Can You Cocreate with God?

Yes, You Can. The Answer Is Spiritual. Not Necessarily Religious.

Enlightenment Teacher Rose says, “Long before Spiritual Enlightenment, you can lean how to cocreate with the Divine.”

Expect Some Surprises along the Way

For instance, you can cocreate with any Divine Being who’s helpful for cocreating in the Age of Awakening. (Not all are. See my latest research, supplied at that link just provided.)

  1. In order to make that happen, what do you need to know?
  2. How can you get started?
  3. Supposing that you’ve already begun to cocreate with God, is there room for improvement?

First of All, What Does It Mean to Cocreate with God?

Important to note: Different spiritual teachers mean different things about cocreating with the Divine.

Consumer Tip: Before you study with anybody who claims to help you to “work along with God,” do this:

That Said, What Does Rose Rosetree Mean by “Cocreate with God”?

Here’s your answer, in point form:

  1. By “God,” I mean a Divine Being. A being who authentically lives at the Divine Vibrational Frequency. A perfected being, not an astral being.
  2. In Energy Spirituality we cocreate with God for a brief period of time only.
  3. Purposely cocreating with God is not something to do casually. Nor is it something we just slip into doing.
  4. Although God loves us, God will not make up for a lack of skill from our side.
  5. In order to cocreate effectively, we must understand what we’re requesting; and this must be an appropriate thing for cocreation.
  6. Also, we must have the standing to make that request. For instance, we don’t drink or smoke weed.
  7. In addition, we must use an effective skill for cocreating, and do it systematically. Leaving nothing out. No improvs!

Could People Mistakenly Believe that They’re Cocreating with the Divine?

Unfortunately, believing this is widespread in the early years of the Age of Awakening.

Second, Maybe You’re Wondering…

Can I teach you specific, effective skills for cocreating with God? Let alone have them flow effortlessly, easy-peasy, naturally!

  1. Happy New Year. If you’re reading this blogpost on the first Monday of 2022.
  2. Happy Day, Whenever It Is. If you’re reading this blogpost any other day. :-) Since today still counts as a day in your amazing life, doesn’t it? Perhaps that amazingness factor is about to wake up even more.

In Order to Cocreate with God, Must You Believe?

Important consideration: The answer is no.

God is real. Please don’t reduce God to a sentimental emotion. Not if you’re wise, and not if you aim to get real-life results.

God doesn’t exist because you believe. Likewise, cocreating with the Divine is a skill. Nothing to do with faith or belief!

Below I’ll summarize the chief ways that I teach people like you how to cocreate with the Divine.

Cocreate with God Easy-Peasy. Option 1.

Aura Reading Powerfully. (Reading Chakra Databanks)

What a year 2021 has been for the game of reading auras!

Hey, Let’s Get Real about Reading Auras

Reading auras is not just a craze for people who feel like geniuses because they’re energy sensitive.

Best of All about Gaining Energetic Literacy… Could Be Cocreation with the Divine

Frankly, this is essential for gaining full energetic literacy. If you explore the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, hello! Cocreating, you can learn how to read auras down to the level of chakra databanks.

Cocreate with God Easy-Peasy. Option 2.

Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING

Would you like to feel better, physically better? Many skills of energy healing can be learned quite easily.

Which Self-Healing Skills Can You Learn through Energy Spirituality?

  1. Spiritually Sparkling Skills®
  2. 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®

Cocreate with God Easy-Peasy. Option 3.

Empath Empowerment®

Did you know? Being born as an empath is wonderful. And 1 in 20 people does have that score in terms of lifelong sensitivity.

Like it or not, unskilled empaths are less effective than non-empaths.

However, skilled empaths are more effective. In life!

Empath conversations have proliferated since I founded this field in 2001. For example, now sells 9,000 books for empaths.

Personally, I’d Recommend

That you check out that link just provided. There you’ll be able to start learning effective skills as an empath.

Cocreate with God Easy-Peasy. Option 4.


How, exactly, can cocreating with God help you there? Isn’t it enough to talk Godly talk?

  • If you’re seeking self-realization, it sure doesn’t hurt to use up-to-date skills and understandings.
  • (All of which were cocreated with the Divine. You guessed that, right?)

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Author Rose says, “Thanks for reading. Life really is better when we learn quality skills for cocreating with the Divine.”



Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.