Aura Reading Morgan Freeman

Did you know? Morgan Freeman is a pothead. And proud of it.

Did you know, he has been smoking weed regularly since the marriage to his first wife. (Whom he married in 1967.) I had no idea that Morgan Freeman was a pot smoker, but found this out while seeking a current photo.

  • Advocating for the right to smoke pot without being jailed for it? That’s one matter. (I agree wholeheartedly.)
  • Personally smoking pot? Uh-oh.

Morgan Freeman told “The Guardian” he has used grass regularly, way long before he began using it for pain control starting in 2008. The actor told the reporter: “My first wife got me into it many years ago. How do I take it? However it comes! I’ll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it!

Let’s delve into his aura and see how he’s doing after all that weed.

1. Root Chakra Databank for

Expecting to Receive Respect from Others

Symbolic Size

Deep space.


Very identified with a beautiful pot high, an astral level of experience that feels so good, loaded with celestial beauty. It’s a mellow sense of self, very connected with all that is.

As such, Morgan Freeman’s concerns about receiving respect from anyone… are minimal. He feels fine with whatever happens. Nothing can bother him.

Sounds great. But what’s missing here?

Human identification with a sense of self, the basis for free will.

Having a substance-free, human-centered identity is a prerequisite for moving forward rapidly on a path to Enlightenment… or any other version of personal development that might be your highest ideal.

Using weed for a shortcut can appear to successfully game the system. Grass provides an instant, effortlessly-high, state of consciousness. A mellow illusion!

2. Belly Chakra Databank for

Flow of Energy at Work

Morgan Freeman is so beloved for his work as an actor. That glorious voice, his expressive eyes, that handsome face, a regal bearing — all of this shows right on the surface.

Here we’re simply exploring a subconscious-level chakra databank, at the astral (or psychic) level within Morgan Freeman’s aura.

Symbolic Size

Out to the stars.


A total flow. Beautiful surrender.

To a fellow pot enthusiast, this might seem like the ultimate in goodness.

To this Enlightenment Coach, what I find here is very disappointing. The human component is absent for Morgan Freeman at the time of this photo.

Human-based spirituality is such a privilege for all of us living today. If we can manage it, during these early years of the Age of Awakening, we can progress so rapidly in our spiritual evolution, glorifying what is human.

Seems to me, potheads are missing the point of a precious human incarnation. After this lifetime is over, each of us will be in a body of light. We can go to our next heaven, that celestial loka appropriate for our level of consciousness. But that time is not now.

Yet one more reason for not smoking grass. IMO. Because when you’re back to being a soul, not incarnated, you won’t ever have again the opportunity for making the most of THIS Magnificent Human Incarnation.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for


Symbolic Size

5 inches.


Morgan Freeman may be very expanded in his sense of self, consequences of identifying with astral life rather than human-level frequencies — i.e., The typical astralish sense of identity for anyone strongly influenced by marijuana.

Yet human likes, dislikes, and needs can do the equivalent of snapping an expanded rubber band back down to small size. Pronto. Definitely. And with a very human kind of sting.

For Morgan Freeman, a great deal of STUFF is clustered around his sense of fairness. The patterns involve feeling that HE has not been treated fairly, has not yet received his due.

Notice, Blog-Buddies? This is the first human-feeling part of his aura that I’ve found yet. Unfortunately…

The quality of this chakra databank (at the time of this photo) involves counting, evaluating how well he is being treated this time, deciding whether or not the current treatment of him is fair — all so very human, you know?

Resentment is the bottom line. And all his fame (or weed-induced bliss) cannot alter this subconscious accounting of grudges.

4. Heart Chakra Databank for

Balancing Emotional Abilities with His Other Abilities

Symbolic Size

5 inches.


“I give when I choose to, not when you demand it.” That’s the subconscious and energetic balancing act from a performer who has been an A-Lister since when, 1989?

Understandable and very human.

STUFF in this chakra databank includes more resentment, as if Morgan Freeman is often asked to give and give and give. Personally, I can’t imagine what it is like to be that famous. And for that long. Can you?

5. Throat Chakra Databank for

Charisma as a Communicator

Blog-Buddies, this is one of Morgan Freeman’s optional chakra databanks; each of us has a few in each set of 50 chakra databanks per chakra.

Symbolic Size

Fills the room plus two inches.


Stately, even regal. Huge gravitas. Persuasive in a way that elevates the listener or viewer.

How? By creating a kind of auric modeling that proclaims: “Great dignity and worthiness are mine, as natural as breathing.”

Whatever kinds of STUFF clog up Morgan Freeman’s aura, and however the use of weed has distorted his auric modeling, this chakra databank remains pristine. And isn’t this why we love Morgan Freeman?

It’s so refreshing to encounter Morgan Freeman’s reminder of personal magnificence, effortless, his kind of who-you-be.

7. Third Eye Chakra Databank for

Spiritual Growth

Blog-Buddies, I am very curious to read this chakra databank on Morgan Freeman. I’ll tell you why.

Since he has gone public about the use of marijuana, I’d like to read this part of an aura that cannot lie or be influenced by the stinkin’ thinkin’ of a substance user.

Part of what keeps a person smokin’ and tokin’ — okay, I’m getting a bit carried away, copying the AA language of stinkin’ thinkin’ — is the illusion that:

  • High = connected to God.
  • Or that high = spiritual superiority.
  • Or that high = spiritual growth.
  • Such illusions!

Let’s check out this chakra databank right now, okay?

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch.


Yes, at the time of this photo, Morgan Freeman’s Spiritual Growth Chakra Databank is flatlining.

Of course it can always come back. Nothing destroys a chakra databank, nothing short of death.

However, at the time of this photograph, this Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth is numbed out and, mostly, stuck in — What else? Anger, blaming, resentment.


Morgan Freeman is a beautiful being, with larger-than-life talent and huge karma for fame and popularity.

His greatest gift, in every role, may be that auric modeling of charisma, reminding each of us that we have essential dignity, grace, importance, even splendor…. spiritually.

Knowing about the role of pot in his life explains a lot about what I read here today.

Marijuana is a slow poison. In my experience of researching public figures and clients, both, certain cumulative problems are typical for all those who suffer from an addiction to it, while there are also very individual (and heartbreaking) consequences for any pothead. Over at personal, individual-type consequences:

It would appear that what keeps Morgan Freeman feeling human is mostly…. Resentment, anger, blaming.

And if I’m right, thank God for those feelings. Although unpleasant, they keep Morgan Freeman paying attention to human life. Keeping him more human than he’d otherwise be, energetically.

So much that’s human isn’t what it seems.



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