Cassidy Hutchinson Aura Reading for COURAGE

Likely, She’s Far More Complex than You’d Guess

Rose Rosetree
8 min readOct 2, 2023


POISE AND COURAGE. Cassidy Hutchinson is known for her poise. But what lies beneath it?

Cassidy Hutchinson COURAGE Chakra Databanks will be researched here. What will they show us? This particular “aura reading array” could have been created just for this moment in American history.

(If you’re not familiar yet with terms like “aura reading array” and “chakra databanks,” no worries. Just keep reading. Meanwhile….)

Let’s start today’s profile with common knowledge about this public servant’s background:

  1. Formerly she assisted the White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.
  2. This made her privy to conspiracy-type inside info, related to Trump’s four current indictments.
  3. Famously, Cassidy became the first insider to tell the truth about Trump’s attempted coup. (During Congress’s January 6th Hearings.)
  4. After that, she had to go into hiding. (Unlike Senator Mitt Romney, she couldn’t afford to spend $5,000 a day on personal security for protection against attacks from MAGA loyalists.)
  5. Now releasing “Enough,” Cassidy Hutchinson paints the closing days of the Trump White House as even more chaotic and lawless than she previously disclosed in her shocking televised testimony last summer.

Why not make use of a research tool developed expressly for learning about a person’s courage? Of course, we’re doing exactly that, here and now, in this article.

Strangely Blank

POISE. Cassidy Hutchinson is known for her poise. But…

Maybe the image on her book cover can give us a clue. Could it be that her aura, too, reveals a poignant blankness? Reveals that in certain of her chakra databanks.

Consider this a mystery to be solved in this article, Readers.

For Today’s Aura Reading

Yes, I’ll be using one of our specialized arrays for researching a person’s aura for a particular purpose.

Today, let’s explore the array called “COURAGE Chakra Databanks”. (Newbies, use this last link to learn basics about today’s aura reading in general. And, in particular, you’ll get up to speed on this fascinating set of chakra databanks.)

This trio of YouTube videos will give you essential perspective. Since folks who “read auras” have different levels of skill. Just as riding in a beat-up junker car won’t be like driving in a Prius.

Today’s article is definitely done with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. That’s why I can tell you about Hutchinson’s chakra databanks.

Regarding the Photo I’ll Use to Cocreate Today’s Aura Reading

Once you’ve developed good skills for reading auras, yes! Every photo is an aura photo. Informative about that person’s 1,000+ chakra databanks… At the time of that particular picture or screenshot.

Here’s your link to the photo for today’s aura research.

So, if you’ve developed the aura reading skills for reading chakra databanks from regular photos? Go for it. Research any chakra databanks you like.

This shot was taken to publicize Hutchinson’s interview on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” (Excerpts at the link just provided are well worth watching, imo.)

What else? As always, Readers old and new, COMMENT below with your reactions and insights.

Incidentally, this is our first Monday blogpost since this Energy Spirituality® Blog passed a new comment milestone:


Now, let’s focus on Cassidy Hutchinson.

Cassidy Hutchinson COURAGE Chakra Databank #1.

Root Chakra Databank for Belonging to My Social Group


4 inches. (Quite close to shutdown.)


Pain and disappointment are strong, at this time. No bitterness, for which we can likely thank this young woman’s resolve.

However, some beautiful scar tissue has developed at this chakra databank. From a spiritual perspective, that’s like receiving some gold stars directly from God.

COMMENT from Rose

Given that Cassidy (now 27) has called herself “a lifelong Republican” — ouch!

Evidently she was raised to believe in being part of “The Grand Old Party.” Some kindly old party!

Cassidy Hutchinson COURAGE Chakra Databank #2.

Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy During Conflict


80 feet. (Somewhat over-functioning, at the time of this big TV interview, her first.)


Astoundingly, such strength lies within this woman.

  • Dedicated to public service in this lifetime, that’s part of the strength evident here.
  • Besides that, one can only imagine the high-level political leadership developed previously. As in during previous incarnations.

The quality of this chakra databank is unusual, compared to the first one. Probably compared to all or most of the others in this array as well. An old kind of knowingness emerges. That’s my best way to put this.

Even though Cassidy wasn’t trained in this lifetime for this moment, hello! It seems clear to me from this chakra databank that she has received training: Life experience training. Stored in deep memory.

Noteworthy, though: In this lifetime, Ms. Hutchinson graduated from one of the nation’s most superb institutions of higher learning: Christopher Newport University. Undoubtedly that education has served her well.

COMMENT from Rose

When I refer to knowledge from previous incarnations, please know this:

  1. I am not a psychic. Energy Spirituality isn’t psychic work or intuitive work.
  2. No more than it’s pop psychology.
  3. Nor am I affiliated with any part of today’s enormous “Enlightenment Establishment.” (Read plenty about that at the link just provided.)

How Is It, Then, That I Have the Standing to Comment about Knowledge Previously Gained?

