Coronovirus HELPS Start the Age of Awakening

First of All, What Will It Take to Truly Start the Age of Awakening?

A scholar of the (bubonic) plague thinks that pandemics wreak havoc — and open minds.

Most noteworthy: Clearly, I’m not trying to say that people’s suffering now is trivial. Neither the health worries. Nor the financial woes. Nor all the heart-wrenching grief over loved ones lost.

By the same token, the human cost of the bubonic plague wasn’t trivial. Absolutely there was a human cost. Only long-term, what else happened? That plague also awakened cultural development.

Right now, it’s easier to see a Netflix show on “Werewolves”… Than to find even one decent TV interview on the Age of Awakening. Pathetic!

Please COMMENT below with what you wish other people knew about living now. Why it isn’t outlandish to acknowledge we’re now in the Age of Awakening? Specifically, how it’s not just like “Do New Age practices, only try harder.” And what do you think humanity will have to leave behind in order to adapt to the Age of Awakening?

What would you like your fellow humans to know? What has helped you? Maybe your story can inspire other people.

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