Enlightenment Validation for Leo from Norway

Validating Enlightenment Is Really a Thing. Some Day It Might Happen to You!

Let today’s Enlightenment adventure begin with a little language lesson. Not only does Leo speak Norwegian. Besides that, his name might not be pronounced exactly as you expect. It’sLAAY-oh. (Also, rhyming with “Day-O” in the classic Banana Boat song. As performed by Harry Belafonte.)

Unlike all my previous Enlightenment Validation blogposts… For instance unlike the Enlightenment Validation for ADRIAN, published earlier this month…

Unlike that, today’s chance to validate Enlightenment turned into an INTERVIEW. Therefore, what will you find in today’s blogpost?

  • LN preceeds words from Leo from Norway.
  • RR preceeds words from this Enlightenment Teacher, Rose Rosetree.

Rose Rosetree’s First Enlightenment Validation for ANY Norwegian

Namely, any Norwegian who’s been my Energy Spirituality™ client. :-) I certainly hope that Norway is loaded with other folks, not my clients, living in Spiritual Enlightenment.

RR: Introducing LEO: You live Oslo, Norway. Your English is excellent because?

LN: Because everybody around here speaks English.

RR: Still you were not born in Norway, were you? Originally you’re from…

LN: Kossovo.

RR: Since then you’ve lived in Norway for many years. Currently you work at a school. Working as a social worker with training in child welfare. If you don’t mind my asking, what does that mean?

LN: I help disadvantaged children to overcome their emotional and social problems.

RR: And you’ve been my Energy Spirituality client since 2012. :-)

Regarding your personal Enlightenment Validation, we did that in a session on May 16, 2022. Did that news come as a surprise, or not so much?

LN: Yes, this surprised me. I wasn’t feeling it.

Surprise #1. Validating Enlightenment for LEO.

About “Not Feeling It.”

RR: Aha! Could it be that you were expecting Age of Awakening Enlightenment to feel like something other than what it is?

Without meaning to, you could have been influenced by popular ideas in Collective Consciousness.

According to those ideas, what IS Spiritual Enlightenment? People assume there is only one kind: Traditional Enlightenment.

In reality, since the Shift into the Age of Awakening, a second kind of Enlightenment has become available: Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Surprise #2. When Validating Enlightenment for LEO.

Gaining Clarity about What’s Different about Age of Awakening Enlightenment?

Versus Traditional Enlightenment, that is.

RR: Let me guess. LEO, did you expect Spiritual Enlightenment to feel blissful? Different? Dramatically Different?

LN: Yes. And I haven’t felt anything like that.

RR: Could have been confusing. Let’s explore further what it means to live in ths new kind of Enlightenment. Since this is the kind that you’ve got. One productive way to understand what’s really going on with you is to ask you this:

  • Don’t look in the direction of blissful. Different. Dramatically different. (Which is true of Traditional Enlightenmnt.)
  • Instead, have you noticed any human-type changes? Meaning, personal changes to your quality of life. These changes would have begun to happen spontaneously, without your trying or forcing. Neither dramatic nor self-consciousness.
  • On reflection, then, could anything have changed for you?

Surprise #3 When Validating Enlightenment for LEO.

Real Changes, Human Changes, with Age of Awakening Enlightenment

LN: Here’s something. Right on this Skype call that we’re having now.

My voice sounds different to me. What I mean is how, all these years, we’ve done all our sessions by phone or Skype. I’m used to how my voice sounds when we talk.

Usually my voice sounds nervous to me. While I’m speaking to you, just then. Always a reaction.

Come to think of it, on this call that nervousness in my voice is totally gone.

RR: Might I congratulate you on giving yourself permission to notice, LEO!

This is exactly the sort of subtle-but-real change that often happens with Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Changes like this are about personally growing within Enlightenment. Something that doesn’t happen with Traditional Enlightement.

Why Else…

Might You Have Stopped Feeling Self-Conscious, Talking with Me? Hmmm.

Let’s pause for a teaching point about this. (I am, after all, an Enlightenment Teacher.)

Definitely, understanding more about Age of Awakening Enlightenment can help you to value it more.

We could say this. Already, during this interview, LEO, what has happened?

Not only have you gained more clarity. I’d say, further, you’ve gained a higher truth value for understanding Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Consequently, you don’t feel like you’re talking to somebody in Traditional Enlightenment. Namely someone who is blissful. different. dramatically different. Subconsciously you’ve already realized that. For instance, related to my auric modeling.

Consciously now, as well as subconsciously and energetically, you get it. LEO, I am somebody like you.

That means, you’re simply talking to another person who happens to also be in Enlightenment. (And, in my case, someone who’s also an Enlightenment Teacher.) Absolutely no need to feel self-conscious now. Hooray!

Surprise #4 When Validating Enlightenment for LEO.

“Maybe She’s Right.”

LN: I just had this thought, maybe she’s right.

RR: Hooray! You have never expected me to be right about everything. That’s a good thing.

Many spiritual seekers study with teachers who act like gurus:

  • Worthy of being treated like God
  • Never wrong about anything.

Hey, I studied extensively with one of the great world gurus. Describing some of my initial shock-and-awe about that in my memoir, Bigger than All the Night Sky.

By the time I moved in Enlightenment myself, and took on the job of Enlightenment Teacher… To me this has been a solemn responsibility.

Consequently, LEO, I made a lot of choices about how to teach and what not to do. As you know I chose to develop Energy Spirituality™, and eventually Enlightenment Teaching, as what kind of person? I’m an authentic, human being, never pretending to be perfect.

