Are Empaths Born. Or Made?

Rose Rosetree
7 min readFeb 27, 2023

And Why Empath Teachers Should Be Able to Do Skilled Empath Merge

One True Idea about Empaths: All of us can learn to do Skilled Empath Merge. In this Empath’s Aura Photo #1, I was holding a malachite crystal.

By contrast, 7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths. Will you think they’re pretty funny? Or more like important obedience to The Gospel of Today’s Mainstream Empath Folklore?

7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths. Take Your Pick

Or maybe choose none of them. Since you could benefit far more from knowing about Empath Empowerment®. (And especially the part of it about learning how to do Skilled Empath Merges.)

  • Even if you’re not an empath, join me for this lighthearted blogpost. Quite likely you’ll be laughing a bit at what passes for help in today’s mainstream “help for empaths.”
  • Whereas, if you are an empath, maybe you’ll learn some things NOT to do. Just as, back in the day, I learned a considerable amount about how to dress well from the TV show, “What NOT to Wear.”

First of All, What the Heck Is an Empath?

Choose from the following interesting ideas. TRUE or FALSE?

  1. An empath is somebody born with a lifelong gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.
  2. In terms of the Energy Spirituality SENSITIVITY SCALE, every empath scores 20. That means topping out on a scale that goes from 1–20.
  3. An empath is any unhappy, suffering person.
  4. If you’re self-absorbed, call that being an empath.
  5. Anybody living with the consciousness lifestyle of Spiritual Addiction or Psychological Overwork? You’ll be spaced out all your waking hours. Definitely having interesting freelings an thoughts. Automatically, does that makes you an empath?
  6. Want pity? Tell everybody your terrible traumas have made you an empath.
  7. Empaths are whatever psychologists (or wannabe psychologists) tell you.

Just in case some of these seven quiz ideas might seem far-fetched? Keep reading. Because some of the seven points to come… just might be connected.

Hey, I Wish Every Empath Curious Person Would Watch these Two Videos

What a quick way to dispel all the FALSE answers from our quiz questions. Plus these videos are pretty lighthearted.

And now let’s explore 7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths. For inspiration, I’ll quote from a highly ranked article called “7 Common Empath Struggles.

Now let’s start exploring. Perhaps, for this little educational journey, you’d like to bring along your common sense?

In this Empath’s Aura Photo #2, I was doing a Skilled Empath Merge with that same malachite crystal.

While in the first aura photo, at the top of this post, I was just holding that malachite crystal. (Being myself, a Skilled Empath, I don’t have to do unskilled empath merges. Common though they are among unskilled empaths.)

7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths #1.

Desperately Needing a Refuge

No, I’m not referring to the horrible refugee crisis worldwide. Sadly, that’s all too real.

Instead, I’m commenting on the pretty goofy name of a crazy-popular website: Highly Sensitive Refuge Dotcom.

No mission statement adorns the home page of this “refuge.” But if you look at the article links on that home page, hello! The obvious theme is victimhood, suffering, and how to find sympathetic advice.

Also worth noting, despite the name, many articles here aren’t really about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Instead they have “empath” in the title. Whatever? Same diff??

7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths #2.

What Makes Someone an Empath?

According to Ms. Nielsen, the term “empath” has never been proven scientifically. Unlike being an HSP. This, she opines is “connected to a genetic trait.”

When it comes to what makes somebody an empath, more of Nielsen’s interesting ideas will follow. But let’s pause here to consider something pretty essential that this so-confident empath adviser doesn’t know.

Lacking energetic literacy, and also lacking knowledge there is such a thing as energetic literacy, of course! Nielsen wouldn’t know this next part. But I’m here to tell you Blog-Buddies: A person’s lifelong degree of sensitivity shows in that person’s chakra databanks.

In this Empath’s Aura Photo #3, I was doing a Skilled Empath Merge with an energy healer who was in the room with me

7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths #3.

Your Imperfect Family Made You an Empath

Supposedly, that could be all it took. What if you had a family member who struggled with substance use? Or workaholism. Maybe an eating disorder. Or some other struggle.

Could all that “trauma” have made you an empath?

Since problems are pretty common here at Earth School, gee. Might just about everybody be an empath? What think you?

7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths #4.

Someone in Your Home was Unpredictable

Ooh, horrors. With that idea it’s a wonder that God ever gave anybody free will. You know, free will makes us humans so darned unpredicable.

Makes me wonder if Brooke Nielen, the self-proclaimed authority on empaths, grew up in a human family. Moreover, given her beliefs that humans are so easily traumatized, then turned into — sob! — empaths???

No wonder she believes that “empath struggles” are so common.

7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths #5.

Enduring Terrible Support and Praise

You see, in the trauma-filled worldview of Brooke, support from others could be a really terribly terrible thing.

“You got support and praise for being attuned to others’ emotions.”

Oh yeah, that’s gonna turn any normal person into an empath weirdo. For shame! (?)

In this Empath’s Aura Photo #4, I was doing a Skilled Empath Merge with a photo of the Dalai Lama.

7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths #6.

Living in Spiritual Addiction (Supposedly) Equals Being an Empath?

Granted, this is an idea from me, not today’s mainstream empath experts. Count it as one way to interpret Brooke’s collection of terrible traumas: Because Spiritual Addiction does lead inevitably to more drama in life than otherwise.

Of course, Brooke wouldn’t bring up Spiritual Addiction. Since she lacks energetic literacy, let alone discernment about consciousness lifestyles. But this kind of knowledge is alive and well (and precise) at this Energy Spirituality™ website.

In Brooke’s article there’s a list of seven “common” empath struggles. I’ll summarize them below. If you know much about living in Spiritual Addiction, do you see any connection?

Are These Empath Struggles?

Or Are They Really Just Signs of Living in Spiritual Addiction?

  1. Soaking up the moods of others.
  2. Shape-shifting to be what you think others need you to be.
  3. Confusion about where you end and others begin.
  4. Feeling guilty for setting boundaries.
  5. Feeling weighed down by the heaviness of the world.
  6. Struggling to know your needs or how to voice them.
  7. Taking responsibility for things that don’t belong to you.

Hello! All seven of these probs are among the signs of Spiritual Addiction.

Many — perhaps most — of today’s mainstream teachers for empaths and HSPs… It’s like they’re equating Spiritual Addiction (which we can avoid) with being an empath (which we’re given for life, and is a blessing.)

7 Goofy Ideas about Empaths #7.

Notice All the Yummy Appeals to Self-Pity and Victimhood?

For example, there’s the idea that terrible trauma has made people empaths. Just in case you might wonder, “Have I suffered more than others?”

Being an empath as a mark of suffering? Really?!!! It’s ridiculously easy to find those appeals if you click on the link to the original article. Likely, you will find a ton of those appeals, reasons to excuse self-pity, reasons to feel SPECIAL.

How is it, then, that only born empaths can learn how to do Skilled Empath Merge? Not victims, empaths.

In my view as an Empath Coach, hello!

Doing Skilled Empath Merge is the spiritual purpose of being born as an empath.

How about this. I’ll google on “Brooke Nielsen + Skilled Empath Merges”. Maybe that will turn up a lot of wondrously inspiring articles. Well, see for yourself.

In this Empath’s Aura Photo #5, I was doing a Skilled Empath Merge with a hiddenite crystal.

Note: All these aura photos were taken on the same day, in the same room, one after another, along with many other such photographs: Boom, boom, boom. Thank you, my friend Hyun Martin. She gave me the gift of these aura photographs, taken with an extremely good camera.

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