Celebrate the 9-Year Anniversary of the Shift on 12–21–21.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Age of Awakening, time to start!

Celebrate the Shift’s 9-year anniversary. Better late than never!

Did you know? Many problems in society now… could be overcome if folks adjusted better to living in the Age of Awakening.

The 9-Year Anniversary of the Shift Will Be 12–21–21.

Inviting media interviews! And conversations!!!

You bet! What better way to celebrate on this day, since my personal blog just passed 90,000 comments!

Media Missed the Big Scoop on 12–21–12.

Don’t Miss the Bigger News on 12/21/21.

Do You Remember The Shift? A Big Story that Wasn’t?

As you may recall, the Shift marked the end of the Mayan Calendar. During 2012, millions believed the world would end.

Apparently nothing changed after the Shift. But actually there were important changes, subtle changes to how people use their consciousness.

Many of the problems in our society today can be traced to this:

A lack of knowledge about how to adjust to the changes that have taken place. They’re still ongoing.

  • Media: Interview me and I can help folks understand how they can make their lives easier.
  • Blog-Readers: Please call one (or more) of your favorite newspapers, talk radio shows, or podcasts. Invite them to interview me.

So Far, I’ve Done 1,000 Media Interviews

Though None on The Shift. Ours Could Be the First Anywhere!

Years ago I had more time to send out press releases and pitch my interviews. Resulting in some very lively interviews. For instance, my two segments on “The View” were top-rated for the week I appeared.

Knowledge about the Shift could really help your friends-readers-viewers-listeners.

What Will Happen If You Contact Me for an Interview?

You’ll find that I’m a reliable source of information. And I’ll get back to you promptly, aiming to make you look good for interviewing me.

  1. Since, over the past decade, I’ve accumulated a body of work that makes me The Expert Guest about the Shift.
  2. Not only have I written The Book about how to thrive in the Age of Awakening.
  3. But my personal blog is loaded with relevant articles. Like this one, sorting myth from truth about the Shift.
  4. As the founder of Energy Spirituality, I offer a unique point of view. Like this article on how sense of purpose has changed, now that we’re in the Age of Awakening.
  5. Or discussing how to overcome today’s Collective Attention Deficit Disorder.

Contact Rose Rosetree. 703–450–9514. rose@rose-rosetree.com.

And you thought 12–21–12 was a catchy date? For a catchier news opportunity, interview me about 12–21–21.



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