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More than a Life Hack. A Better Way to Live

Rose Rosetree
6 min readApr 25, 2022


Bring Truth. Why? What Can You Receive in Return?

Just imagine that your friend Gladys calls, inviting you to her party.

“Can you come?”

“Sure. What would you like me to bring?”

Of course, that’s the polite thing to ask. Never enter a friend’s home empty handed. Bring something.

Ideally you’ll pose that considerate question, “ What would you like me to bring?”

Then you’ll follow through.

But what does that have to do with bringing truth?

Is that the name of some new kind of casserole?

Let’s explore my latest Aha! as an Enlightenment Teacher. Since what I’ve discovered has already helped me significantly. Maybe it can help you, too.

Incidentally, we have one main ground rule at this Energy Spirituality Blog. COMMENT. Rather than passively reading, make note of your Aha!s and then post them as a COMMENT. (Post anonymously if you like.)

First, When You Bring Truth, You Do Something Beautiful

Do you ever wish that you could do something beautiful for God? Find one answer here, from Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree.

  • Simply put, start to bring more truth into this world.
  • Also, give others more credit for when they manage to bring truth. Against all odds!

In order to learn more how-to’s, keep reading. Because both approaches are good for you. Spiritually they’re beautiful.

Second, Bringing Truth Can Be Easy to Do

Probably you know this. Bringing truth doesn’t have to involve religion, theology, or dogma of any kind.

Just as a person can be #SpiritualButNotReligious

Like that, bringing truth is a standalone.

Whenever you can, wherever you can, simply do this. Speak a little bit about what seems true to you.

Of course, if anyone listening is curious, hello! That person can ask to here more.

How Powerful Can It Be to Bring Truth?

Like a quick-and-sweet bold of lightning. Spiritual lightning.

For example, here’s a YouTube video I stumbled upon. From Mallory McMorrow, a white, Christian, married, straight, suburban mother. Also, she happens to be a State Senator in Michigan.

If you watch this video, it will take you less than five minutes. Quite possibly, it will temporarily take your breath away. Due to the clarity. More specifically, those words from McMorrow bring what I call “high truth value.”

Third, This Perspective Can Help You to Overcome Regrets

Because sometimes all you need do to bring truth is… a shift of emphasis. Give credit where credit is due.

Seriously, when’s the last time you gave another person credit for having done some standup thing? Maybe an act of kindness. Maybe doing good work.

My Aha! about this came when I was feeling bad about a friend of mine who had messed up. From my perspective, she had been growing for years. Then it was as though Gladys reached her limit. Not only did she seem to stop growing (far as I could tell). Besides that she changed and became kind of unpleasant, nearly unrecognizable.

Therefore, from a human perspective, I felt like this: “Five years of friendship, wasted! I thought we’d be friends for life.”

Yet, from a Spiritual Perspective, What Would Change If I Chose to Bring Truth?

Here’s what happened to me. I chose to let go of what she’d already given to me: Good times together, sweet things that she did, smart things that she said. Remembering them for a minute or two, I could reclaim them. Enjoying them for what they were.

When you’re bringing truth to your own history, guess what? Nobody can take these treasures away from you.

I became free to still love Gladys as I knew her when we were still friends. To me, that’s bringing a spiritual truth into a relationship. Which parts will I remember? Mine to choose, just as you are free to choose about all your relationships.

Responding to Messed-up Consciousness Lifestyles?

Once Again, Bringing Truth Helps

As some of you readers know, my work with Energy Spirituality includes a great deal of research. Both on behalf of clients, and for publications (including this blog). Just about every day I’ll researching how people are doing energetically and spiritually. Technically, this often includes exploring people’s “consciousness lifestyles.”

Actually, my work involves doing quite a lot of research into what’s going on with people’s consciousness. Seems to me, living in these early years of the Age of Awakening can be challenging. (Ever notice?)

Out of all the blogposts I’ve written here, what best expresses my sorrow over this? No question, it’s the “Grief Howl.”

Although I do my best to live in the present, rather than the past… Sometimes I feel such regret.

Only yesterday it hit me, to Bring Truth can also help us to overcome regrets.

But How Can You Do This?

Acknowledge Everyone You Have Known… Who DID Bring Truth to You

For instance, suppose that you have a friend, Sam. For years you were excellent friends. Then suddenly, to quote a recent blog comment, here. a comment that GEORGIE wrote:

“The scariest part of all is how many of my friends have changed since the pandemic and I think a lot of them might be into cults, not just the friend I was telling you about.”

Personally, I’m used to feeling sad or angry about what happened to people like Sam. Yesterday I realized, I had an alternative. Instead I could remember all the lovely things he did before going downhill.

No agenda attached. Since I can’t change who Sam has become, nor would I try. Nevertheless, I can remember lovely moments from our friendship. They’re mine for life, if I wish.

How Much I Admire the Many Folks I Know Who ARE Doing Well

Making something magnificent of their lives! Doing well in their consciousness lifestyles… and so much else. Life on Earth now is so challenging. It’s a big deal, for any adult today, to live like a good person. To use honor. Intelligence. Creativity.

Whether it’s being a good friend to you. Helping others. Daring to hold political office. Or entertaining millions, as Amy Schumer once did.

By contrast, see recent Comments ##5099–5111, from an aura reading of Amy. How badly she was doing at aura level! Researched based on a photo taken while she was wearing that incredibly unflattering dress at the 2022 Oscars.

Which will you care to emphasize now? Regrets or angers or bringing more truth?

Appreciating when somebody else was bringing truth… can ennoble YOU now.

Once Did. That Person Used to Be Wonderful. Once Upon a Time, Was Your Friend

When thinking about an ex, it costs you nothing to take the road that brings truth.

  • One road leads to bitterness.
  • Another can open up vistas of gratitude.

Which way will you choose to walk?

To be clear, I don’t suggest living in the past. Nor ignoring the truth of what somebody has become.

But we can still give credit for good that a person did in the past. And making that choice costs us nothing.

BTW, What IS an Enlightenment Teacher?

Earlier in this article, I noted that I have this kind of standing to help you. (Should that part of my work interest you. Caring about Enlightenment anything is definitely not required to benefit from this Energy Spirituality Blog.)

In case you are curious, though, here are a couple of resources. They can clarify what it means to me, serving as an Enlightenment Teacher now. Namely, after the Shift into the Age of Awakening:

  1. ENLIGHTENMENT Coach & Enlightenment Coaching
  2. Enlightenment Coaching for the Age of Awakening (A YouTube Video)
  3. Book a Session of Enlightenment Teaching
  4. Is That Spiritual Teacher HELPFUL?
  5. Etiquette with an Enlightenment Teacher

Spiritually Speaking, What Is the Essence of Bring Truth?

From a human perspective, we receive karma for all we’ve done. Whether good or bad.

Yet from a human spiritual perspective, maybe all that matters is the good a person manages to do.

Life on earth is like taking a quiz where nobody is ever going to score 100%. An excellent grade might be 5%. Only who tells us that?

This Enlightenment Teacher is here to remind you.

In Conclusion

Tomorrow will you dare to bring truth?

Has this worked for you in the past?

How do you think bringing truth is different from “being positive”?

Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”



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