Celebrity Aura Readings. Here are Some Samples of My 1000+ Media Interviews

Celebrity Aura Readings. It doesn’t just feel like I’ve done a thousand of them. I literally have.

Here’s my backstory + some favorite quotes… From interviews published in a major Chicago newspaper.

Meet Reporter Paige Weiser’s Superb Celebrity Aura Reading

Simply put, Paige is your typical newspaper reporter, only extra-talented. (And I’ve met so many superb reporters, up close and personal. Always full of questions. Yet also outstanding listeners.)

In 2005 Paige telephoned me and introduced herself. Little did I know how often we would talk. Altogether she interviewed me for 37 published articles.

Back in the day, the Chicago Sun-Times had a feature section called “Fluff.” At a minimum, all my interviews for Fluff were at least a full page. Often twice that. And they flowed with uncommon grace, thanks to a certain Chicago reporter.

Sometimes I’d read faces for Paige. Mostly, as I recollect, I’d read auras.

Below I’ll share my favorite quotes with you. Toward the end of this post, I’ll give you the entire list of our collaborations in print: Reporter Paige and Deeper Perception Expert, Rose Rosetree.

Note: For several years, online links accompanied these references. In recent years, many newspapers removed their archives. Sadly, this has happened with all of Weiser’s delicious articles.

Celebrity Aura Reading: Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres, of course, has a significant creativity chakra. The sexuality is tied in with it.

“If you were to take away her good sex life, she wouldn’t be as successful in her career,” Rosetree says. “She needs to have it working in order to have her creativity working.

“And it’s incredible how creative she is. She’s playful, and has a childlike freshness, combined with a grownup knowledge of life. It’s the most distinctive thing about her humor. There’s a real innocence, along with a grownup’s knowledge of life.”

Celebrity Aura Reading: Jennifer Hudson

It’s her creativity chakra that is really seeing some action.

“She’s literally a blast,” Rosetree says. “She has a divine gift for waking people up that is very intense. It’s not like she is particularly in control of it, but she knows how to allow it.”

The throat chakra, of course, is magnificent. “There is a divine presence,” Rosetree says. “It reminds me of lightning. She has a big voice, and bigger power.”

The spiritual life is encapsulated in the third eye chakra. “She holds very tight in her beliefs,” says Rosetree. “She has the third eye of a true believer, but it’s full of fear. It’s not nearly as expanded as what she experiences when she sings.”

Celebrity Aura Reading: Hugh Grant

Her first impression: Grant has a lot of physical intelligence. “Probably more than people give him credit for,” Rosetree says.

“It’s almost as though he can step outside himself when he’s acting and move his body into the positions that will be the most effective for the role. For him, the most casual movement or gesture is by intention. And he’s got a real flair for physical comedy. If he wanted to do Charlie Chaplin slapstick, he could do that. Brilliantly.”

Grant’s sex aura is a little scary. “It’s the kind of oversize sex appeal that you might envy, unless you thought for two seconds what it would be like to live with it,” Rosetree says. “According to this chakra, he is one of the sexiest people on the planet.”

Usually, Rosetree can read an aura from a photo with her hand a few inches from it. “To really capture how far his sex appeal sticks out, I’d have to jump through the wall in my office and go out about a mile.”

“Even if Hugh was in a hotel ballroom, with lots of other people around, you would find that your knees would begin to knock together, and you’d drool, whether you’re male or female. He’s that sexual.”

Celebrity Aura Reading: A New Kind of Aura Reading Movie Review

Was it Paige’s idea or mine?

However the brainstorm happened, I’m grateful.

Somehow we came up with the idea of comparing auras of Oscar nominees in role vs. the auras of the actors playing themselves.

Although it was common for my stories with Paige to have teasers on the first page of the Sunday Feature Section, aw shucks! This was THE big cover story, filling three full pages.

In later years, at my blog, I continued this tradition. Altogether I’ve published hundreds of Aura Reading Movie Reviews.

Bonus: In contrast to my other articles with Paige, I let loose and did my typical aura readings. Emphasizing “chakra databanks.” Not merely “chakras.”

Go to that link I just gave you to see samples. Meanwhile…

Here’s Paige’s deft summary: What this new kind of film criticism is all about

To win awards these days, Method acting isn’t enough. For an effective film performance, the actor can actually change his aura to look like the character’s. It’s no easy trick. We talked to Rose Rosetree, the author of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, to take a look at photographs of the Oscar nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress.

“What separates the people who are technically qualified from being great is what shows in their auras,” Rosetree says. “Some of them really do become other people in their auras, and some don’t do it as well.”

