Enlightenment Validation for Adrian

As always, Adrian’s Enlightenment Validation was unique. As they say, God is in the details.

When Adrian received Enlightenment Validation she was surprised but not surprised.

Graciously, she’s allowing me to share some of the awe-inspiring details from the session we had on Sunday, April 23. What was it like for the latest member of our informal Energy Spirituality community… Really-truly moving into Spiritual Enlightenment!

First of All

Adrian’s Validation Was for Age of Awakening Enlightenment

Ever since I became an Enlightenment Teacher, in 2012, hello! Nearly every one of my students has moved into this newer kind of Spiritual Enlightenment, available since the Shift on Dec. 21, 2012.

Traditional Enlightenment is the kind most of us are familiar with. But Age of Awakening Enlightenment has been the choice for most of us. One major reason why? Growth within Spiritual Enlightenment can be magnificent… but that only happens with the Age of Awakening kind.

In case any of you are curious to learn more from me as an Enlightenment Teacher, I’d love to share. For now, though, let’s keep it simple. Only two ideas.

  • Most useful, here’s a resource for you: Our up-to-date list of Energy Spirituality clients for whom I’ve validated Enlightenment. Altogether this blogpost contains plenty of info and links. Such as validation blogposts similar to this one, authorized by other Energy Spirituality clients who moved into Spiritual Enlightenment.
  • Another of the most practical blogposts on this topic contrasts Age of Awakening Enlightenment with Traditional Enlightenment. Specifically, you’ll learn how your soul chooses which you’ll attain. So no worries about moving into “the right kind.”

And now, for today, what’s new and special?

The Unique Story of Adrian’s Enlightenment Validation

To be sure, when Adrian began to have phone sessions of Energy Spirituality… For one thing, her name wasn’t Adrian, not yet. (More on that later, perhaps. Toward the end of this post, see the reference to Name Alignment®.)

Unbeknownst to me — since I didn’t learn this until our session of Enlightenment Validation — this client always set her sights on attaining Spiritual Enlightenment. In fact, she had a specific goal: Aiming to reach that goal by age 34.

Many a seeker of Traditional Enlightenment would measure that goal along the lines of 34 LIFETIMES. According to what Adrian told me:

As we did more and more sessions, that longing for Enlightenment faded. Somehow, I lost the desperateness of meeting that goal. Instead, I wanted:

  • To learn what I could learn
  • And get as much as I could from each session
  • And apply it.

Also helpful, Adrian took a ton of notes.

I told her, “It’s common to stop caring so much about reaching Enlightenment when you grow closer. Probably that’s related to enjoying life so much more. Gradually finding so much more to enjoy…”

Mostly Adrian Has Noticed Human-Type Results. Never Anything Flashy

Only three days ago, my New York client had a session of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING. At the time, she was close… but no cosmic cigar.

Actually, I’d considered her close to Enlightenment for the past year. However, I never know exactly when it will happen. That’s up to God, not us humans.

Nothing dramatic in Adrian’s life signalled the change. However, when I did the routine Skilled Empath Merge near the start of her session, I could tell that Now. Was. It.

Quietly pivoting, I discreetly shifted what we were doing.

  1. Moving away from the Soul Thrill® Aura Research that we planned to explore.
  2. And moving toward the golden procedure that I call “Enlightenment Validation.”

Once the steps of validation were complete, I got to make the big announcement. (Close as I plan to come, ever, organizing a Surprise Party.)

Back to What Has Changed

Since Adrian’s Enlightenment Validation

Typically for Age of Awakening Enlightenment, human changes have gradually slipped into place. Basically, these are householder-type changes. Because you don’t need to live as a renunciate in order to attain Enlightenment in the Age of Awakening.

That is, a householder is a person in the world, of the world, caring about human fulfillment.

Therefore, Within the Context of Householder Life, How about Changes After Reaching Enlightenment?

How, specifically, did Adrian’s life change? For example, Adrian described this today, when I interviewed her for this blogpost:

Suppose there’s a task I’ve set for myself, like organizing something for my students. (Yes, Adrian is a teacher.)

