Consciousness Lifestyles in 2022

Rose Rosetree, the founder of Energy Spirituality, researching Consciousness Lifestyles.

What you don’t know yet about consciousness lifestyles… can confuse you. And these days, who needs avoidable confusion. Isn’t there enough unavoidable confusion anyway?

Boldly, in this article, I’ll estimate the percentages of consciousness lifestyles in America. (In other countries it’s likely quite similar.)


Last year I began this kind of research project. By now, my plan is to revisit this research annually.

At least, I’ll continue until 80% or more of the population is living with a self-actualizing consciousness lifestyle.

Not quite what’s happening now. As you’ll soon see.

But What IS a Consciousness Lifestyle?

For practical purposes, consciousness lifestyle is THE single most important thing about your quality of life.

Of course, Energy Spirituality aims to improve that quality of life. So it’s no wonder that this Energy Spirituality blog would be in the forefront of publishing information about consciousness lifestyles.

Consciousness lifestyles are patterns in your aura.

These energetic patterns result from choices in everyday life.

Learn about this topic in order to communicate better with others. Also, prevent to confusion. As you continue to read today’s blogpost, you’ll understand better what I mean by this.

Yet you won’t find many folks writing about consciousness lifestyles, will you? Every adult with normal mental functioning has one, now that we’re living in the Age of Awakening.




Ironically, in my experience as the founder of Energy Spirituality, very few people really have imposter syndrome.

Let’s leave blogging on that hot topic for another day. For now, think about it: How many people have huge success for which they don’t feel worthy? Versus, how many people make imposter syndrome their excuse for a range of other problems, such as lack of skill at whatever they’re trying to do?

Whereas every human being alive has a consciousness lifestyle.

How Come More Spiritual Teachers

Aren’t Publishing about Consciousness Lifestyles?

Important question. The short answer goes like this:

In order to research consciousness lifestyles, you start by gaining Stage 3 Energetic Literacy or better. Then you can research consciousness lifestyles in person or from a regular photograph. (Incidentally, I hope you know this: Once you’ve got good energetic literacy, every photo is an aura photo.)

Today’s trusted experts on psychology, neuroscience, and more? Alas, they’re energetically illiterate. No insult intended there; more like a statement of fact.

Until that changes, how could mainstream thinking accept that consciousness lifestyles matter?

Indeed, they’re a glaringly important factor in everyday life.

All That Said, Why I’m Writing about Consciousness Lifestyles

It’s practical, as you’ll see. Both in this article and in the COMMENTS that follow…

Maybe you’re wondering this: What gives me the standing to write about such things?

You have the right to know. So here’s a summary.

First of All, Practical Experience with Helping Energy Spirituality Clients

Remarkably varied experience, that is:

  1. Nearly every session of Energy Spirituality, I research my client’s consciousness lifestyle.
  2. When aura reading prospective dates or energy healers or interviewers for a new job… You guessed it, I’ll research consciousness lifestyle.
  3. And the same goes for Energy Spirituality sessions where I help my client to keep that job. Stay employed.
  4. Many Energy Healing Centerpieces of Energy Spirituality indirectly protect my clients’ consciousness lifestyles. Including Enlightenment Teaching.
  5. As you may know, the most popular post at this blog provides a related service. There I research the consciousness lifestyles of public figures. (And can do this for you. For free.)

Also, I Facilitate Energy Healing… When It’s Still Possible

If you’re stuck in a not-so-hot consciousness lifestyle, let me help you in a session. Because all but two consciousness lifestyles are variable. Only the two worst ones of all don’t change: Namely, Extreme Spiritual Addiction and the Astrally Compromised Lifestyle.

Fear not. Neither consciousness lifestyle is contagious. Rather, they result from a series of little choices, until the deal is sealed. Following that, according to what I understand at this time, these two consciousness lifestyles bring an evolving soul to a point of no return:

  • No more spiritual evolution for the rest of this human lifetime.
  • Nor can there be any authentic emotional growth.

And What If Somebody Winds up with a Dead-End Consciousness Lifestyle?

Most important, this still counts an educational experience here at Earth School. Moreover, by the end of that kind of lifetime, the usual thing happens. Typical for the end of any human lifetime here:

  1. That just-incarnated soul is cleaned up on the other side.
  2. A Life Review happens, presided over by the most spiritually evolved being that is suitable. (Learn more about Life Reviews here.)
  3. With that particular human incarnation complete, the soul goes to the appropriate astral loka. Meaning, one of the innumerable heavens.

