Amazing Chakra Databank Arrays

Eyeglasses come in different prescriptions. So do arrays of Chakra Databanks. Both can provide essential precision.

Chakra Databank Arrays are one of the leading-edge discoveries of Energy Spirituality. So useful for personal growth and insight into others! Here you’ll find our most up-to-date options.

If you’re a knowledge worker (or know one), you appreciate how indispensible eyeglasses can be. For the purpose of reading auras, we need something comparable: Specialized arrays of chakra databanks.

What Would Reading Be Like If Eyeglasses Weren’t Available?

  • If you’re a writer, an entrepreneur, a creative…
  • Or if you’re politically active…
  • Likewise if you’re a parent, a student, a lover, a seeker of truth…
  • Wouldn’t it limit you if none of us could see well enough to read?

Q. Equally vital, if you pursue energetic literacy, the equivalent of eyeglasses that match your eyes would be what?

A. Selecting the appropriate set of chakra databanks. Exactly what you’ll read about here!

First, Use Them for Personal Growth, Spiritual Awakening

Once you learn good skills of aura reading, read any chakra databank you like. Indeed, read any chakra databank array you like. :-)

As a matter of fact these skills amount to Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Definitely, you can learn these skills. Moreover, once learned, these skills can help you for the rest of your life.

Likewise, this kind of precision aura reading has practical implications. For instance, helping you to choosing a path in life with high truth value. Also, opening up your potential to appreciate… all the leading-edge discoveries in the field of Energy Spirituality.

Second, Use these Chakra Databank Arrays for More Success and Prosperity

Always, you can book sessions with an expert aura reader. For instance, you might choose to meet with the founder of Energy Spirituality.

In order to prepare, find some good photos for aura reading. Following up, on the day of your session, email those pix to me. Depending on how much detail you want, I’ll profile as many different people as I can.

On the other hand, once you’ve got those good aura reading skills, hello! Simply choose whichever array you like, and start reading the chakra databanks of greatest interest to you.

But What ARE Chakra Databanks?

Indispensible for Energy Spirituality Aura Readings, that’s what! Quite possibly you newer readers might think something like this:

“Hey, I know what aura readings are like. Twice, I’ve seen my colors in an aura photo. Three times, I went to a psychic. Two gave me all-around aura readings. While the other one gave me a chakra reading.”

Of course, that’s what psychics do. Bless their hearts, I’ve known some very sweet psychics.

However, I’m not a psychic. Nor are the Energy Spirituality Experts I’ve trained. We’re neither psychics nor psychotherapists nor members of the clergy. Instead, we’re part of a new profession that’s growing fast: Energy Spirituality.

And our leading-edge skills of aura reading are one of the reasons why. For example, we read chakra databanks. (But you guessed that ;-).)

Maybe you’d like to chew this idea around for a moment. As if it were a tasty new kind of dessert.

Currently you can search the internet for chakra databank readings. And the only place you’ll find them are at this website. Except for some websites that re-publish articles I’ve written. (Without permission. Bad karma!)

After I’d read thousands of auras with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, hello! The idea occurred to me: Maybe I could cocreate some arrays of chakra databanks.

And What IS a Chakra Databank Array?

Simply put, that’s a set of chakra databanks. Selected for a purpose. In order to investigate some aspect of life.

Very likely, what’s the biggest advantage I have for putting together this sort of thing? Background as a “consciousness engineer.

Mainly, though, knowledge of these arrays is about you, not me.

May you develop good skills of energetic literacy and then research away… for a better-better-better life!

All that Said, Here Comes Your Practical List

As a matter of fact, there is a big-and-growing list of these arrays of chakra databanks. Have fun!

Of course, feel free to COMMENT and ask your questions at my personal blog. Where you’ll find a similar version of what’s here on Medium.

Chakra Databank Array from 2020

Authentically Positive Chakra Databanks

Important to realize, millions of people today work hard at being positive. (In my Google search today, 7,950,000,000 hits.)

But does all that smiling improve anyone’s aura? Sometimes quite the opposite.

Use this array for aura reading research to shed light on people you know. Since many of them may be trying soooooooo hard to be positive.

Chakra Databank Array from 2022

Be Yourself Chakra Databanks

“Just be yourself,” people say. As if that were “easy” or “natural”!

Actually people say “Be yourself” quite a lot. (8,580,000,000 hits. Yes, well over 8 BILLION hits.)

How zany is that, when the very idea is so abstract. Quite possibly confusing! And unless the standards for being oneself are pretty low, how well do most of us succeed at being ourselves.

That said, preparing the most recent set of of chakra databanks was exceptionally delightful for me. Cocreating these arrays is always an education to me, and an adventure. Nonetheless, I may never have enjoyed cocreating an array of chakra databanks this much as with the recent one.

Why, really? What can you expect to find if you open up that green link supplied under this heading?

