Empath Triggers

How seriously need you take the threat of Empath Triggers?

Empath Triggers? Have you already heard of this? If so, you might be worrying about it.

Alternatively you can just read this article all the way through.

Either way, very likely, the truths you learn here can totally solve this so-called problem.

Quite possibly, we might even fit in a few laughs.

First of All, What Is an Empath?

As a matter of fact, you have a right to know. Will the answer terrify you? Let’s go multiple choice.

But Seriously. What If You’re an Empath and You Want to Do Right by Your Talent?

Maybe you’d like to avail yourself of a resource that’s effective and also not weird? Check out my new empath-friendly website. (Especially fun are the videos. You’ll see.)

Elise Lebeau Also Gets Credit for Originating “Empath Triggers”

And she’s sure got a winner with this concept. At least, it’s useful in terms of attracting interest. Making her own contribution, Elise writes about “Impaired Empaths©.”

What Type of Empath Expert Warns You Against Empath Triggers?

Maybe you’re curious.

  • Yet if you wind up sitting through an unenjoyable Zoom call these days…
  • Or you have a date that isn’t utterly fabulous…
  • In short, on one occasion you don’t manage to score a fun evening…
  • Must you call that a “disaster”?

Anyway, Back to the Source of Empath Triggers and Poor, Impaired Empaths

Mostly, Lebeau is a psychic. Or as she calls it, using today’s more fashionable term, an intuitive.

Meanwhile I Promised You Discernment. And Even Fun.

So here goes.

  1. Proximity: Standing close to someone. Oooh, so scary?
  2. Eye Contact: Looking up when someone talks to you. Oooh, so scary?
  3. Physical Touch: A hand shake, a hug, being bumped in a crowd. Oooh, so scary?
  4. Specific People: Your spouse, your child, you co-worker. Oooh, so scary?
  5. Specific Situations: When someone is angry or feeling upset. Oooh, so scary?
  6. Thinking about someone: Even if they’re miles away. Oooh, so scary?

Maybe None of These Six “Triggers” Is Truly Dangerous

In Conclusion

When it comes to self-help for empaths. And for HSPs. And also for anybody else who’s into having a better life…

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

Could that be the case for taking a ton of precautions to avoid Empath Triggers?

Only you can decide.

Photo by Andreas Schantl on Unsplash

Empath Empowerment Coach Rose says, “Thanks for reading. Wishing you dynamism… and also peace.”



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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree


Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at rose-rosetree.com. She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.