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How Energy Spirituality Can Help You to Live Your Dream

Rose Rosetree
6 min readMay 9, 2022


Be Yourself! Picture yourself here. (My photo is just a placeholder.)

What can help you to Be Yourself better? Today I’m introducing our latest innovation from Energy Spirituality. Plus the vibrant new May 2022 issue of the Energy Spirituality newsletter.

Important to Note

The yearning to “Be Myself” runs so deep, it can be easy to overlook. Considering how busy all of us are, taking care of everyday business, who notices such an abstract thing?

But maybe you’d like to take a moment and ask yourself: Are you satisfied about that right now? Personally are you satisfied that you’re using this unique YOLO opportunity fully? Truly being yourself?

Join me in our exploration of this easily overlooked topic. And complementing our conversation here… will be our latest monthly newsletter.

  • Providing details for newsletter signup will happen toward the end of this post.
  • Before then, a lot of new material. developed just for this article is in store for you. Especially interesting for those of you who wonder: “Realistically, is it possible to Be Yourself Better?”

First of All, Some of You Are Reading This Because…

You Yearn to Use Your Full Potential in Life

Well, what do you think your personal sense of self might have to do with that? Whether you’re used to calling “that”:

  1. Psychological Self-Actualization
  2. Spiritual Self-Realization
  3. Healing Your Sense of Self
  4. Philosophically Solving the Mystery of the Self
  5. Or simply gaining Spiritual Enlightenment?

Next, since I can’t resist…

Quick Preview:

What Will Be First Time Ever in the May Newsletter?

Nothing less than Soul Thrill® Aura Research will bring nuance to your understanding about seemingly little choices. Such as the different impact of wearing two rings:

  • One is a tanzanite ring with stones imported from Africa. (Pictured above.)
  • While the other ring glows with a fake diamond. (Also pictured above.)
  • Mindboggling research, it turns out. And just a sample of lifestyle choices that you can make better, to be yourself better.

In order to do this research on Being Yourself Better, I had to initiate this as well: Exploring a brand new set of chakra databanks!

Later this week I’ll publish a dedicated blogpost to introduce you officially. 🙂

Just in case you’re wondering what this jewelry research has to do with being yourself?

You won’t want to miss my free newsletter, the May issue of Reading Life Deeper. (Signup details appear at the end of this post.)

And now for practical help that you can start using right away…

In Order to Be Yourself Better,

Curate Your Personal Values

Previously at this blog, we’ve had some lively Comment Conversations about taking on fads.

For instance, each of the following is supposed to be So Very Important. At least, if you believe in ideas that are big fads today. Ridiculously influential in Collective Consciousness!

Yet each of the following faddish ideas could turn out to be a waste of your time. (Or worse)

Blog-Buddies, how much time do YOU spend on activites like these? Maybe you’ve made some changes lately? As a result your life might have improved.

Worshiping the False Gods

Supposed to Help you to “Be Yourself”

Like the saying, “So many men, so little time”: So many popular pressures today are specifically about how to be. Or who to be.

Unless you’ve got a really good time-turner, you’ll never succeed at them all.

In order to illustrate how REALLY unhelpful certain versions of “Be Yourself Better” really are, how about some examples? In Q&A format. 🙂

False God 1.

To Be Yourself, It’s Important to Be Comfortable? (667,000,000 hits)

Q. Gladys, when I come to your party, how should I dress?

A. All that matters is to dress so you’re comfortable. (402,000,000 hits)

False God 2.

To Be Yourself, Be Relaxed? (1,010,000,000 hits)

Q. I respect Sam so much. What is there about him?

A. Obvs, that’s because he’s always so relaxed. Relaxed people are easier to respect. (288,000,000 hits)

False God 3.

To Be Yourself, Be Confident? (6,010,000,000 hits)

Q. How can I get others to notice me?

A. Show more skin. (10,140,000,000 hits) This will broadcast the message of confidence. Everybody knows, confidence is key to popularity.( 599,000,000 hits)

False God 4.

To Be Yourself, Your Authentic Self Be Mindful?

(296,000,000 hits and 2,470,000,000 hits, respectively)

Q. As a spiritual person, how important a part of my journey is it to be mindful?

A. Mindfulness is essential for spiritual progress. (7,950,000 hits)

False God 5.

To Be Yourself, Are Your Energies Grounded? (117,000,000 hits)

Q. What can you do if you’re not living in your body? (9,080,000,000 hits)

A. Check your energetic grounding all day long. (1,590,000 hits)

False God 6.

To Be Yourself, Shield Your Aura with a Golden Bubble? ( 7,020,000 hits)

Q. How can I stop feeling anxious? I’m so energy sensitive! (143,000,000 hits)

A. Visualize the Golden Bubble. (7,910,000 hits) That will cleanse and protect your energy. (453,000,000 hits)

False God 7.

To Be Yourself, Avoid Narcissists? (10,800,000 hits)

Likewise, Energy Vampires? (2,280,000 hits)

And Avoid Toxic Personalities? (20,700,000 hits)

Q. What’s the best way to have a good life as an empath? ( 8,130,000 hits)

A. Simple! Learn how to recognize narcissists? ( 18,500,000 hits) And know if someone is draining your energy? (278,000,000 hits)

Your Turn Here, Blog-Buddies.

Do Any More Popular False Gods Come to Mind?

Suggestion: Often it’s easier to notice when other people — not you — are worshiping them. And, to you, it feels weird. Like when folks you know are heading in these directions, you might find it either puzzling or outright annoying.

Please share your thoughts at my blog, where the original version of this article’s posted, and it’s really easy to comment. Fear not “Being judgy.” As an Enlightenment Teacher, hello! My job includes helping you to develop discernment.

My Favorite Way to Evaluate

What Can It Mean to Be Yourself Better?

Have you ever heard of Soul Thrill® Aura Research?

It’s a way to find out in detail what really works for you. Unlike a psychic reading, there’s no cosmic-sounding advice from spirits. Instead, you learn about your true reactions to any choice you might research. (See a sample at the previous link, which takes you to a YouTube video demonstration.)

Specifically, this research is cocreated with Divine help, using that trademarked system of Energy Spirituality. As a result, you receive detailed feedback from your subconscious mind and also your astral-level energies.

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Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”

The solutions you’re seeing are probably not those big cliches in mainstream self-help, what you’ve read about here, maybe jostling you a bit. However, the May issue of the Energy Spirituality Newsletter will give you more helpful perspective. And so will commenting at my personal blog, and joining our Comment Conversation there.

Consider yourself cordially invited to take advantage of both resources.



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