Surprise #5 When Validating Enlightenment for LEO.

Not Just a Better Attitude

LEO: Something else I noticed… This happened on the day after our session with Enlightenment Validation.

In Norway we have a big holiday on the 17th May. You could say, it’s our Independence Day.

All schools, including the one where I work, always have a parade.

There I was, walking with some of the students, on parade. You know what? I had this lightness of my being.

Not bad at all! Usually there has been a lot of defining myself in terms of my limitations. Like comparing myself to others. But this time I could just be. That was new!

RR: Interesting thing to notice, LEO! From my perspective you were noticing a subtle change due to living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Rather than being stuck in common illusions here on earth, your sense of self has grown stronger.

Seems to me, that’s why you had these new thoughts.

“Maybe she’s right.” Hooray! I love to hear that. ;-)

Surprise #6 When Validating Enlightenment for LEO.

Some Not-Great Habits Fall Away

LN: You know what else? I’m used to comparing myself to others. Like that other person has a better life than me. Or is a more interesting person.

Come to think of it, since moving into Enlightenment, that’s spontaneously not happening.

After work, on that holiday, I visited my mother and brothers. Usually when with them I feel:

  • Physically tired.
  • Like I want to get away
  • Bored.
  • In general, I’m used to feeling like I have a lot of problems.
  • Also, I’m used to their thinking of me as somebody who has a lot of problems.

When I talk to people, that hasn’t been happening. Talking to people is simpler now.

I look at the person I’m talking to. And I staying in the conversation.

Before I was used to wanting to look away and start fidgeting with your hands, and feeling bad about yourself, self-conscious.

RR: Very much related to Spiritual Enlightenment, I’d say. Spontaneously you’ll notice more of what’s true: Not what society has taught you to notice instead.

Surprise #7. About Validating Enlightenment for LEO.

LEO’S Biggest Surprise Came at this Point in our Interview

RR: Some people notice a particular time when, looking back, he or she has moved into Enlightenment. Other times, people don’t notice. How about you?

LEO, this isn’t a test. I’m simply asking you out of curiosity.

LN: Not really. I can’t say I noticed anything.

RR: Hmmm, let me remind you of something. We had a very unusual session on April 16. This came exactly a month before the Enlightenment Validation session on May 16.

Remember the mentoring Session Centerpiece? I told you how frustrating I found you lately, as your Enlightenment Teacher, and why?

Because you were so very close to Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Yet you kept habitually thinking of yourself as damaged, and you were stuck in that way. Cocreating the session, I dared to tell you that this nonsense was optional.

LN: Naturally I remember. Afterward I felt relief. You told me this mess was just a habit, which I could change.

How did I feel exactly? I felt discouraged, in the old way. How deeply I wanted to change that habit, if only I could.

RR: Here’s what I believe happened, LEO. As usual, I don’t know everything. But I’ll tell you what I think happened. Right after that session, God helped.

Shortly After That, You Moved into Spiritual Enlightenment.

RR: To be clear, this was not like, “I’ll pray. And then God will give me Enlightenment.”

LEO, if that kind of prayer worked I would have moved into Enlightenment in 1970. Or 1971. Or 1972, 1973 and every single year until 2013.

Remember, this was a unique session. I have never said anything like this before to any of my clients. Yet, this particular time, I cocreated this info to give it to you because:

  1. It was true.
  2. And you were ready to hear it.
  3. And that stinky habit was all that was keeping you away from Enlightenment.

Until Our Interview LEO Had No Idea This Mentoring Was Unusual

LN: It helps me a lot to hear this now. I thought when we had that session, when you told me that, that it wasn’t such a big deal.

RR: As if I was in the habit of saying things like that? Never, ever before. You’d been stuck in exactly this way for at least half a year, so close to Enlightenment.

I will say this: When I cocreate an Energy Spirituality session with a Divine Being, sometimes I’ll say things that surprise me. Not just surprise you. Surprise me, too.

Leo, finally, do you have any advice for folks reading this article? Maybe advice or words of hope for people reading this…

Advice from LEO

LN: I never felt I could be one of those people. If Enlightenment could happen to me it could happen to anyone.

Keep on having Energy Spirituality™ sessions regularly.

And this: Do the hard choices, based on information that you get in sessions. Just do it.

RR: Example, please.

LN: For example, in the year before I moved into Enlightenment, I had a girlfriend. I was living with her for a long time. Let’s call her “Gladys.”

For some reason, don’t know why, I never had asked Rose to read Gladys’ aura.

When I finally did, wow! I learned some pretty not great things about her and our relationship.

Rose didn’t tell me to break up with her. Still, my choice became a great deal clearer.

You know what? I could have chosen to stay in that relationship. I could have stopped doing sessions with Rose. Because it was very hard to hear what she told me. Especially because everything I heard Rose say about Gladys was true. I knew that deep down.

But I made that hard choice. I did break up with Gladys. Why?

I guess it was because, reading your blog, it seems like it’s a real thing. The possibility of getting into Traditional Enlightenment seems like it’s a real thing. And there has to be more to life than this.

Blogger’s Note

For this interview about Validating Enlightenment for LEO, I edited it before publication. In the process I added some words for continuity and clarity.

In Conclusion

By all means, COMMENT at my main blogpost so you can personally congratulate LEO. Fascinating comments are already coming in (since I published the original version a few hours ago). You’ll find those comments at the link just provided.

Mainly, in conclusion, big congratulations, LEO from Norway.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve enjoyed this article, please consider FOLLOWING me here on Medium. I’d appreciate it.”



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