Blue Aura. Red Aura. Black Aura.

Ali Wong Aura Reading. We can do so much better than simplistically thinking of Red Aura versus Blue Aura.

Do you know this already? Ali Wong is a fabulously funny comedian. Maybe some of you are wondering, does she have a blue aura or a red aura? Maybe a black aura?

Keep reading! Because surprises await. Whether you’re an experienced aura reader… Or perhaps a newbie… (Even, perhaps, more of a newbie than you’re thinking right now.)

Blue Aura or Red Aura? Black Aura?

Why did I choose this title for today’s aura reading. Partly aiming to inform and entertain. (As usual.) Mostly, though, I’ve been hoping to flag the attention of some of you readers who search on “Aura Color”. Or similar.

  1. Having a “BLUE Aura”
  2. Or having a “RED Aura”
  3. Or having a “BLACK Aura”
  4. Curious about the meaning of “chakra databanks”?
  5. Understanding that there are stages to developing “aura reading skills”?

For more insight on all this, check out the comments at my main blog.

Hey, You Might Know a Lot about Auras as Colors

Perhaps this is a fascinating hobby for you. Or something you don’t take terribly seriously. Either way:

  • Please, read the aura reading that follows.
  • Then continue reading the rest of this post.
  • Quite possibly your eyes will open wide. Because you never dreamed that an aura reading could have so much detail. Altogether different from what you’re used to.

Now, without further ado, here’s our latest aura reading. Actually it’s a prize for NICOLE. She nominated Ali at our Joy Contest. BTW, this contest is still open through April 30. And everyone who enters will win a prize.

Warning: The Only Colors You’ll See in the Rest of this Aura Reading???

Everyday, human-type colors. They will show in the photo I’ll use as a basis for aura reading. Noteworthy: The comedy star is engaged in performing. All her chakra databanks will reflect that.

That and the skills required to read auras in detail from a regular picture. Namely what shows in these three links to YouTube videos:

Whatever spiritual insight and/or fun you receive from aura colors? You can do so much better with true energetic literacy.

Ali Wong Aura Reading #1.

Throat Chakra Databank for Sense of Humor

Symbolic Size

Fills the room plus two inches. Appropriately over-functioning, since Ali is performing.


Boldly, powerfully choosing to make people laugh. Insistent on waking people up.

No subtlety, nor even reflection. To my perception, this is more a sense of humor that aims to:

  • Grab the audience in a primal way
  • Shake everyone up
  • Wake everyone up
  • Reminding one and all: You are living in a physical body. One way or another, sex has a big impact on you. Admit this to yourself.

Ali Wong Aura Reading #2.

Root Chakra Databank for Connection to My Social Group (The Tribe)

Symbolic Size

5 inches. Under-functioning


Like so many in American society — and elsewhere as well — Ms. Wong feels like an outsider. Frankly, she’s given up on trying to fit in. All the more passion for her to pour into living as she sees fit!

Ali Wong Aura Reading #3.

Root Chakra Databank for Risk Taking

Symbolic Size

Again, fills the room plus two inches. Again, it’s appropriate over-functioning, since Ali is performing.


Like a humor warrior, Ali risks enraging her audience, or making folks squirm.

Better to push folks to think than to play nicey-nicey.

Of course, if you’re familiar with this comedian’s humor — or you read this Ali interview? Then you’ll know her comedy specialties: Liberating women from sexual shame. And sounding a wakeup call to men.

Personally, I happen to think it’s high time that Collective Consciousness liberated women and girls from what I call “The Cage of Daintiness.”

Men don’t have to live there. Why should women?

Ali Wong Aura Reading #4.

Belly Chakra Databank for Using Creativity to Solve Problems

Symbolic Size

5 feet. Under-functioning.


Why use creativity when she can use rage? ;-)

Ali Wong Aura Reading #5.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon. More appropriate over-functioning, since Ali is performing.


Here’s a reward for those of you who didn’t just skim the start of this blog post. Then move on. (And yes, I’ve noticed that social pressure to be knowledgeable, current, and cool… This has reached epic-and-epidemic proportions.)

So I don’t judge those of you who’ve moved on. However, this reward is a fine tribute to the wonderful persistence of some of you Blog-Buddies. Since, to me, what follows is by far the most important part of this particular aura reading.

For background, my aura reading experience has led me to make distinctions that many people aren’t yet doing. By now I’m very familiar with with LOW Astral Vibrational Frequencies, versus MEDIUM ones, or HIGH ASTRAL ones, or the DIVINE Vibrational Frequency; plus a wide range of Human Vibrational Frequencies.

In that context, here’s what I found with the quality of this particular chakra databank. Seems to me, Ali Wong has an unusual spiritual mission. She is helping people to move on from LOW Astral connections to sex. That would include people who are suffering due to:

  1. Body shaming
  2. Vanity pressures, for instance, to seem more like “successful” Kim Kardashian. (Who’s now a billionaire.)
  3. Porn addiction
  4. Feeling terrible sexually because the porn-addicted lover never finds them “good enough.”
  5. Pressure to attain the Anorexic Ideal.

Does Humor Like Ali’s HEAL Auras?

Sorry, no. My experience with Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING makes this finding abundantly clear.

However, what’s the benefit when a good laugh reminds viewers of problems like the five just listed? More self-honesty. Maybe more incentive to seek out energy healing that could actually help.

Background Info about this Bold Standup Comic and Writer

First of all, you might wish to read this excellent Ali profile.

Among the unexpected info about this boundary-smashing performer?

Ali runs all new material past her husband. I love this:

Wong runs jokes about her husband past him before they make it into her shows.

“A hilarious joke that performs well in front of strangers but that my husband hates is not worth getting divorced over,” she says. “My marriage is much more valuable than a great joke.”

Also, she performs so often before a live audience. As though she’s driven to perform. Maybe even as though comedy is a sacred calling. Because that’s the kind of thing people do… When spiritually they feel called to do a certain kind of work.

And What IS Aura Reading? What Can It Be?

Learn more about aura reading here.

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Theorizing about people’s aura colors can be a sweet beginning. But don’t you deserve more?

Now here’s a second aura photo of your friendly writer, Rose Rosetree

Fact is, auras change constantly. This second aura photo was taken the same day as the one at the top of this post. Here’s still another one.

I can teach you to read auras with way more finesse than playing the Aura Color game!

Before you learn, sure, visit my blog for hundreds of quality aura readings. Read them for free.



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