Aura Reading Election Denier Kari Lake

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Rose Rosetree
9 min readNov 14, 2022


Looking wthin the aura of a POLITICIAN who denies election results… even before votes are counted?

Today let’s share an aura reading of election denier Kari Lake. In honor of America’s recent, consequential, election. On this Monday morning, the election last Tuesday is still a nail-biter.

Seems like, one election denier aura reading is one way I can add to the commentary over all election contests with election deniers. Since I don’t have time to blog about all the election deniers who ran in 2022. At least, today, I can take on this one.

Unfortunately, I’ve Heard of Kari Lake. Have You?

She’s running for governor of the unique swing state known as Arizona.

Meanwhile who ran against Lake? Katie Hobbs, that’s who.

  • Hobbs is the candidate I, personally, would vote for if I were an Arizonan: Currently she’s the Arizona Secretary of State. I’ve seen and heard her in interviews.
  • By contrast, Kari Ann Lake is a former television news anchor. Now turned far-right political candidate.

As a well known, local, TV personality, sure! Kari Lake has the perfect qualification for Trump and his MagaRepublican voters: her photogenic appearance. Also, of course, she’s doing the “fashionable” thing. Given what’s left of the traditional Republican party.

Even before the election results are counted, Lake is screaming “election fraud.” Actually, before this election even took place, Ms. Lake said she would accept the election results… only if she wins. Seriously!

When Reading Kari’s Aura, I’ll Put Her Politics Aside. However…

Just in case you’re curious. Before going further, here are some documented facts about the photogenic election denier:

  1. Regarding her election denier bona fides (as it wer): Recently, Lake appeared before cameras, with “receipts” in hand. Brandishing nothing less than 150 “examples” of election deniers! Pretty Ms. Lake aimed to smear the reputations of Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Biden’s own press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.
  2. Kari Lake endorsed an antisemitic Oklahoma Republican who says “the Jews” are evil.
  3. According to this opinion piece in “The Arizona Star”: What is “The ‘good’ reason Kari Lake keeps spreading lies about the 2020 election?” If you can’t guess, to read the questionable answer, simply by clicking on the link just provided.

Specifically, What’s Involved in Reading Kari’s Aura Today?

The growing field of Energy Spirituality™ involves some remarkably sophisticated ways to research a person’s inner experience of life.

For example, did you know that many “Arrays of chakra databanks” are available through my website? Making possible some highly insightful research on a variety of topics. To see what I mean, click on that link just provided.

Most relevant for this election, to me, is the set of Honor Chakra Databanks. (Check them out. Then you’ll understand them better, before reading the egregious findings on Ms. Lake.)

Which Photograph Will I Use for Today’s Energetic Literacy Research?

This Kari Lake photo should do just fine.

In case you didn’t know this, newbies to this website:

Aura Reading Election Denier Kari Lake 1. Root Chakra Databank for…

Distinguishing Objective Reality from Subjective Reality

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Technically, that means this one of Lake’s chakra databank… flatlines. Meaning, that chakra databank isn’t working at all.


Kari disregards Objective Reality. To her, it’s like a silly thing, a nothing.


Well, Blog-Buddies, here we start: getting into something unpleasant. Fair warning, what follows is a bit technical.

Still, telling you is my job.

Many of you are familiar with the concept of Consciousness Lifestyles. Such as what you can read at this blogpost, published at the start of this year.

Back to Kari, it’s true that I found this chakra databank shut down. Yet, over the years, I’ve developed a certain fearlessness for researching even a stumpy, shut down, really icky, chakra databank.

What I reported above is just part of the quality of this Root Chakra Databank of hers. What’s the rest?

A large gang of discarnate spirits (ET entities and some astral entities) are inhabiting Kari’s aura. Using her as a kind of puppet. Like their convincingly human specimen, their mouthpiece for influencing other humans. Therefore, what I found at this chakra databan figures. It totally figures.

As you may know, discarnate spirits have zero interest in human Objective Reality. And they can’t even perceive it.

Aura Reading Election Denier Kari Lake 2. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for…

Power Integrity

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon. Namely, trillions of miles.


Quite an agenda shows in this over-functioning chakra databank:

  • Confuse people.
  • Weaken people.
  • Break things.

In turn, this is the typical agenda of most opportunistic astral beings who become involved in Extreme Spiritual Addiction.


Reminds me of how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has famously said: “Move fast and break things.”

For years, Zuckerberg has lived in the consciousness lifestyle of Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Maybe not a coincidence.

Generally speaking, this is a bug that’s built into his consciousness lifestyle. Not a feature.

Aura Reading Election Denier Kari Lake 3. High Heart Chakra Databank for…

Commitment to Helping Others

Note: Regarding this chakra databank, it’s about a soul-level commitment. Nothing to do with political or other reasons to help anyone. Nonetheless, isn’t the in the intent to help others important? I’d call this a key aspect of living with HONOR?

Symbolic Size

Again, out to the moon. That is, trillions of miles.


Picture a villain in an old-time silent movie.

Quite opposite to honor. Sadly, this is lively in Kari Lake’s Heart Chakra Databank for Commitment to Helping Others.

Instead, of honor, hello! I find malice and cruelty.


