Empaths: Today’s Energy Healing

Let me help you to solve this puzzle — for the sake of solving problems in your life right now.

Empaths, especially: I wrote this article for you.

Some of you are writers. Others entrepreneurs. Others care so much about relationships.

It can make such a positive difference for you, what you’re about to read here

First of All, We’ve Got us a Mystery

Recently some folks at my main blog responded to our recent quiz here for empaths. So far, answers were…

Wrong. Wrong. And Definitely Wrong.

Just so you know, wrong answers to a quiz here? Incredibly unusual!

Understanding Energy Healing Complexity

Can Help Us Solve this Mystery

First of all, the quiz wasn’t called “The Tardis Quiz.” Although that’s what I’ll start calling it in this blog post. (And yes, I’ll explain soon, why that name.)

But the Response to this Quiz Revealed that

This Topic Was Like a Tardis

Obvious enough, if you’re a fan of the TV show “Dr Who?” Then you know what the Tardis was:

This Puzzle Matters If You, Too, Aim to Solve Problems in Your Personal Life

In the process of these Tardis blogposts, all you readers can get an excellent free education. Learning far more than most folks know yet.

By All Means

Follow this weekly series. (Specifically, on Mondays, starting today.)

  1. Take advantage of this opportunity for leading-edge discernment
  2. Offered to you by an expert with the standing to teach this exciting info
  3. Best of all, as always at the Energy Spirituality blog, you can COMMENT away. Express your ideas as you learn. (Including disagreements, if you have any.)
  4. And I’ll take the time to give you a personal response.
  5. This Tardis series of articles can help you. Whether you’re an Energy Spirituality newbie. Or like some of the folks who comment here, my clients for 10 years or (much) longer. Or anything in-between.

Overall, Energy Healing Complexity Exists Because…

NOW Is the Age of Awakening

Granted, not all of you welcome this term. Please don’t blame the Age of Awakening itself if you don’t like this term yet.

  1. Age of Aquarius
  2. Aquarian Age
  3. Aquarian New Age
  4. Shift Age
  5. Age of Enlightenment (Not the old one. My former guru Maharishi favored this term. No doubt TMers use it to this day.)

Energy Healing Complexity IS NECESSARY Now.


Since now it’s the Age of Awakening. Not because people took a vote. Nor because a majority of human beings felt ready for a change.

Meanwhile, COMMENT Away

For starters, feel free to weigh in on the quiz at “Can Empath Empowerment Solve This Prob?” For best results don’t look at any of the other answers in the COMMENTS section there. Simply add your own.

  1. Do you feel icky when you hear the term “Age of Awakening”? Any idea why? COMMENT about that and maybe we can clean that up for you and others.
  2. In advance of our follow-up article planned for next Monday, what do you think I mean by “complexity” to Energy Healing.
  3. Have you ever studied Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing, Eden Energy Medicine, Laying on of Hands, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Healing Touch, or other forms of energy healing? What was your experience?
  4. Were you ever a client for these types of energy healing.
  5. Did that New Age Energy Healing seem simple to you? If so, did that make it seem more “spiritual”?
  6. If you developed advanced skills, what kind of complexity — or knowledge — did you add to your practice of the energy healing.
  7. Did you ever believe in claims made by meditation teachers (like my former TM guru Maharishi) that the good energy of meditation — or whatever — would bring you “perfect health”? Or make you immortal? Or otherwise heal whatever might ail you?



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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree


Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at rose-rosetree.com. She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.