Drug Highs, Energy Healing, and Empath ANYTHING

Warning: Drug Highs. Colorful packages are selling a slow poison

Drug Highs. Can They Really Reveal Empath Gifts?

So many beautiful spiritual seekers are getting themselves confused.

That doesn’t have to be. Let’s clear up some major confusions that can lead to far worse problems over time.

Drug Highs, Like with “Ecstasy”

Drug Highs Are an Illusion

And, did you know? The best goodies of this world go to those who are sane and well-positioned in human reality.

Plenty of Bad Happens to Auras of Those Who Choose Drug Highs.

Since my work sometimes involves helping clients to un-wreck themselves, hello! I have skin in this game.

Therefore, I have a real passion for alerting you’all to some of the crazy-talk that people say when stoned.(Crazy talk that they later report to me. As if it’s wisdom. Meanwhile their auras are screaming, “Help, something in here’s not right!”

Reading Auras and Chakras While Stoned?

For Example

How about “Beautiful Energy Healings” While High”?

Spaced-out Joe, tripping around in the astral, can call his perceptions whatever he likes.

But that doesn’t mean his “healings” improve his life or anyone else’s… in reality.

Finally, Debunking the Idea of a Drug High “Activating” Empaths

Empath Gifts Are Never “Activated”

For some pregnant women who were my clients, I’ve researched the presence or absence of specific empath gifts for the child in utero. While sometimes I’ve done this research for women who were carrying twins.



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