Darshan, Uncorrupted

Darshan in the the Age of Faith from sacred people or buildings? That’s not how Darshan works today.

Traditionally, Darshan has mattered greatly to spiritual seekers. Currently, though, this term means something quite different. Unless you know what has changed, ideas about Darshan can limit you.

And yes, this article can help if you — like me — are Spiritual But Not Religious. Practically speaking…

First of All,

Age of Faith Ideals about Darshan Might Hurt You

Bite you in the back of your dhoti, as it were. ;-)

You see, for thousands of years, Darshan has been sacred to seekers of Spiritual Enlightenment. Ever since the Age of Faith ended — in our lifetimes! — this term deserves to be redefined. Especially since Darshan works differently, now.

For you to benefit most from this powerful fact of life, what’s essential? Nothing less than an up-to-date understanding. Also clearing up confusions that may well be influencing you: Whether just subconsciously… Or also consciously.

So let’s explore.

What Is Darshan?

DARR-shaahn. That’s how to pronounce it. Now let’s go for how to understand it.

Through this article, you’ll learn that Darshan is an important concept for spiritual seekers now. Like the similarly ancient concept of Karma, the significance has changed. Ever since the Shift into the Age of Awakening, Darshan and Karma have remained important for lighting up one’s path to Spiritual Enlightenment. Differently important, though.

Incidentally, if Age of Awakening” is a fuzzy concept for you, please open the link just provided. Read it all. Not skim-reading either. Instead, give yourself the benefit of some thoughtful reading, slow-reading.

A Darshan Surprise

In order to get all you readers on the same page — okay, same screen — hello! Will it surprise you to learn this: Quite likely you’re under the influence of at least 1 out of 3 ways to understand Darshan. (Since all three are highly influential in today’s Collective Consciousness.)

So let’s explore.

BEFORE the Age of Awakening:

Historically, Darshan According to Hindu Tradition

1,200,000 results on Google at the time of first-drafting this article.

According to Yogapedia:

In Hinduism, darshan is the act of beholding a deity, divine person, sacred object or natural spectacle, especially in a physical image form.

Being a practical sort, I’d prefer to translate that high-sounding language into human talk. “The act of beholding” somebody in Spiritual Enlightenment isn’t the point. Darshan ain’t window shopping.

More like, sitting in the presence of a person in Enlightenment is reputed to have an impact. Traditionally, darshan helps a spiritual seeker to evolve spiritually.

Definitely a Religious-and-Traditional View of Darshan!

Hence this sweet interpretation, quoted from a devotional website:

Darshan is the powerful superconscious vibration that is present around an enlightened being at all times. Although we usually speak of ‘getting’ the darshan of an evolved soul, an enlightened being does not actually ‘give’ darshan — He simply radiates darshan.

Just as the sun continuously radiates light, whether anybody is present to receive it or not, the enlightened consciousness is forever radiating its presence. The auspicious moment when we are able to ‘catch’ it becomes the moment of darshan for us!

How Is This Kind of Darshan Supposed to Work?

How does one “catch the rays”? (As in the previous quote.) During the Age of Faith it was customary for a spiritual seeker to visit saints. Physically sit in their presence.

For example, read the fascinating “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Parmanansa Yogananda. Again and again, you’ll enounter examples of him hanging out on Zoom calls. Just to sit in the presence of eminent yogis.

Okay, no Zoom quite yet. Most often, as I recall, Yogananda took trains. Basically, a spiritual seeker would travel for days, then sit in a crowded room. Listening open-heartedly to the discourse from a sage in Spiritual Enlightenment. Soaking up the blessings.

Also Before the Age of Awakening

How I Witnessed Darshan With Maharishi

“OMG,” a friend told me back in the day. “Like you, I was attending Maharishi’s course at Poland Springs. Sometimes I can see auras although usually I can’t. This time I was walking outside after lunch. Suddenly I saw 10 feet of shimmering golden light. Then I blinked and looked again. It was the Maharishi.”

