Declare Independence from Stinky Old Cliches in Collective Consciousness

Step-by-Step Instructions for Personal Empowerment

Rose Rosetree


Collective Consciousness Subconsciously Grabs YOU, but hey! It doesn’t look like a monster. Rather, it’s a field effect.

When Collective Consciousness Subconsciously Grabs YOU… It doesn’t have a recognizable face. Nonetheless, the grabbing does happen.

How can you counter that pull? Learn today how you can declare a new inner independence!

No exaggeration, Collective Consciousness Subconsciously Grabs YOU. But how?

How Exactly Does this Grabbing Happen?

Suppose that you’re going through something rough.

  • Perhaps it’s heartache due to your love relationship.
  • Or heartache due to your lack of a love relationship.
  • Resistance may keep coming up, day after day. For instance, you need to do something at work but you just can’t bring yourself to do that thing today. Months keep passing by, while you keep passing up the chance to get that thing done.

In short you’re suffering, feeling stuck. Being human, you’re a natural-born problem solver. You’ll reach for some words to describe what’s going on with you.

Unfortunately, chances are that a cliche will grab you. Whether talking to yourself or others, you’ll latch on to a totally common cliche.

And why that particular cliche? Not because it’s truly helpful. (Probably it’s a dead-end idea that will deliver a pop-psych diagnosis but no real solution.)

Oops! Collective Consciousness Has Just Subconsciously Grabbed YOU.

As you’ll be reading in this article, chances are… When you’re feeling at a loss…

That “diagnosis” of your problem — or “explanation” — comes straight from Collective Consciousness. Like low-hanging fruit, it’s yours for the taking. And you happen to be hungry.

Only wouldn’t it be better to use the brains that God gave you? I’m a big believer in effective problem-solving, rather than wallowing in a popular rut. Since you’re here at the Energy…



Rose Rosetree

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