Authentic Living Begins at Home

Performing Is Not Living. Even children, who LOOK like cute children, can be trained to perform as ACTORS.

Really, it can give one a bit of a shock these days: Performing Is Not Living But Fake-Living.

Ever notice? In today’s blogpost, let’s explore how to avoid turning into…

One of those insincere, posing people!

Performing Is Not Living But Fake-Living. Example 1.

Really, Have You Noticed How Pervasive the Performing Mentality Has Become?

Streaming entertainment can make me want to start screaming. Simply due to all the performing.

Look, I don’t mind if a scripted show is obviously being performed. For example, Murders Only in the Building doesn’t pretend to be real. Actually, the gorgeous costumes and gorgeous-er acting are deliciously camp! (Also, two of the three stars of the series are living in Spiritual Enlightenment.)

Performing Is Not Living But Fake-Living. Example 2.

How about this Second Kind of Theatrics? So-Called “Talk Shows”

Have you ever noticed how big-time “talk shows” have script writers. So that each guest for a “spontaneous” chit-chat has been rehearsed repeatedly with a producer.

All this happening long before the show ever happens. (Although that sneaky premise is sort of icky, when you think about it.) One of the TV talk shows I’ve done… had FOUR run-throughs about what my answers to questions should be.

Yes, that was one of my eye-opening experience from doing 1,000 media interviews.

And Do You Realize How Much Else You See These Days Involves Performing?

During the pandemic, you might have seen more people on ads and commercials… than you spent time with in real life. How weird is that???

Also weird is how all those actors can seem so convincing. Even though Performing Is Not Living But Fake-Living!

Especially all those kids. Whether “eating” or “playing” or “smiling.”

I worry, what happens to our children who grow up watching all this.

Are they, and their elders (we adults), receiving an education in performing? As if that were a skill that all of us needed! Ick!

What have you noticed about this, parents and teachers? (And former educators. I know some of you are out there in our bloggy community.)

Performing Is Not Living But Fake-Living. Example 3.

And It Gets Weirder, Regarding all the Fake-Living

Have you noticed this third form of performance fakery? So many people aren’t just living any more. Rather, they’re performing.

For instance, in their photos online. Rather than smiling for the camera or the YouTube video…

Quite different from Say Cheese. They’re posing!

Clearly, posing! And you can tell the difference, if you’re paying attention.

And, hello, what if you’re aiming for personal development? Or spiritual awakening? Or even Spiritual Enlightenment?!?

Then say no to fake-living. Don’t DO it. And don’t fall for other people’s performances, either.


Hiring — so many of my clients have been hiring. As a result, over the past year I’ve researched scads of auras from photos. Specifically photographs that professionals have at their websites. Not only professionals like the following, but plenty more:

  1. Accountists
  2. Dentists
  3. Divorce lawyers
  4. Interior designers
  5. Optometrists
  6. Proctologists
  7. Psychiatrists
  8. School principals
  9. Wannabe hookers (Joke, sorta. Evidently many women these days are all about sex, even if that’s not how they earn a living.)

Sadly, what have maybe 10% of these folks had in common?

Posing, That’s What!

Again and again, I encountered plenty of very fake smiles. Unfortunately, it turned out that most of these fake-smilers had messed-up auras to match. That is, one under-performing chakra databank after another.

Another way to put this? Quite a lot of everyday people, including professionals, have turned themselves into performers. Yet none of us is required to live that way, in a way that is…


A performance, not a person — all too often, that’s what you’re seeing on your laptop or monitor or screen.

Yet our default is to accept this as real. As if it were normal and human.

It ain’t.

Performing Is Not Living But a Poor Substitute: Fake-Living.

Even if you watch an hour of this nonsense, or more, every day…

Even then, you don’t have to numb yourself out in this way.

Use the following 5 tips to keep youself from being swept away from the Insincerity Fad.

Performing Is Not Living. For Authentic Living, Tip 1.

Stop Using that Fake Smile

Maybe you’re still practicing your smile in the mirror?

In which case, why? Are you still 12 years old?

Cut that out.

