Consciousness Fancy Dancing. Avoid It

It’s natural to have a flow of thoughts, natural as ocean waves. Trust this natural process within your own experience. As a plus, you’ll avoid Consciousness Fancy Dancing.

Trust Your Flow of Consciousness.

Ever wonder what’s the least you can do to maintain a good consciousness lifestyle? Versus working on yourself too hard?

Gain that clarity now.

Fear of Being Alone with Your Thoughts

Sound familiar? HOLLY and JANICE H. have described the following fears at my personal blog.

If not for them, I never would have written this blogpost. Here’s what they wrote, over at “Your Pursuit of Happiness.”

HOLLY asked:

Hi Rose, would you please explain the difference between being alone with your thoughts versus unofficial Technique Time?

It seems the first one could easily lead to the second one?

JANICE’s comments include:

I used to do more of that “just enjoying,” but I really thought I wasn’t allowed if I wanted to do okay in my consciousness lifestyle.

Though it’s obvious that normal thinking sometimes involves having a memory become lively, like you mentioned, or thinking about the future… I thought this was going too deep into astral to be okay.

Opposite to “Trust Your Flow of Consciousness”

Such a teachable moment for you readers who wish to keep on growing:

It’s a mistake, trying control your mind. For any purpose whatsoever.

Such as folks doing mindfulness meditation. Or else proudly multi-tasking. Even people aiming to heal themselves psychologically through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Please, don’t think these shenanigans are actually going to improve your life.

Second, What ARE Consciousness Lifestyles?

Living now, every human being has one. At least, every human being with normal mental functioning.

If you aim to trust your flow of consciousness, and keep evolving rapidly every day of your life…

Definitely read this up-to-date, practical article about consciousness lifestyles.

And check it out before reading further.

Consciousness Fancy Dancing — Meet a Helpful New Concept

HOLLY, thank you for inspiring me to come up with the new idea of “Consciousness Fancy Dancing.”

Consciousness Fancy Dancing means, playing around with your consciousness. Not just standing sometimes and walking other times. But doing fancy dancing.

And why does this matter? Because of what HOLLY asked about: Being alone with your thoughts versus unofficial Technique Time!

Know this: Ordinary thinking does not count as ANY kind of Technique Time. So stop monitoring your thoughts. Give yourself a break and stop worrying about your mind. Or your “Consciousness Lifestyle.”

  • BTW, “Technique Time” is another term of art in Energy Spirituality. It means doing an activity designed to help yourself grow. Whether emotionally or spiritually. The link just provided can tell you a whole lot more about Technique Time.
  • Also, at this blogpost at the previous link, about innovations in our collective understanding of life, Technique Time comes in two varieties. Both Discovery #50, Official Technique Time, and Discovery #51, Unofficial Technique Time.

Unless you’re clear about Technique Time, Official Technique Time, and Unofficial Technique Time is, hey! I’m going to ask you to check it out at the link just provided. Because HOLLY and JANICE are asking sophisticated questions here. Take a few minutes to learn about these leading-edge concepts … with direct bearing on your emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

Oy, So Sophisticated!

Headslapper moment: Altogether this is a sophisticated article. Gulp, I just realized this!

However, as you may know from prior experience with Energy Spirituality. Never do we go all “sophisticated” in order to complicate.

Remember what we’re problem-solving about here? Trust Your Flow of Consciousness!

BTW, What Gives Rose Rosetree the Standing to Write this Article?

As the founder of Energy Spirituality, one of my specialties is this: Serving as an Enlightenment Teacher.


What’s Opposite to Trust Your Flow of Consciousness?

Fancy dancing! Quit with that fancy. Just live.

It’s fine to trust your flow of consciousness. For example:

  1. Make yourself a sandwich.
  2. Clean up any mess on the table.
  3. Take some tasty bites.

Living, just living. You can do that. Really.

Meanwhile, HOLLY and JANICE Are Trying to Avoid Two Common Problems

Spiritual Addiction

This consciousness lifestyle doesn’t just happen, of course. It takes weeks or months.

A person does way more than 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time.

Developing this mess, after a while the person in Spiritual Addiction will often do what? Simply slip into doing Unofficial Technique Time.

HOLLY and JANICE and all you Blog-Buddies: This is completely different from having unstructured thoughts.

Speaking of which, what’s with that term “daydreaming”? What does it even mean? How many different things might it mean?

Comment below and ask, please. Since this daydreaming idea might be more of a bogeyman fear than anything else.

Psychological Overwork

This consciousness lifestyle doesn’t just happen, either. Developing this mess takes weeks or months.

A person does way more than 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time. Only this is analyzing-type introspection.

Developing this different kind of mess, after a while the person in Psychological Overwork do what? Simply slip into doing Unofficial Technique Time.

Again, this is completely different from having unstructured thoughts. Which is human and even good for you.

HABITS of Spiritual Addiction and Psychological Overwork Can Be Overcome. They’re Just Bad Habits.

On a regular basis, I help clients learn how to do this. Personal assistance, on a case-by-case basis. During personal sessions with one client at a time.

Sure, folks recovering from these two consciousness lifestyles do a lot of Consciousness Fancy Dancing.

But if you’re living The New Strong? Or living in Human-Based Spirituality? Or even in Age of Awakening Enlightenment?

Stop worrying, already.

Most of You Can Totally Trust Your Flow of Consciousness

Getting the picture? Since you’re not doing that Consciousness Fancy Dancing. Which doesn’t “just happen.” Unless a person has, over time, developed Spiritual Addiction and Psychological Overwork.

And these never just happen. These consciousness lifestyle problems develop as a result of specific choices about how to use consciousness. Again and again, going fancy dancing.

Trust Your Flow of Consciousness because you know the difference between what? The difference between regular living versus Technique Time.

In Conclusion, Why Trust Your Flow of Consciousness?

Rich, random, and relaxed: That’s what it’s like, having a natural flow of consciousness at any time during your waking hours.

That flow of consciousness is gently enjoyable. Not like eating cotton candy at a carnival. Nor watching entertainment that is packed with popular “personalities.”

Fear not your wonderful, natural, flow of consciousness.

Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Trusting your own mind is really important. It’s not asking too much of yourself.”



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