Maybe the most mysterious-and-puzzling aspect, to me, of American politics in 2022:

Instead, what’s supposed to matter more than the CHARACTER of politicians like Herschel Walker and Kari Lake? The voter’s RELIGIOUS agenda to control the entire country?

Does. Not. Compute.

Not if a person is making contact with objective reality.

Aura Reading Election Denier Kari Lake 4. Throat Chakra Databank for…

Verbal Integrity

“All politicians lie.” Don’t you hate that glib generalization?

If you want to find out the truth, research that particular politician’s Verbal Integrity Throat Chakra Databank.

Of course, you’ll be researching that politician from a photo taken at one particular time. Energetic literacy being the opposite of glib generalizations.

  • At this Energy Spirituality Blog, I’ve read auras of many politicians…
  • And other influential public figures who work for the government…
  • Honorable people who happen to be living in Spiritual Enlightenment.

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Totally flatlining.


Basically, Kari Lake says whatever her entities tell her to say. Part of the deal.


How do people move into the one-way street of Extreme Spiritual Addiction?

Far as I know….

Disclaimer, mainly I know how to recognize this problem. Far be it from me to spend a second of time by investigating the particulars. Instead, in my line of work, I learn some things along the way. That’s my basis for recognizing, for instance:

Kari Lake says whatever the entities tell her to say. Part of the deal.

In addition, I’ve witnessed enough to have noticed this:

Before people move into Extreme Spiritual Addiction, they make one bad choice at a time. Until they’re so confused-or-corrupted, they make the final agreement. Following that, this worst of consciousness lifestyles… becomes a done deal.

Aura Reading Election Denier Kari Lake 5. Throat Chakra Databank for…

Speaking to Uphold Honor

Symbolic Size

Also 1/8 inch. And also totally flatlining.


Contempt for humans and their ideals. Honor included.


For a hope-bringing contrast, watch some or all of this YouTube video. You’ll see President Obama’s “Amazing Grace” speech.

Do you remember watching it, back in the day? I sure do.

Furthermore, if you’ve developed Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, read any of Obama’s chakra databanks.

Now that’s the aura of a man of honor. That’s the aura of a man in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Aura Reading Election Denier Kari Lake 6. Third Eye Chakra Databank for…

Spiritually Living with Honor

One of the crown jewels of a human being’s aura: at least, this chakra databank can be. But how about this chakra databank on election denier Lake?

Symbolic Size

Unfortunately, 1/8 inch. Unsurprisingly, flatlining.


To put it bluntly: Since Kari has that aforementioned consciousness lifestyle, guess what? The astral beings who run her have nothing but contempt for God.

Supposedly, they’re better. Wiser. Or whatever their delusions-and-illusions involve.


Shocking or not, I’ve seen this contempt for God again and again. Goes with the territory of the consciousness lifestyle of Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

And yes, that includes public Christians and others who boast about their religious superiority.

At that link just supplied, you’ll find former politician Michele Bachman: lauding then President Trump as “America’s most godly” president.

What if that’s not enough to convince you of the link between this consciousness lifestyle and its auric ugliness? Then you might want to read a bit, just a bit, of this detailed aura reading of Trump after he’d turned worse than ever.

Worse compared to what? Compared to his aura back when he was campaigning in 2016… As you can see from this video… Even then, I’d already found him living in Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

Aura Reading Election Denier Kari Lake 7. Third Eye Chakra Databank for…

Connection to Spiritual Source

It’s worth noting that election deniers also proudly deny one of the pillars of American Democracy: The Separation of Church and State.

More than ever, this chakra databank essential for American politicians. What’s going on with their Divine connection when they’re election deniers? What think you, Blog-Buddies?

Symbolic Size

Once again, 1/8 inch. Unsurprisingly, flatlining.


Hatred of God: That’s the defining characteristic here.


Even just using your common sense, and forgetting about chakra databanks for a moment….

How could a “religious person” run for office in America as an election denier?

Remember these words from our Pledge of Allegiance?

One nation, under God.

With liberty and justice for all.

Honor Matters for Us All

Unless you have a heart of stone, surely you’ve had some reaction to what I’ve found here.

  • Maybe you’re even like me, somebody who voted last Tuesday. And cared passionately about the results.
  • Similarly, you might care greatly about honor in personal life.
  • In case this next part holds some interest for you: As an Enlightenment Teacher, I assure you. Honor will serve you well if you’re Seeing Enlightenment now, in the Age of Awakening.

Of course, politicians can be honorable. While in office President Obama even moved into Spiritual Enlightenment.

In case you’re curious: Find plenty of fascinating aura readings at this blogpost. You’ll encounter the good, the bad, the (aurically) ugly.

In Conclusion

In general, what can I tell you about the political consequences of electing those living in Extreme Spiritual Addiction?

Regarding people like Kari Lake, the entities who run them would prefer ALL humans to live with her same consciousness lifestyle. Although there’s much they don’t know about being human — such as having human emotions — sigh! Even so, they do know this much:

  1. The more frightened or angry or hopeless people become. And the more desperate….
  2. Then the more detached from reality they can become.
  3. Until they believe in election deniers who are running for political office.

How crazy is it to vote for any election denier?

It’s like inviting a fox to guard your henhouse.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”

Please know that your comments are welcome at the version of this article at my main blog. Here.



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