How’s Your Aura Doing These Days?

How’s humanity doing these days, when it comes to thinking straight? Feeling humanly. And making contact with reality. Not since last January have I done a survey like the one that’s coming today.

At a time when conspiracy theorists are in the news, I’m wondering. Maybe you are, too. Could today’s consciousness lifestyle wackiness be getting worse? Well, it’s time to find out.

Today’s Beautiful Snowstorm Inspires Me

Because here in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., it’s our first real snowfall since last year. Regardless of the weather where you are living now, take a moment. Remember the feeling of snow? How it blankets a landscape, reminding us of purity and innocence. Maybe too, it’s a touchstone for you.

Reminding you of this fact: Quite simply, the presence of the Divine dwells in our hearts. Dwells in the midst of human life. Both yours and mine. No matter what.

  • However difficult life is now, during this pandemic…
  • Whatever trouble humanity faces, adjusting to life in the Age of Awakening
  • Especially, however great the spiritual difficulty is now, a difficulty for many. Due to adjusting to our New Vibrational Freedom of Consciousness. (Read about it here. Including how you can live “The New Strong.” Ridiculously easy to do!)

Consciousness lifestyles reveal how we’re doing. Today I’ll boldly survey the patterns. Alerting you to the times in which YOU are carrying your spiritual light.

Always, your life and your light matter. Not just to you personally, but to this world, spiritually. As an Enlightenment Coach, I’m here to remind you of that.

Background First:

What IS a Consciousness Lifestyle?

For practical purposes, consciousness lifestyle is THE single most important thing about your aura. Because we’re living at a time when “human” isn’t enough to understand any person. Nor is “psychologically normal” versus “on the spectrum,” etc. (Incidentally, one only researches consciousness lifestyle on people who psychologically fall within normal range.)

Ever since the Shift into the Age of Awakening, we humans gained that aforementioned New Vibrational Freedom. No longer do everyday people automatically pay attention to Human Vibrational Frequencies.

  • We can get lost in noticing energies, Astral Vibrational Frequencies.
  • Another possibility is having direct experience of The Divine Vibrational Frequency.

Neither behavioral, religious, psychological, nor emotional, consciousness lifestyle reveals this: How well does a person make contact with reality? Human reality!

As you’ll be reading here, certain consciousness lifestyles are popular in these early years of the Age of Awakening. Not only do you have one, at any given time. But every human who’s psychologically normal… will have one of the consciousness lifestyles that I will survey here.

In Case You’re Technically Minded, a Bit More

More about these Habits of Using Our Consciousness

Technically, consciousness lifestyle shows in auras. It shows through patterns in auras. So you’ve got to have excellent aura reading skills to discern what’s going on.

Beyond that, it takes thousands of hours of research to accurately discern any person’s consciousness lifestyle.

However, once you gain this advanced skill, you’re set. Just like any other application of Stage 3 Energetic Literacy or better, hello! You can research consciousness lifestyles in person or from a regular photograph. (Incidentally, I hope you know this: Once you’ve got good energetic literacy, every photo is an aura photo.)

  1. Nearly every session of Energy Spirituality, I research my client’s consciousness lifestyle.
  2. When aura reading prospective dates or energy healers or interviewers for a new job… You guessed it, I’ll research consciousness lifestyle.
  3. And the same goes for Energy Spirituality sessions where I help my client to keep that job. Stay employed.
  4. Many Energy Healing Centerpieces of Energy Spirituality indirectly protect my clients’ consciousness lifestyles. Including Enlightenment Coaching.
  5. As you may know, the most popular post at this blog provides a free service. Where I research the consciousness lifestyles of public figures.

How to Find the Most Important Info

For the sake of brevity, Blog-Buddies, let’s do this. I’ll supply a link for each consciousness lifestyle. Click there to learn more and, within each blog post, click on still more internal links.

In that way you can learn a great deal — for free. A great deal concerning what’s happening in today’s consciousness lifestyles. Knowledge you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. (And knowledge that I would appreciate your sharing.

Please give your coolest friends links to these articles. Exactly what social media is for!)

Without further ado, let it begin: Our Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2021.

Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2021:


Human-Based Spirituality OR The New Strong OR Spiritual Enlightenment: 15% Yes, I’d call that very good news, wouldn’t you?

Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2021:

Way More Stuck than They Know

Spiritual Shutdown: 10% Also a surprise, this news might seem good. Except that folks who used to be in this category are now in one of the ones below.

Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2021:

Run By Astral Spirits

Astrally Compromised OR living in Extreme Spiritual Addiction: 15%

Astrally Compromised Means What?

Over this past year I’ve encountered more people whose auras include a small number of astral beings. Perhaps embedded for keeps. But hopefully not. Most typically, it’s just one astral entity. Which people’s auras are showing this problem? Primarily alcoholics and also confused people who are willing to experiment with their sense of self in order to seem cool. Altogether, I’d estimate the number of the Astrally Compromised at 2% of the population.

Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2021:

Surprisingly Out of Touch with Reality

Sadly, yes, these hardworking folks are usually the last to know… How they’re living in their heads, not having full-bodied human lives. Spiritual Addiction or Psychological Overwork or both: 50%

Rose Rosetree, Enlightenment Coach, says, “Thanks for reading.”



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