Coronovirus HELPS Start the Age of Awakening

First of All, What Will It Take to Truly Start the Age of Awakening?

Usually this question would never occur to me.

Except for this Problem that Is Nothing Short of Baffling.

And Possibly Nuts

Media blackout about the Age of Awakening is nearly complete. I say “nearly” because I did publish one article on this topic. This article.

Key for Understanding? How Coronovirus HELPS Start the Age of Awakening

Witness this brilliant article called “Annals of History.” Summarizing Lawrence Wright’s article:

Lawrence Wright Wasn’t Thinking How Coronovirus HELPS Start the Age of Awakening

But I Can. And You Can.

Wright interviewed Dr. Gianna Pomata. Immediately she compared Covid-19 to the bubonic plague. Famously, frighteningly, this struck Europe in the 14th century.

People’s Minds and Hearts Changed to Allow for the Renaissance

Likewise, that’s the missing piece of widespread acknowledgement now. Billions of people are growing. Alternatively, No Maskers and others may be taking steps to remove themselves from the planet. Since their selfishness marks them as unwilling to grow.

One Way Or Another, Billions of People Must Step up Humanly

Otherwise they’re just not able to see what’s right before their eyes. Are you having some Aha!s right now about free will. And choosing to grow or not? Personally, I’m so grateful to Lawrence Wright for his article. Because it helps me to understand this missing piece. You see, it’s not enough that I’ve created:

In Conclusion. Coronavirus HELPS Start Humanity to Live the New Strong.

But we humans have also got to do our part.

You Can Help Humanity Make the Shift Happen the Hard Way. Or the Easy Way.

What’s the easy way? Align with how the Coronovirus HELPS Start the Age of Awakening.

P.S. Did You First Read this Article on Medium?

Yes, recently I’ve started writing on here.



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Rose Rosetree

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