Authentic smiles are spontaneous. By contrast, some of the cringey smiles that I find in pictures that folks post online? Somebody had to practice these.

Maybe in COMMENTS below I’ll give three examples. Explaining why, from my perspective, a smile like this had to be practiced.


Meanwhile, what if you’re not sure what a fake smile is? Check out the link just provided. This will take you to one of our most popular posts, the one on Fake Smiles.

In addition, you might enjoy this Energy Spirituality™ blogpost on Real Smiles.

Performing Is Not Living. For Authentic Living, Tip 2.

Choose Reality

In other words: Say things and do things in objective reality. Don’t live in your head.

Nor will it help your human life one bit, doing your best in preparation to move to the Snapchat Planet. ;-)

Perhaps Recall the Deservedly Famous Line from Yoda

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Three cheers for Yoda from “Star Wars.” Perhaps the closest thing America has had to an Enlightenment Teacher in popular movies.

Although if you have other film characters who could rival Yoda, please COMMENT below. Maybe include adding a link to a YouTube sample.

Hear Yoda, speaking that line.

Really, we humans can say things and do things. And that means, that you can say and do:

  • Without an audience
  • Zero attitude
  • No performing

Performing Is Not Living. For Authentic Living, Tip 3.

When You Watch TV or Other Entertainment, Rage Against Being Sucked In!

Rage just a bit anyway. In the spirit of my favorite poem from Dylan Thomas, “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night.”

And yes, on that YouTube audio, supplemented by photos, you’ll hear him declaim like a traditional poet:

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Noteworthy, that was not playing a role. That was the bardic role!

Seems to me:

Poets are proclaimers of truth.

Unless we’re reading a poem, let’s not proclaim. Let’s live.

Our Tip 3 Is Very Specific

How can you rage against all the fake living on your “entertainment”? No need to scream. Simply say out loud:

This is fake! This is a performance.

  1. Say this aloud, don’t think it.
  2. Repeat those exact words. In that way you’ll gather a certain subconscious momentum.
  3. Don’t keep making up elegant new ways of saying this. Literally use these specific words: This is fake! This is a performance.

Performing Is Not Living. For Authentic Living, Tip 4.

Stop Believing that Kids in Ads Are Real

Except for infants, these are all stage kids.

  1. They auditioned to get the part.
  2. Indeed, they practiced that goofy giggle.
  3. Somebody coached them to “sell” their childlike zest for the packaged breakfast cereal.

In my opinion, here’s the best way to view television children. Just say “Ick.”

Definitely understand these are Stage Kids. Not Real Kids.

Stories, anyone? At what point did you realize that these may be real children when not performing.

Otherwise? They’re playing children. Quite different.

Performing Is Not Living. For Authentic Living, Tip 5.

Just Say No to Instagram

Recently we’ve had quite some Comment Conversation about Instagram.

At this blogpost I’ll simply say this:

Are you a self-actualizing person? Would you like to use your full potential in life?

Then avoid Insta. Avoid it like COVID-19.

Today I’m also publishing a version of this post at my personal blog, here. Click on that link just provided and you’ll find many comments. For instance, I aim to re-post some of these warning comments about Instagram.

Feel free to add your additional comments there. Your perspective matters. Whatever you have to say about Insta.

In Conclusion, What Are YOUR Takeaways?

Thanks for reading all the way through to the end. Your reward is some additional food for thought.

  1. Do you care about all the performing that people do?
  2. Do you just love it when folks post their Snapchat photos on social media?
  3. How about when they display their images with little twinkle stars? Personally, I wonder if they are trying to tell us if their auras are super-special. If so, do they have good skills of energetic literacy? I’m guessing not. Folks with gorgeous auras have their own auric modeling, no garish twinkle-stars needed.
  4. When you see people performing, do you think, “That’s what I want to do with my life.”
  5. If you’re an empath, do you think you can “always tell” when people are playing a role?
  6. If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), do you find it draining if you have to be around people who are “Not positive”?
  7. Finally, these days, do you personally practice smiling in front of the mirror? Do you think this makes you more attractive?

Living authentically isn’t just a mood. Resolve to spot fakery. And refuse to imitate it.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”

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