In Conclusion

Here are 37 Samples of Celebrity Aura Reading with Rose Rosetree in the Chicago Sun-Times

  1. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Tom Cruise. Chicago Sun-Times, Aug. 14, 2005
  2. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Angelina Jolie Chicago Sun-Times, Aug. 21, 2005
  3. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Lindsay Lohan Chicago Sun-Times, Sept. 4, 2005
  4. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: What does Renee’s aura reveal about what’s inside? (Renee Zellweger) Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 9, 2005
  5. Weiser, Paige From Bitter to Bliss. (Aura Reading Empath Alanis Morissette.) Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 27, 2005
  6. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Power Source. (Face reading and aura reading of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger.) Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 1, 2006
  7. Weiser, Paige An Island of Mystique: Ziyi Zhang’s beauty is legendary but there’s great intelligence underneath. Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 15, 2006
  8. Weiser, Paige Star Quality, Face reading and aura reading of Kevin Kline. Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 8, 2006
  9. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: What a Doll” Aura Reading and Face Reading of Nia Long. Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 29, 2006
  10. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Baby Talk. Aura reading Gwen Stefani and her baby. Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 12, 2006
  11. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Food Network’s Alton Brown is sweet to the core. Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 19, 2006
  12. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Edie Falco. Chicago Sun-Times, March 12, 2006
  13. Weiser, Paige Golden glow: Fluff checks the auras of Oscar nominees to see who really got into character. Chicago Sun-Times, cover story for feature section, Sunday, March 5, 2006. Three full pages, comparing auras of Oscar nominees in role vs. the auras of the actors playing themselves. Interview with Rose Rosetree.
  14. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Edie Falco. Chicago Sun-Times, March 12, 2006
  15. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Jodie Foster. Chicago Sun-Times, March 26, 2006
  16. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Cate Blanchett. Chicago Sun-Times, April 2, 2006
  17. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Sonja Sohn. Chicago Sun-Times, April 16, 2006
  18. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Amber Tamblyn. Chicago Sun-Times, May 21, 2006
  19. Weiser, Paige Expert analysis: DeGeneres, de Rossi. Chicago Sun-Times, May 28, 2006
  20. Weiser, Paige Uma Thurman, Goddess Among Us. Chicago Sun-Times, June 4, 2006
  21. Weiser, Paige Hugh is where the heart is (Aura reading of Hugh Grant.) Chicago Sun-Times, June 11, 2006
  22. Also Weiser, Paige Is she really that sweet?” (Aura reading and face reading of Amy Adams.) Chicago Sun-Times, June 18, 2006
  23. Weiser, Paige Good or Bad, Beyonce can more than handle it. Chicago Sun-Times, June 25, 2006
  24. Weiser, Paige Independent Woman, Lucy Liu. Chicago Sun-Times, July 2, 2006
  25. Weiser, Paige The Look of Love. (Aura reading and face reading of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban.) Chicago Sun-Times, July 9, 2006
  26. Weiser, Paige Expert Analysis: Keanu Reeves. Chicago Sun-Times, Aug. 27, 2006
  27. Weiser, Paige Morgan Freeman’s aura shows that he is the real thing. Chicago Sun-Times, Sept. 17, 2006
  28. And Weiser, Paige Understanding Blair Underwood. Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 22, 2006
  29. Weiser, Paige Behind That Baby Face: There’s a lot of drama glowing from Leonardo DiCaprio’s aura. Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 5, 2006
  30. Weiser, Paige The Midas Touch” Aura Reading of John Cusack. (Discussion of Cusack as an empath.) Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 26, 2006
  31. Weiser, Paige Meredith Viera. When it comes to her aura, empathy rules the life of this high-powered personality. Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 21, 2007
  32. Weiser, Paige Talking Tiki: Face reading and aura reading of Tiki Barber. Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 4, 2007
  33. Weiser, Paige The Star of ‘Ugly Betty’ (America Ferrera) Has Just the Right Inner and Outer Beauty for the Job. See What Her Aura Says. Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 11, 2007
  34. Weiser, Paige “Funny Faces Revealed: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 18, 2007
  35. Weiser, Paige “A countenance of contradictions: Aura reader Rose Rosetree unlocks the mysteries revealed in the face of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Feb. 25, 2007
  36. Weiser, Paige David Letterman is a really deep guy… but you’ll never see it for yourself. Chicago Sun-Times, May 6, 2007
  37. Weiser, Paige Jennifer Hudson is the girl next door with a golden gift. Chicago Sun-Times, May 27, 2007



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