Drug Highs, Energy Healing, and Empath ANYTHING

How reliable is the energy healing of a stoner?

RACHELLE asked a really provocative question:

“Has anyone had any experience or heard of xtacy opening up the Heart Chakra and revealing empathic gifts?”

Her question is relevant to anyone interested in deeper perception, energy healing, and drugs. Not just those of us who are empaths.

Here’s my perspective, as the founder of Empath Empowerment®. If you find today’s article helpful, please share it with people you know who might be interested.

So many beautiful spiritual seekers are getting themselves confused. That doesn’t have to be. Let’s clear up some major confusions that can lead to far worse problems over time.

Energetically what does it mean to get high on a drug like “Ecstasy”?

I’m going to get a little technical here, but if you want clarity about this, spend the minute:

For all people living on earth there are three vibrational frequencies. Each one corresponds to something about one’s psychological makeup:

  • Human Vibrational Frequencies = The conscious mind
  • Astral Vibrational Frequencies = The subconscious mind
  • Divine Vibrational Frequencies = The Higher Self

Say that JOE gets high on Ecstasy. His consciousness becomes positioned at an Astral Vibrational Frequency. That’s due to how his body chemically responds to the drug.

As the drug’s name promises, JOE might feel just great while he’s high. Instead of having consciousness positioned at human vibrational frequencies, he is floating around in the astral. Feeling so free. And as though every tiny thought or feeling or sensation is so very truly meaningful.

Only from a human perspective, when not high, this is nonsense.

JOE’s far-out subjective experiences are druggy. They won’t be useful for dealing with human reality. Any “meaningful” insights are just as likely to be distorted ideas that are crazy-talk… from a rational human perspective. And the best goodies of this world do go to those who are sane and well positioned in human reality.

Although I haven’t yet done any blog posts about people under the influence of the “Hug Drug” — and whatever else “Ecstasy” is called on the street — I have done blog posts about other substances. I’ll save that list of links for the end of this post.

Energetic literacy reveals plenty about what happens when somebody takes drugs

Long story short: There is a price to be paid for every high.

Astral-level debris, STUFF, is deposited in the person’s aura.

True, our motto in Rosetree Energy Spirituality is “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.” Still, even with those skills, it can take many sessions to move out what can be so casually and blithely deposited in a person’s mind-body-spirit system.

Since I have helped clients to un-wreck themselves, I have skin in this game. I have a real passion for alerting you’all to some of the crazy-talk ideas that people get when stoned.

Noticing things about auras and chakras while high on drugs?

Sure that happens. It happens because most of the aura reading done with any degree of skill will be about the astral-level components of a person’s energy field.

What else is astral, besides most aura reading? Randomly experiencing somebody’s aura can happen totally easily while high.

Remember, high on drugs = positioning of consciousness in the astral.

For instance, JOE’s awareness will be positioned that way whenever he is in a drugged-out state. Of course he can notice auras… in a confused and random fashion.

Oh how seductive those experiences can be, with their great visuals and the ring of majesty! The Romance of the Astral at its most addictive and delusional while somebody is stoned. Not exactly surprising!

So what? That sure isn’t reliable, sane, skilled aura reading. Which can deliver loads of practical benefits. And which needs to be based in a the conscious waking state.

Otherwise it isn’t really aura reading but aura drifting. And it won’t be either accurate or especially helpful.

If you should have a friend like JOE who, unfortunately, is into drugs for now, don’t trust a word he says about his experiences while high.

Or maybe the rest of the time, either.

Because, sadly, when somebody is under the influence of substances that distort thinking, the result is well documented to be what — in the words of Alcoholics Anonymous — is called “Stinking Thinking.

All those flashy ideas about chakras opening up or whatever? That’s part of a high. An illusion.

It’s sad enough when somebody like JOE is going through this sort of experiment and junks up his human system. What would be sadder? If any sane adult believed his ramblings.

Consider yourself warned. Just. Don’t.

What about noticing beautiful energy healings related to being high?

More illusions! Yowza, I’ve written elsewhere at this blog that it’s a real tipoff about lack of skill when somebody refers vaguely to “energy healings.”

As for healing, true healing, worth the name?

Spaced-out JOE, tripping around in the astral, can call his perceptions whatever he likes. But that doesn’t mean he produces results for a better life… in reality.

Finally, what about the idea of “activating” an empath’s abilities?

Ack, such confusion! Confusion-delusion induced by hanging out in the astral and then drawing random connections from random perceptions!

Of course, a person doesn’t have to be high on drugs. A person also could be high on a spiritual addiction. Then jump to wacky conclusions.

No skills, folks. No clarity of waking state consciousness, either. Just loads of righteousness-flavored self-authority. Sigh!

What if you ask that person, “What do you think an empath is, anyway?” You are likely to hear vague cliches that are, oh-so-very inaccurate.

Trust me…

Empath gifts are not “activated.” Either a person has them or not. For life.

Based on my experience helping clients, it is way easy for somebody with background in this field to research ANYBODY’s aura for empath gifts.

They are for life.

For some pregnant women who were my clients, I have read the presence or absence of specific empath gifts for the child while in utero. And sometimes I have done this for women who were carrying twins.

Every empath gift is for life. It’s that simple.

“Activation” belongs to the other illusory astrally-experience of somebody hanging out in the astral. Humanly? Totally flimsy.




Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree

Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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