Maharishi was well aware that he carried forward the tradition of receiving Darshan. Personally, I was very aware of Maharishi. Teaching for him was the center of my life from 1970–1985.

Receiving Darshan

9,210,000 results on Google at the time of first-drafting this article.

Maybe the most interesting link I saw when searching around?

How can I get tirumala darshan tickets immediately?

You know, just in case your spiritual need is urgent! According to the link just provided, whew!

You can book in tirumala same day or previous day online thru ur phone or laptop and get it printed privately at the shopping ctr in tirumala. Phone is safe in the phone bag shoe location before the 300 entry. They collect everything and give back outside the temple. Very safe and very convenient.

Hmmm, do you suspect a certain commercial flair among those who sell these tickets these days? Tickets to receive darshan?

Perhaps you’re onto something.

While Studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Right from my very first course with Maharishi, I was struck by his presence. If you read “Bigger than All the Night Sky” you can find a poem I wrote as a result of that darshan-flavored experience. (See Page 227.)

In hindsight, this poem was all about experiencing darshan from a man whose official title was “His Holiness.” Eventually I managed to read him this highly flattering, yet deeply felt, poem. Maharishi responded, “Beautiful.” Then, later, “Beautiful.” Still later, “Beautiful.”

How Is This Kind of Darshan Supposed to Work?

You get this kind of Darshan again and again. Every exposure gives you another cosmic hit. Hence, the custom of keeping a photo of your guru in your home.

  • Perhaps at the altar for you use for doing a puja. (Traditional Hindu worship.)
  • Just maybe, in every room of your home.
  • Or maybe, several photos of Maharishi — or another guru in every single room. Couldn’t possibly have too many!

Before the Age of Awakening:

Maybe You’re More Familiar with the Cultural Appropriation Version

Such as happened during the New Age Years (1980 until 12–21–12). Here’s a typical mix-and-match sample. Guru’s darshan + New Age energy healing:

A photograph is considered another form of darshan. Place photos of your master, his teacher, pictures of Lord Ganesh, Krishna, Vishnu, Divine Mother, Shiva, Lakshmi, Buddha, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and others on your desk or table. You’ll want to keep this area exceptionally clean. It should be used whenever you send Reiki.

You get the idea.

How Is This Kind of Darshan Supposed to Work?

Sadly, one person’s spiritual rock star is another person’s form of superstition.

For instance, you find out The Hugging Saint is coming to town. Although you’re not exactly a Hindu, you figure, “Maybe this could help me on my spiritual journey”?

Why not go? Couldn’t hurt. And it’s free.

By 2013, Amritanandamayi had embraced an estimated 32 million people. (One of them was me.)

Now, What I’ve Learned about Darshan in the Age of Awakening

Learning as an Enlightenment Teacher

Hey, before reading further? Check out my standing as an Enlightenment Teacher. Otherwise why trust a single word I write about this?

Darshan in the Age of Awakening Involves Auric Modeling

If you’re living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment — or Traditional Enlightenment, for that matter — you’re like a walking Darshan factory.

I’d put it this way: In Enlightenment, you plant seeds of spiritual awakening in everybody who sees you, talks to you, smiles at you.

And why?

Such is the power of auric modeling. Subconsciously, everybody who sees or hears or talks to, or shakes hands with, somebody in Enlightenment?

Automatically that person will register the full truth value of that Enlightenment aura. This automatic registering of Darshan is a big deal, in its subtle way.

Actually, Auric Modeling Is Just the Start of How Darshan Works Now

Our follow-up blogpost will share little-known secrets for benefiting from Darshan.

Meanwhile, let’s pause to digest and discuss.

  • For instance, have you ever been to Notre Dame, Asakusa, or another holy shrine? Exemplifying the Age of Faith version of Darshan.
  • How about a concert with Beyoncé or Sting or Lady Gaga? That too might qualify as the Age of Faith version of Darshan.

Perhaps you might have stories, questions, or comments to share. Come on over to my personal blog (smaller and friendlier than Medium, to be sure) and comment there. I’ll gladly respond.

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