, she didn’t know when she called to start our session. Of course, by the end she did. Because we went through the full Session Centerpiece that brings clarity about moving into Enlightenment.

“Enlightenment Validation” is one of the greatest delights of my life.

I’m so grateful that VIOLET gave me permission to share the story with you.

Besides, Right Now…

You Could Use Some Inspiration, Right?

For this reason, I’ve published many articles about Enlightenment Validation here at this blog. In COMMENTS below, I’ll throw you a few links.

Another resource for you? See many examples of Energy Spirituality clients in Enlightenment at this dedicated article.

Now let’s go through the main points of today’s wonder tale. (Recalled to the best of my ability.)

What She Thought Was Happening

As usual, near the start of the session, I asked my client about results. Specifically, anything that she’d noticed since our last session.

Most recently we had completed Name Alignment. VIOLET reported:

I’m happy a lot more often.

Also I seem more able to handle things. Like, if a problem comes up, I used to think, “Oh, there must be something wrong with me.” Versus lately it’s more like, “I did my best in that situation.”

Granted, Name Alignment is a superb way to grow through Energy Spirituality sessions.

However, there was something in the quality of VIOLET’S voice. (At least to this experienced Enlightenment Coach. Where clairaudience is a notable part of my personal gift set for deeper perception.)

“Hmm,” I thought. Soon afterward I did the standard Skilled Empath Merge. Quite typical for the sequence of steps near the start of any session. And there it was. Ta da, Age of Awakening Enlightenment!

It’s Hard to Recognize Enlightenment

Even for professional Enlightenment teachers, this can be hard. Some today simply shrug off this responsibility. Such as conflating everything as “spiritual awakening.”

Actually, all Spiritual Seekers need to know how there’s a world of difference between spiritual awakening and Enlightenment.

Only one Discernment Jamboree at my blog is really small.

Incidentally, about the Lack of Expert Enlightenment Validation by Spiritual Teachers

Regarding that last point, you can help, Blog-Buddies.

Google “Nonduality teachers” or “Enlightenment teachers” or “spiritual retreats.” Find out if any of the experts in this burgeoning “industry”… Do any of them even write about how they can tell if one of their students is Enlightenment?

Is Enlightenment Validation anywhere on their website? Whatever you find, or don’t find, send the url over to this main Validating Enlightenment blog post. Add anything you noticed or didn’t notice.

For example, does the Enlightenment expert refer only to “spiritual awakening”? Go for it.

Through this Discernment Jamboree, let’s bring more truth into the world of Enlightenment Coaching.

Changes Occur Spontaneously

Although noticing those changes isn’t how this Enlightenment Coach validates, Spiritual Enlightenment, what do people notice about their own lives?

“Suddenly” there can be a big increase in emotional growth and spiritual awakening. After I facilitated Enlightenment Validation for VIOLET, here are some of the things she realized had been happening:

Come to think of it, this is a recent change. When conflicts come up with my teenager (or others), I’m not going to back down. And now I know it.

Like I’ll say, without feeling guilty: “You’re still cleaning your room.”

Using Your Full Potential

What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Simply put, Enlightenment means using your full potential.

What does it feel like, using your full potential in life as a human being? Doing that hour after hour, day after day? Even doing that minute by minute?

To VIOLET, it feels natural. Not that she described it that way. She told me:

More ideas come to me these days for solving problems. Now that you mention it, this is a change. Because I used to react to problems as if they’re a bad thing.

Now it’s different. More like I wonder what I’ll come up with.

Her Entire Human Story Led to This

Hard to believe now, but at one time VIOLET listened to channelers:

I wanted to hear there was more to my life. More than the drudgery of going through day after day. Channelers told me, “There’s a plan for you. Something better can happen.”

Besides that I was drawn to conspiracy theorists, for a while. By now I’ve moved on. It helped when I learned from you that Divine Beings are not the same as astral beings. You see, I used to think they were the same.

Back then I thought that anything astral is great. Now I know there’s a big difference.

Doing Name Alignment felt “pretty scary” to VIOLET. Yet she decided to do it anyway. “Because I knew it might be good for me.”

Any Advice?

When I asked VIOLET if she had any advice for you Blog-Buddies, she said:

Doing regular sessions of Energy Spirituality is so important. And follow through on any homework that Rose gives you.

Pretty smart, that “Do your optional homework” idea!

Also, reading “The New Strong” was helpful. To me, the ideas seemed abstract the first time through. From time to time, I’ve reread it. You have to go back and reread it to understand it, I’ve found. Also, I’ve consistently done the little morning routine in that book.

In Short

VIOLET did small, everyday things. Because she was having regular sessions with this Enlightenment Coach, those changes helped. However, only God decides when a person is ready for Spiritual Enlightenment.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Let today be a holiday… that helps you to move forward spiritually!”



Rose Rosetree

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