Aura Reading Across Multiple Incarnations?

Could aura reading be like looking in the mirror across lifetimes?

Aura Reading Multiple Incarnations? Barbro Karlen claims to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank. Can aura reading solve the mystery?

Ready to meet someone absolutely fascinating, Blog-Buddies? Barbro Karlen came to my attention through JNANA’s powerful nomination at our contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

Indirectly, JNANA’s nomination raises some interesting questions about what you can — and can’t — do with aura reading.

Today’s article may be especially helpful if you’re still trying to figure out what energetic literacy has to do with psychic development. Is all aura reading the same?

Why JNANA Wanted this Aura Reading

Here’s how JNANA nominated the Swedish author of “And The Wolves Howled.”

Barbro Karlen claims to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank.

I loved Anne Frank’s diary. I’ve read it four times and if you give me a copy now, I’ll gladly do a fifth reading. It is incredible that delightful though her account is, the horrors and injustices of this inhumane period in history come through without the need for gory details.

When I heard of Barbro Karlen and saw her on YouTube, I just had to get the book.

As a child Barbro identified herself more as Anne, much to the consternation of her parents. She was a child prodigy in Sweden, having published 11 books by the age of 16.

This book details her present life as she finds herself back with her captors from concentration camp (now reborn in Sweden) and the difficult path to the clearing of karma. Barbro had to struggle through much discrimination, unfairness, lies, personal vendettas, libel and even attempted murder.

She pulls through it all and, like Anne, puts the truth down on the page. Finally clearing her karma and freeing her soul.

In short, is Barbro the reincarnation of Anne?

What Can, and Can’t, Aura Reading Tell You?

Around your physical body is an energy field, full of information. That’s your aura, and so aura reading means downloading some of that information.

Depending on what you want to learn, and your skills for aura reading, different types of information can be read.

Today’s skills for energetic literacy are different from traditional ideas about aura reading.

Reading auras does not have to mean “Seeing the colours.” It has nothing to do with channeling, mediumship, or doing psychic readings of any kind. Maybe not the best thing to get involved with, if you don’t want to be influenced by discarnate beings!

Energetic literacy is not like that, any more than when you read this screen you are asking a spirit guide to tell you what the letters spell. One click away is a collection of hundreds of detailed aura readings done with energetic literacy.

But aura reading won’t turn you into The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Or any other human being who tracks souls across the lifetimes.

Why CAN’T Aura Reading Show You the Same Soul Across Reincarnations?

The reason is simple. In your long history as a soul, you may take on innumerable incarnations.

Living on earth, for instance, you might have 10,000 lifetimes before even attaining a human birth. Blog-Buddies, after that you might have had thousands of human lifetimes before the one that you are having right now.

Regardless of how many lifetimes, or other fancy concepts about reincarnation, here’s the bottom line:

In each incarnation your soul takes on one body, one individuality, one set of characteristics, talents and kinds of learning that are very specific to the incarnation.

You have a sacred life contract about this particular life, not ALL of your lifetimes.

That’s true for Barbro Karlen. And you. And me.

One More Use of Aura Reading

Comparison aura readings can be so very useful, since it is possible to research a person from regular photographs.

This helps you to learn so much about claims of a spiritual nature. Not everything. But some things.

For example, I was struck by the language in this little part of JNANA’s words about Barbro Karlen: “puts the truth down on the page finally clearing her karma and freeing her soul.”

Is that true? Does writing, however truthful, “clear karma” for a person? Does it “Set a soul free?”

Maybe terms like these are used in a poetic sense. Or mystically it is a beautiful sense of something very important.

For practical purposes, though, it’s nonsense. Sorry.

The Closest You Can Come Is This

At least you can learn something useful. If not something woo-woo.

  1. Find a photo of the writer before doing the writing project. Research many chakra databanks, including the High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill.
  2. Then locate a photo of that same writer afterward. Research those same chakra databanks once again.

Will you really notice a difference? Or not.

What does it mean to set a soul free? Surely that would include some improvement to that person’s chakra databanks.

Energetic literacy helps you to research away. So much vague, wooly thinking is common about terms like soul, karma, life contract, being spiritual, Enlightenment.

Find out for yourself what is really true. As you may know already, Blog-Buddies, reading auras is some of the biggest fun you can have. Even if it will not tell you absolutely everything.



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