Might I dare to say this next part without seeming judgmental? Folks who believe in a one-size-fits-all Heaven, with Hell as an alternative… Very likely they’re baby souls.

In my experience, more evolved souls find it easier to appreciate the truth about reincarnation. Even if they weren’t raised to believe it.

In General, Your Consciousness Lifestyle Is Essential for Success in Life

Meaning, your success in your own terms: Success as you define it.

After you read the results of this year’s annual survey, check out our COMMENTS below.

There I’ll add, for each of these consciousness lifestyle categories, three examples of public figures.

I hope these examples will bring home to you the practical advantages — or limitations — of living with different consciousness lifestyles.

What If You’re Not Yet Familiar with These Consciousness Lifestyles?

No prob. Simply click on the link provided when consciousness lifestyles are named below.

Except for one of these consciousness lifestyles, where I’ve never devoted a blogpost to it. So I’ll explain that one a bunch.

Without further ado, then, let’s begin.

Highly Self-Actualizing

12% of Americans in January 2022.

Human-Based Spirituality OR The New Strong OR Spiritual Enlightenment

Two out of these three consciousness lifestyles are about choice. One is a gift.

Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2022: Proudly out of Touch with Reality

56% of Americans in January 2022.

Spiritual Addiction or Psychological Overwork or both

Sadly, these hardworking folks are usually the last to know… How they’re living in their heads, no longer having full-bodied human lives.

If you’re an empath, maybe you’ve noticed a very concerning trend.

Over this past year, more and more empath teachers are NOT writing about being an empath. Instead, they’re DESCRIBING Spiritual Addiction and CALLING it “Empath.”

Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2022: Stuck. Cluelessly Stuck

5% of Americans in January 2022.

Spiritual Shutdown

Who are the most confident people you know, always positive that they’re right?

Usually that’s folks in — you guessed it — Spiritual Shutdown.

  • If you don’t know why, chances are you haven’t clicked on the link just provided, going into detail about what Spiritual Shutdown actually is.
  • Don’t rush past this, please. Open up and read links like the one for “Spiritual Shutdown.” You’ll learn essentials about each main consciousness lifestyle.

Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2021: Terribly Stuck, Astrally Compromised

9% of Americans in January 2022.

Astrally Compromised Means What?

Sharing one’s sense of self with one or more astral beings. Akin to permanent lodgers in your home. Only they’re in your aura, even if you move to a new apartment.

With this consciousness lifestyle, one or more astral entities take turns saying things, doing things, learning things. Even if this is just one astral being, it’s undesirable. Forget about authentic spiritual evolution, emotional growth, or personal growth.

Granted, this is an interesting experiment. To understand this better, read certain sections of “The New Strong about opportunistic astral entities. Only the Astrally Compromised Consciousness Lifestyle wasn’t even occurring when I wrote and published “The New Strong.”

Specifically, which people’s auras are showing this problem? Primarily shamanic healers. Many alcoholics. Also confused people who are willing to experiment with their sense of self in order to seem cool, or to gain more power.

As with the next — and last — consciousness lifestyle on our list, free will is involved.

Consciousness Lifestyles Survey 2022: Utterly Stuck. Run by Astral Spirits

18% of Americans in January 2022.

Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Personal sense of self — the individuality that the person had, as established in the Life Contract? Gone, gone, gone.

Gone for keeps, with this consciousness lifestyle. Sometimes the person involved gets a fame boost, after sealing this deal.

In Conclusion

Consciousness lifestyles might seem abstract, since they’re about patterns of using consciousness.

However, the impact of these consciousness lifestyles is very practical, extremely human.

For instance, maybe you remember when Marjorie Taylor Greene rose to national prominence. A vote was taken in Congress about whether to strip this GOP congresswoman of her committee assignments.

Incredulous about the outcome of that vote, I undertook a research project about consciousness lifestyles. Read what I found here.

Pay attention to consciousness lifestyles and you’ll fare better than those who don’t. At the Energy Spirituality Website you’ll find many resources to help you to develop a self-actualizing consciousness lifestyle.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Definitely feel free to follow the comments on Consciousness Lifestyles — and contribute your ideas— at my blog.”



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