Regarding standing: Over the past 50 years, I have developed standing as an Enlightenment Teacher. Besides that, I’ve gained the standing of an Aura Reading Coach.

Both types of background inform what I’ve written here.

In case you’re a consciousness nerd like me, pretty exciting news here! Long-term Energy Spirituality students may wonder if this is the first time I’ve written about causational threads of knowledge within chakra databanks. You’d be right.

Cassidy Hutchinson COURAGE Chakra Databank #3.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict


80 feet. (Again, over-functioning, at the time of this big TV interview, her first.)


Tough as nails.

Cassidy Hutchinson COURAGE Chakra Databank #4.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Steadiness under Pressure


2 inches. (Markedly small, close to shutdown.)


One of Ms. Hutchinson’s skills in life is how to mask her face. Mask her voice.

And that’s something she’s doing now, in her interview.

COMMENT from Rose

Often you’ll hear people refer to Cassidy Hutchinson’s preternatural poise. (Or they would, if they were into fancy words, like Rose Rosetree.)

According to Merriam-Webster, one meaning for preternatural is “Exceeding what is natural or regular : extraordinary.” Cassidy has learned how to relax muscles on her face, blank out all expression, and keep on existing.

Seems to me, she’s so good at this pleasantly poised act, it’s almost tempting to call it “studied.” Except that she’s too skilled at this to appear studied. Instead, she appears natural.

You know what, Readers? If you had grown up with a piece of work like Cassidy’s father, ouch! No doubt, you would have developed survival skills too.

In her interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, Hutchinson described this: When she went to her father, holding her carefully folded subpoena and asking for help? First he threw her subpoena into the trash. Then he ranted.

Watch this stunning interview and you may agree with me that he ranted like a true Trump Cult member.

Cassidy Hutchinson COURAGE Chakra Databank #5.

Throat Chakra Databank for Speaking with Power


2 inches. (Definitely small, close to shutdown.)


At the time of her national interview, Cassidy struggles to speak. Inwardly, at this chakra databank, she’s really tense. Basically, she hates having to speak.

Yet the chakra databank quality here also reveals a certain spiritual surrender. During her interviews with Maddow and O’Donnell, Cassidy Hutchinson has talked about her values, her passion for American democracy, her moral compass. This source for speaking with power shows clearly to me, at this chakra databank.

COMMENT from Rose

Is a person’s Throat Chakra Databank for Speaking with Power supposed to be about spiritual surrender? Nope. But people develop ingenious subconscious-and-energetic workarounds. Seems to me, this has been one of hers.

As somebody who facilitates sessions of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING, I love to help people emerge from these workarounds. Becoming more effective. Carrying less STUFF in their auras. Developing more self-actualization. Of course, this is possible.

Right off the bat I think of two of my long-term clients, Gladys and Sam. Initially, to clairaudient me, their voices sounded crippled. Over time they released STUFF, gained “PUT-IN”, and totally overcame this painful way of living. Actually, by now both are living in Spiritual Enlightenment.

Cassidy Hutchinson COURAGE Chakra Databank #6.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Courage Specialties During this Lifetime


15 miles. (By all means, consider this to be situational over-functioning.)


Two different courage specialties are evident in this chakra databank. At the time of this photo.

First, as an old soul (opposite to a baby soul)…

* Cassidy Knows the Law

Seems to me, in some of her previous incarnations, she has served as a judge. Or in similar capacities. As a result, this former chief of staff to the president’s chief of staff… She brings a certain determination to do what is fair. To bring justice, whether or not that pleases everyone.

Second, Cassidy Hutchinson’s past life background has also given her this strength:

* Cassidy Watches over Her Nation

Wherever she has incarnated in lifetimes that developed this specialty, her leadership stature has grown. Political service, government service are potentially magnificent forms of service. This is like having a second heart within her, what I’ve heard Nancy Pelosi call “a heart of love for everyone.”

No instant evolution here, folks. You can be sure that lifetime after lifetime, oh yes! Cassidy Hutchinson has amply paid the price to develop this facet of leadership.

Cassidy Hutchinson COURAGE Chakra Databank #7.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Presence During Conflict


2 inches. (Definitely small, close to shutdown.)


At this time, this chakra databank is very undeveloped. As though she blanks out on spiritual presence.

COMMENT from Rose

Usually I do not take requests at my blog — or on social media — for aura readings. Or face readings. Or Skilled Empath Merges. If you’d like to see hundreds of articles with my research on public figures, simply click on the link just provided.

However, let’s make an exception. On a limited basis. If any of you COMMENTS with the following requests, I will research all these chakra databanks in the COMMENTS section below:

  1. Cassidy Hutchinson’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth
  2. Cassidy Hutchinson’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Compassion for People with LOWER Social Status than You
  3. And Cassidy Hutchinson’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Compassion for People with HIGHER Social Status than You

Might be interesting. Readers at Medium, see what develops there by going to the version of this article at my main blog.

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading, everyone. Please share this article with anybody you know who’s curious to learn more about Cassidy Hutchinson.

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