I’ll take the steps of using whatever skill might be involved. But at a certain point I’ll run into an obstacle.

In a way, that’s not new… Except for how I react.

And this change I’m about to describe is totally spontaneous, I might add. Not like I’m trying to make it happen.

On Reflection, Adrian Spots a Subtle Change

At work, or in her personal life, after running into an obstacle:

Before I would have gotten aggravated, maybe even having a few seconds of feeling like the world is against me.

Only now I trust myself to be resourceful. Under the circumstances, I’ll do as many steps as I can, like Steps 1, 2, 3. Doing them one at a time.

No longer will I race ahead of myself, frantically trying to fix everything all at once. And you know what? Come to think of it, in the past I sometimes would ignore the obstacle. Like treating it as if it wasn’t there.

Naturally I find myself proceeding differently now. Typically I’ll accomplish as much as I can do today. If I run into a roadblock I’m okay with what I can accomplish today, trusting that I can do the rest tomorrow.

How about This Tricky Question?

As an Enlightenment Teacher, sometimes I’ll ask a student: How easy is it for you to tell the difference between Objective Reality and Subjective Reality?

Actually I’ve devoted a recent blogpost to the spiritually useful topic of Objective Reality. In case you’d like to take a look, click on that helpful link just provided.

Unable to resist, I asked Adrian that very same question today. (After establishing that she had indeed moved into Enlightenment.) Her answer?

Over the years, I’ve had incremental growth with that. Nothing was ever flashy or obvious.

Come to think of it though? Now, telling that difference is easy.

Neither Alcohol Nor Drugs

Definitely, living Sober Curious helped Adrian to keep self-actualizing, full speed ahead. Also helpful? How she’s been having personal sessions of Energy Spirituality… on a regular basis. For years.

Without those sessions I might have moved in the opposite direction. And I’m not joking.

When I asked her to say more, Adrian shared:

Sometimes when things in my life were rough, I was so tempted to just escape. Like by getting drunk, etc.

But as I kept doing sessions of Energy Spirituality, I got to a point where you had facilitated the removal of a lot of STUFF from my aura. So much so that a lot of wanting to escape gradually changed.

When people or situations frustrated me, I’d realize that I didn’t have the skill set. “I could bring that to a session,” I’d think. Every time, you’d cocreate mentoring for me about solutions to whatever the problem was (and some of those problems were pretty big). Applying whatever that skill was, life became more manageable.

Fairly recently I’ve realized that making a good life for myself could be much easier than I used to think, back in the day.

Plus a True Confession

Never do you know what you’ll find when interviewing somebody! Adrian’s Enlightenment Validation included this funny little tidbit about her relationship with this Enlightenment Teacher. It’s nowhere close to how I describe my sessions of Enlightenment Coaching.

Rose, sometimes I used to find you terrifying. Sometimes you’d challenge me. But I could always feel an underlying kindness, I could tell that you cared.

Even with the high truth value that has consistently been a feature of our sessions!

After a while, I realized, “She’s been showing me by example how to use my power, and do it in a loving way.”

What Else Helped Adrian Accelerate Her Spiritual Evolution?

Gradually I developed the habit of listening to the recordings you make every session.

A kind of knack developed. I’d recommend listening to those recordings. They’re available whenever you who have a session with Rose. Those recordings have helped me a lot.

In Conclusion

Big thanks to Adrian for her generosity in sharing her experiences with moving into Enlightenment. Just as every bell makes its own distinctive jingle, every story of Enlightenment Validation is meaningful to this teacher. Also unique inspiration is to be found… for all of you who aim to use your full potential in life (aka “Enlightenment”).

Ooh, One Final Detail for Now

For sure, I want to share this fun fact about my latest client to move into Spiritual Enlightenment. How long did it take?

Did this brainy, courageous, artistic client manage to receive Enlightenment Validation by age 34?

Nah, she had to wait all the way until age 37.

Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. It’s good to learn more about moving into Spiritual Enlightenment. After all, it could happen to you.”

Already a lively comment exchange has begun at my main blog, the Energy Spirituality Blog. Feel free to lurk or comment there. More fun, more learning!



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