Dave Grohl Aura Reading

See the Foo Fighters Star as You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Rose Rosetree


Dave Grohl just might serve as an Astral Ambassador

What do Grohl’s chakra databanks reveal?

Dave Grohl’s energetic loyalties show in certain chakra databanks. Are you into learning the secrets within people’s auras? Then you may find today’s aura reading quite unusual. At a minimum you’ll deepen your understanding of how complex it, being human now. Due to the hidden dynamics of consciousness for us all, after the Shift into the Age of Awakening.

Note: The chakra databank array used in this ticle is unique, so far, in all of Energy Spirituality®.

  • You see, all my previous sets of chakra databanks have the purpose of exploring “How are you doing now?
  • By contrast, these Spiritual Loyalties Chakra Databanks can inform us, “During this lifetime, who IS this human being?”

Differently put: Most of you, reading this article, can be sure that you’re set up normally. During this lifetime, you’re simply evolving as a human being here at Earth School. (Not that doing this is ever really simple.)

By contrast, when reading what follows, you can share in today’s exciting discovery: An emerging understanding about a very unusual person and his Who You Be for this lifetime. Below I’ll share my thoughts about how this beloved musican may be serving as an “Astral Ambassador.”

First of All, Meet Dave Grohl

Grohl has so many claims to fame. He founded the rock band Foo Fighters. Winning fans as the lead singer. And a guitarist. And the principal songwriter. Plus, have you watched many episodes of the “David Letterman Show”? Then you’d have heard-and-seen Dave Grohl so many times.

Prior to forming Foo Fighters, the self-taught drummer made it big playing with Nirvana. Classic Rock Drummers co-author Ken Micallef has called Grohl: “One of the most influential rock musicians of the previous 20 years.”

If you’d like to sample Grohl’s virtuosity, here’s your link to a duet with Norah Jones. Courtesy of YouTube.com. In a comment beneath the video, @NovuloVideo wrote this:

“Dave’s guitar part is really impressive. It’s all eighth note triplets and built on hammer-offs



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