An Unconventional Ghost Story

Ghost Story with a happy ending

Today’s wacky tale of ghosts took place big, spooky building quite kindred to Hogwarts…. Why not tell that tale, as we celebrate Halloween this year? A ghost story with an unlikely, upbeat message.

Healing Ghosts at London’s College of Psychic Studies

Before I share the following story, let’s be clear. I have huge admiration for the College of Psychic Studies, faculty and staff both.

Twice I have taught at the College of Psychic Studies in England, located in a glorious building in London. The school is a real spiritualist’s powerhouse, where the cream of the crop come mostly to teach psychic development. I taught related skills, of course, not being a psychic. Such as instruction in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

Lovely people came for the many workshops, lectures, and sessions that I presented. I got to meet some of the faculty, too, instructors and readers and healers with rigorous training and immense talent.

These talented experts did things I cannot do at all, carrying on the great spiritualist traditions of England with rigorous skill sets, taught with dedication. Teaching there was an honor — also an honour!

Where My Ghost Story Begins, However

Guess what? The place was jammed and crammed with ghosts. And not necessarily spirits who came to work with the metaphysical professionals. Rather, loads of them came because of the spirit-loving students. Probably great fun, from the perspective of a stuck spirit. Or other discarnate being, such as Extra-Terrestrial Entities.

Kind of like going to Comic Con if you’re a science fiction lover. Except that the vast majority of participants are invisible to the naked human eye.

To be clear: As an Enlightenment Coach, I don’t recommend channeling spirits. Nor do I advocate mediumship. Nor any type of psychic development. Especially since The Age of Awakening, as you can read about most clearly here.

Getting astral entities stuck to one’s aura… is not a great enhancement to human life. Far from it.

So I’m more interested in protecting people from what I call “STUFF.” Such as stuck spirits and the like, that get attached to people’s auras. Not only un-dead. Un-helpful!

Yet Ethics Matter

Whatever My Personal Opinions about Ghosts

Generously, administrators at the College let me stay in an upstairs bedroom my first two weeks teaching there. Imagine, being the only human resident in the four-story building with ultra-high ceilings and an extremely large assortment of ghosts.

Due to my training as a teacher of the Spiritually Sparkling® Skills for relocating astral entities, ick! Having this crowd around was annoying.

How did I manage to sleep well? Yet do it without abusing the gracious hospitality offered me by the College?

This Ghost Story Had a Happy Ending for Many

Every day, here’s how I would sort things out. Using my Power of Command to co-create with Divine help, like Jesus or Buddha!

Each evening, after all the humans but me had left for the day, hello! I’d speak to the ghosts where were in the building. Some wanted to stay and work with instructors at the College. Or help students. Fine!

Others would receive a free ride. Off planet! Helping each one go to his or her or its own next right place of expression.

How to wrangle this amicable sorting out?

  1. Astral entities who worked actively with the psychics and mediums and channelers. I directed them to specific rooms.
  2. As for the rest, everyone else in the building received advanced notice. Unless they went into those hang-out rooms, hello! Nearly as fast as you could say “Boo”…..
  3. I facilitated Spiritually Sparkling technques to relocate that second group.

Afterward, I could sleep easily. And also on the next morning the building would be energetically cleaner for my clients and students.

Win-win-win times many thousand!

What Surprised Me about this Ghost Story?

Before those two weeks of daily wrangling, I wouldn’t have guessed.

How many ghosts arrived every day! And not there for helping the staff or students. But assembled because they were hoping to find help for getting off of earth, already.

During my weeks spent working at The College, I had a busy day job. Helping humans.

Evenings I’d spend 10 minutes offering informal and non-coercive invitations to healing. In the process, I co-created relocation for many thousands of astral entities. They were thrilled to leave.

Just so you know, many a stuck spirit wishes to stop living as a ghost. They’d prefer to resume their spiritual evolution. Because ghost life is an evolutionary dead end. Many a discarnate entity hangs around earth without knowing how to get off the place.

Spiritually Sparkling Skills can help everyone to have a happy ending. Whatever skills you wind up learning, Blog-Buddies, consider: There’s no need, in my opinion, to go gaga for ghosts. Human beings have sovereignty over all life forms on this planet. Here’s to your glorious humanity on this Halloween 2020!




Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree

Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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