Are You Too Sensitive?

How will you score? Like a potato with excellent French fry potential?

It’s all to easy to sneer at others who aren’t as sensitive as you.

Likewise, it’s all too easy to criticize others to find you “too sensitive.”

Thanks to today’s simple blog post… Start solving probs like these.

There’s So Much More to Sensitivity than YES or NO

Despite limited-and-limiting mainstream ideas like:

  1. Either you’re an empath.
  2. Or you’re a Highly Sensitive Person
  3. Otherwise, tough. Lucky you, not being sensitive. You’re stronger that way. (And nothing more helpful than that, ick!)

Surely we can do better than that limited kind of idea. Understanding sensitivity with more nuance — exactly what we’re doing here today.

For the sake of understanding ourselves better. And also for better appreciating other people.

Your Sensitivity Empowerment Starts HERE

It’s all around you: Sensitivity.

  • Sensitivity in every single human being you meet
  • Do business with
  • Write about
  • Or date.

Tricky-ly, though, sensitivity crops up in different varieties. Much as a garden might have avocadoes, spinach, and potatoes with excellent French fry potential.

What you’ve got is good for certain things, not everything.

In Part 1 of this 2-Part series, you can start to recognize and value what you’ve got.

Essentials for Understanding Sensitivity in the First Place

First of All, What IS Sensitivity?

The kind of sensitivity you’re learning about here, Wisdom Seeker, is how your sensitivity is wired for life! Consider your physical body to be the hardware, while your degree of neurophysiological sensitivity is part of the software.

Notably, this isn’t some software that you can swap out when a better version comes along. No more than, far as I know, you can swap out the hardware on your body called “needing to use nostrils.”

Some things aren’t optional, you know? But Sensitivity Empowerment can make you more resourceful for learning to love this thing you can’t change. So please keep reading.

Second, What Is the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE?

Simply put, it’s a range of numbers, or scale, to summarize a person degree of sensitivity.

Why call it the “Energy Spirituality” SENSITIVITY SCALE? Because I developed it by using advanced skills of energetic literacy, supplemented by other skills that I use as the founder of Energy Spirituality.

Empowerment comes from gaining a fresh start on understanding sensitivity. Both yours and the degree of sensitivity belonging to other people that matter to you, including head-slapper people you learn about in the media. Or find right in your own neighborhood!

Third, this Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE Is Unique

Although it’s hardly the only system for assessing different kinds of sensitivity.

In order to find ton of examples… Simply google on “Sensitivity Scale.” Amazing, all the versions you’ll find! Such as:

  1. The Weinstein Noise Sensitivity Scale, about individual differences in sensitivity to noise.
  2. The Conversational Sensitivity Scale about how people pay attention to others.
  3. And a Multicultural Sensitivity Scale about — my putting it bluntly — how bigoted people are.

By contrast, this approach involves what shows at aura level. Requiring advanced skills of energetic literacy to discern these subtle differences.

Aura-Level Discernment Like this Is Hardly Abstract

Quite the opposite. Once our COMMENTS for this article get going, you’ll find loads of practical examples. As well as more understanding about what it means to accept your degree of sensitivity.

This article presents a golden opportunity for you to learn about this approach in particular.

Before I go into detail about the numbers on this Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE — which I soon will… Please keep this in mind: Whatever you’ve got for your degree of personal sensitivity isn’t just permanent. It’s good.

This Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale includes a range of scores from 1 to 20.

How do you score? Come find out.

Sensitivity Empowerment. Scoring 1

On the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE

You’re exceptionally well adjusted to life as it is. Fearlessly noticing, and accepting, objective reality.

Along with that, you’ve got minimum sensitivity, as people go. Consider yourself to be rugged!

Sensitivity Empowerment. Scoring 2

On the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE

Along with those who score 1 on the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale, you’re set up to make excellent contact with objective reality, and you share an admirable ability to adjust to your surroundings.

However, you’re a bit more sensitive; this results in your being somewhat more curious about people who are different from you, sensitivity-wise.

Sensitivity Empowerment. Scoring 3

On the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE

Being moderately sensitive, you’re the best there is at understanding people with different sensitivities.

Why the best there is, when compared to everyone else on our Sensitivity Scale? Because you’re beautifully positioned in the middle. Many folks are less sensitive than you while others are more sensitive.

To put it another way, being moderately sensitive means that you have enough stability to appreciate folks with less sensitivity. Likewise, you’ve got enough sensitivity to appreciate those whose sensitivity is greater than your own.

Summing up, you have a knack for balancing what exists in objective reality with the various possible feelings about it.

Sensitivity Empowerment. Scoring 4

On the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE

Quite sensitive, inwardly you appreciate a lot more than many folks do, if they have lower scores on the Sensitivity Scale. Yet you have fewer problems with inner stability, when compared with those who score higher.

What if you’re not sure whether you’re a Sensitive Person (scoring 4) or a Highly Sensitive Person (scoring 5)? Take Dr. Elaine Aron’s classic test.

Sensitivity Empowerment. Scoring 5

On the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE

Hello, you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, an HSP. Yes, you respond to life with insight that’s far greater than anybody with lower numbers on the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale.

Being an HSP is exciting, only there’s one huge disadvantage to having that beautiful sensitivity of yours. Unfortunately, being highly sensitive tends to magnify one’s discomfort related to however much energetic STUFF (stuck energies) that you’ve got in your aura.

Although you don’t necessarily have more subconscious energetic STUFF, what you have could trouble you more. For that reason, you might take the precaution of locating an expert at effective energy healing. Have sessions when you feel the need.

Sensitivity Empowerment, Scoring 6–17

On the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE

Hooray, I’ve got a simple answer for you. Nobody scores any of these numbers; neither you nor anyone else.

Why not? Regular HSPs score a 5 on the Sensitivity Scale. Empaths all score a 20. What then explains the gap in numbers, shown in hypothetical scores 6–19? That is meant to convey a considerably higher degree of sensitivity in the nervous systems (and auras) of empaths, which brings us to…

Sensitivity Empowerment. Scoring 20

On the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE

You’re an empath, what I call a Highly-Highly Sensitive Person. And the only kind of person who can do Skilled Empath Merge, bringing you so many advantages in your career and personal life.

That means your aura behaves differently from the auras of non-empaths. Until skilled, you’ll do countless unskilled empath merges every day of your life; arguably, the main duty of an empath teacher is to help you to make that stop — because the resulting aura-level stability can be a game-changer, greatly improving any empath’s quality of life.

To be clear, this teacher of Empath Empowerment® has more to teach you, such as how to do Skilled Empath Merge.

Of course, I’m hardly the only empath teacher. Currently sells 7,000 books for empaths.

For the most practical perspective, what if you score a 20 on the Sensitivity Scale? Expect higher risk for confusion in life, but also higher reward.

In Conclusion

Practical examples below will bring to life the principles you’ve learned here. You’ll find them at my personal blog — the one that, just today, passed a new milestone: 84,000 comments.

Comment there and together let’s breathe life into this Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE. It has come a long way… since I first wrote about it in the linked-to article just supplied.

The better you understand this knowledge, the more you’ll use it. As a result, watch the reach of your relationships grow accordingly.

Empath Coach Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. IMO every one of us has an EXCELLENT degree of sensitivity. We’re just not IDENTICAL.”




Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree

Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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