Dating. Does It Seem Weird?

Sure dating seems weird these days. But I’ve helped clients have better social lives. This article just might help you, too.

Dating Seems Weird, especially these days. Just as sometimes it can feel weird trying to make new friends.

Here’s some help for you, Energy Spirituality-style help. Bringing ideas and skills you won’t find elsewhere.

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First of All, What If Dating Does Seem Weird Sometimes?

That Isn’t Necessarily Your Fault

Dating today is hard. And making new friendships can be hard as well. The March Issue of the Energy Spirituality newsletter will educate you about TWO spiritual problems. Aiming to help you overcome them.

Here I’ll tell you about ONE of those problems. Never aiming to give you an excuse. (Like an excuse to give up.)

Instead, Energy Spirituality exists in order to empower you.

Why Dating Seems Weird, Hello!

On Being a Good Judge of Character

Who is worth dating? Which folks are worth your investment of time, maybe money, maybe shopping, and hope?

According to conventional wisdom, you ought to be able to tell pretty easily. Chances are, you have something in common with others here. Really, every person who’d be interested in a blog called “Deeper Perception Made Practical”? Surely you consider yourself to be a good judge of character.

What Does CHARACTER Mean Anyway?

Let Me Quiz You.

Together let’s seek the answer via this multiple choice mini-quiz. Which one of these three would you choose? Or would you choose something else?

A. If you google that person, you won’t find a police record?

B. That person tells the truth.

C. That person has beautiful ideals about honor.

What think you?

Our Mini-Quiz Answers Can Illuminate Why, Often,

These Days, Dating Seems Weird. And IS Weird.

Quiz Answers Follow

Answer A. Regarding Police Records

Sure, this might seem important as an indication of character. Only not being arrested? Might that be a pretty low bar for having “good character”?

  • Besides, I’ve known somebody with superb character who spent some time in the slammer.
  • By contrast, one of my literary agents, the late Loris Essary, embezzled over $30,000 of my royalties, but was never arrested. In hindsight, he was a character. However, I wouldn’t say that he had good character.

Answer B. Regarding Truthful Speech

Verbal Integrity might clinch your high opinion of a prospective date. Only hold on.

Members of cults believe passionately in a version of truth… that might curl your hair. (For example, see our recent articles on cult members.)”

Answer C. Regarding Idealism, Sweet Idealism

Sadly, idealism can bring scary. Not only sweet.

Given all your life experience so far, COMMENT below and share your experience. Are the big idealists always trustworthy?

As a wise friend told me when I was about 35. “Beware righteous young men.” And if you’d like to learn that story, simply ask for it. COMMENTING below.

if you believe that idealism about honor can always work out well in reality.

Fact is, there’s a problem. Concerning all you’ve learned so far about being a good judge of character:

Sadly, this applies to only about 12% of today’s current population.

Will character alone help you to discern what’s going on with the other 88% of strangers of interest to you?

Of course, what I’m referring to here is “consciousness lifestyles.”

Consciousness Lifestyles Aren’t Just a Theory, You Know.

They’re Real.

No wonder, dating seems weird sometimes. While making new friends can seem as though the odds are against you.

Maybe by now you know, for instance, about this 12% statistic. Related to consciousness lifestyles! The link just supplied takes you to some must reading.

Don’t blame yourself, Blog-Buddies when dating seems weird. Just be prepared for the possibility that folks in your life can act unpredictably. Possibly far weirder than you might have seen since the Shift in December 2012. Although some writing about this Age of Awakening we’re in? Gack — much of that is unnecessarily weird. What if you’d like some straight talk about what did — and didn’t — change with the Shift? Simply check out the link just provided. As a result, you just might breathe easier.

In Addition to Dating Seeming Weird, These Days,

Folks at Work Can Seem Weird, Too. Since They Are

For example, what was published recently at our “Karma” blogpost? Look at all the chaos one person can create. And still keep her job. As a well-paid executive.

As reported by Blog-Buddy Oscar Manuel. (Find juicy details in his Comments #3461–3480.)

No Wonder…

Many of my personal sessions with Energy Spirituality clients help folks prevent social problems. Or recover from them.

And those clients sure aren’t weird. In fact, quite a few of them are living in Enlightenment. Thus, they’re using full potential in life. However, this doesn’t include the ability to change other people, making them less weird.

No wonder I chose the topic I did for the March issue of the monthly Energy Spirituality Newsletter.

Here’s Our Newsletter Announcement .

Yes, It’s Free. Refreshingly Not Weird, Right?

Reading Life Deeper is the name of this e-treat. Our March 2022 issue can help you to gain new perspective. When Dating Seems Weird, what can you DO about that? And could there be skills to help you PREVENT that?

Whether you read my personal blog daily or seldom, you can benefit greatly from the newsletter articles. Since they’re a bit fancier than our weekly blogposts. Instead, the monthly newsletter explores the leading edge of a leading-edge field… Energy Spirituality. For instance, this issue you’ll find:

  1. Spiritual Reasons Why Dating Is Weird
  2. What Can Help You Most in Dating (And Friendships)
  3. Take this Essential Precaution
  4. The Best of the Blog

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And Now, How About YOUR Questions about Dating? Making New Friends!

Maybe you’ve got some stories to share.

Undoubtedly, you’ve got questions. For instance:

  • How can empaths improve dating?
  • Is there anything special that would help Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) with dating?
  • If you’re interested in attaining Enlightenment, what can help you with dating?
  • What if you’ve been feeling too scared — or disgusted — to date?

As always, Blog-Buddies, our Comment Conversations will follow the main article at my personal blog. Simply click on that link just provided.

And because this is a monitored blog, you might really enjoy our comments. No cringing required.

Rose says, “Thanks for reading. Wishing you an even better social life!”



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