Create Meaning at Work

Create Meaning at work. These three tips can help.

How can you find more inspiration at work?

Funnily enough, I’m in a position to give you three useful tips.

My Unexpected Specialty to Help You Create Meaning

Last week my client Sam started a fabulous new job. He’s a sweet guy, seeming as though he has led a charmed life. Actually, his last job turned out to be a nightmare…

Due to a vicious, incompetent supervisor — Ms. Bossy-Boss. Evidently her favorite occupation was making work life hell for others.

But with Sam, she didn’t succeed: Sessions of Energy Spirituality helped Sam to keep his job. At least, until he got a much better one.

You see, I helped Sam to create meaning. And solve problems. Becoming more resourceful by using his creativity.

And Sam’s hardly the first client I helped in this way. So believe me when I tell you…

Funnily Enough, One of My Specialties

Is to Help You Create Meaning at Work

Even if you really dislike that current job of yours.

As you know, standard career advice goes like this:

In order to get a better job, if at all possible

Stay employed at the job you’ve got.

Only those experts don’t generally tell you how to make that bearable.

So let’s go for three practical tips. Right now.

Create Meaning Tip #1. Stop

In particular, stop telling yourself that story in your head.

While at work — and also outside of work — stop wailing and kvetching over that story.

Which tale of woe? Which victimey-ragey story? Oh, if you’re reading this article right now, chances are that you know very well. Because you’ve got one.

One of the Less Helpful Ways We Sometimes Use Our Creativity

That’s how we can make a not-great job into an epic-fail tale.

  • On the bright side, we humans are storytellers. We make mythic tales complete with villains and heroes. Also, sometimes, victims.
  • On the lumpy side — or whatever is the true opposite of the “bright side”… we can give a running commentary.

If you’ve been doing this, please don’t think I’m criticizing you. Making up stories worked great for Homer!

However, maybe not so great for you. Might I suggest? If you’ve been trying to create meaning this way, please stop. You can do better.

Create Meaning Tip #2. Look

As a matter of fact, you’ve got to do something… if not inwardly telling a secret tale of woe.

Why not look around you at work? In a natural way, pay attention to the job you’re paid to do.

Huh, why in a natural way? Because mindfulness practices can really louse up your job performance. And also stall your spiritual growth, actually.

What’s also not going to help? Making up a whole new set of stories to tell yourself while at work. Such as:

  • Positive thinking stories. Unless your aim is to create meaning at work by turning kinda phony.
  • Religiously evangelical stories. Like converting others you work with.

Instead, look around you. What are you doing? Already you’re doing your reasonable best. Might you be able to do a slightly better version of that?

When you look at the reality of doing your job, what can happen?

You just might create meaning by learning more about how to do that job.

Thereby advancing your career.

Create Meaning Tip #3. Listen

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not going to recommend: Listen to the angels, instructing you in Create Meaning Hymns.

Rather, listen to your own creativity.

If you think about it, maybe you’ll realize:

Creativity is something you express outside of yourself. In objective reality.

Yet that very same creativity begins within you. In subjective reality.

Such as, how can you improve on that task you are doing right now?

Yep, that would count as creativity. In the process, you just might bring more meaning to your entire life!

BTW, what can you do if you don’t feel creative? Or you simply don’t know where to start, not when it comes to your own creativity.

This resource could help you.

In Conclusion

Yes, you’ve been given three tips for productively using creativity at work. And thereby creating more meaning. Even while you keep that job.

Now it’s your turn.

As always, ask your questions. And share your stories. COMMENTING is super-easy at this Energy Spirituality Blog.

Incidentally, what IS Energy Spirituality?

Simply put, Energy Spirituality aims to help people like you with personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Using unique energy-related skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

Just to lead off our usual lively COMMENTS, I’ll be sharing a couple of tips about how to NOT Create Meaning.

Incidentally, Blog-Buddies, at the rate we’re going these days… Very likely we’ll reach a new Discovery Moments milestone at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” within a week: 83,000 comments. Not bad for a one-person blog!

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading, fellow empaths and others. I hope that I’ve helped you a bit today.”



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