In retrospect this group of seven chakra databanks spans the essence of being human. Insofar as any collection that small could attempt to get at the essence. Blog-Buddies, see what you think. And, as always, feel free to COMMENT below.

Chakra Databank Array from 2014

The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks

“I think I just met my Prince Charming,” Gladys tells you.

Would it be more appropriate to congratulate her, or to send condolences?

This chakra databank is unique. Since “Be charming” ought to come with a warning label. (386,000,000 hits.)

Maybe you don’t quite see what I mean there? Just on the blog link provided and check out the seamy side of the garment. Hmmm.

Chakra Databank Array from 2022

Cocreation Chakra Databanks

How can you learn about a person’s ability to cocreate with God? Would that coincide with what most people might call “godly”?

Can you tell who is godly? (21,200,000 hits.)

Unlike the #1 result that just showed up at my Google search, no. I don’t believe that, “You will recognize a godly person when you not only see the person, but you see Jesus in them. It is his transforming power…”

If you might be interested in a non-religous way of discerning qualities that can prepare a human being to cocreate with the Divine, guess which set of chakra databanks I’d recommend that you explore?

Chakra Databank Array from 2020

Communicator Chakra Databanks

To be clear, this is just our first array of communication-related chakra databanks. (See “Inspiring Communicator” below.) More like what people mean when they tell you they want to “Communicate Better”. (4,520,000,000 hits.)

Mainly, this set of chakra databanks can bring you insights about:

  • Success-related communication. For better understanding your work colleagues. And potential new supervisors, employees, team members.
  • Family members: for more compassion and closer relationships.
  • Politicians, news anchors and pundits. Bringing clarity at a time when it’s hard to decide whom to trust.
  • Most important, find potential role models for yourself as a communicator.

Finally, this array is not only intended to be about communication. Rather, the purpose is to help you to better understand the person who’s talking.

Chakra Databank Array from 2022

Courage Chakra Databanks

Courage seems like a sexy ideal, so appealing. Be courageous — even the thought might seem to have magical powers for bringing out the best in a person. (103,000,000 hits.)

Is courage simply a mood, like you can “fake it ‘till you make it”? I think not.

Instead use this array of chakra databanks to find out how well you (or others) are doing. Learn what to improve and do it!

Chakra Databank Array from 2022

Cult Involvement Chakra Databanks

How can you tell if somebody is in a cult? (84,300,000 hits)

For sure, Google can direct you to a lot of practical articles for behavioral detective work. However, ha ha!

Actually you might find this most helpful: One person at a time, research this array of chakra databanks, all about cult involvement. And how it can show quite clearly in auras.

Chakra Databank Array from 2020

Inspiring Communicator Chakra Databanks

Did you ever wish you could develop more charisma? Key to that is how you communicate.

Including skills you can learn. Also,what else might help? Maybe moving out STUFF in your aura that sabotages your communication.

So many folks wish to communicate better. (1,300,000,000 hits.)

But why do that in a random way when this set of chakra databanks can provide a precision analysis of how you’re doing, subconsciously and energetically.

Chakra Databank Array from 2013

Integrity Chakra Databanks

So many people pay lip service to the idea that Integrity Matters. (301,000,000 hits.)

Yet much of the craze for integrity doesn’t amount to much more than lofty ideals. Of course, one can often learn about personal integrity by comparing what people promise to what they deliver.

In general, assessment isn’t so easy. For instance if a politician is running for office, making a good case.

As a voter, as a person, what if you’d like to learn about integrity in advance of making a commitment? This set of chakra databanks is your ticket.

Chakra Databank Array from 2020

Leadership Chakra Databanks

In this world, true leadership can make such a difference.

However, is it really true that everyone can be a leader? (1,080,000,000 hits.)

I’m skeptical. More like, almost everyone believes flattery! Othewise how could everybody be a leader?

Leadership shouldn’t be something everybody expects to be give. Like a participation trophy. Or now, for the population of fictional Lake Wobegon, “Where all the children are above average.”

Can we progress at developing leadership skills though? Sure. Provided that we’re willing to pay the price.

How well is any person is doing at true leadership? Here’s the set of chakra databanks you can use in order to gain insight… And also to perhaps identify room for improvement.

Chakra Databank Array from 2010. Yes, 2010.

The Making Money Array of Chakra Databanks

Originally I developed this array for the success how-to book “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

Published in 2010, this is the first array of chakra databanks published anywhere.

Notably, so many experts tout ways to gain prosperity. (772,000,000 hits.) Can these methods all be equally effective?

Reading that expert’s Making Money Chakra Databanks can help you to preview the consequences of following that leader.

Also, you can use this research instrument to learn what you’re already doing right. And if you might find some room for improvement, that just might help you as well.

Chakra Databank Array from 2019

Physicality Chakra Databanks

Regardless of whatever your current goals in life might be, consider.

Won’t you succeed more if you’re living in your body? ( 5,710,000,000 hits)

For example, physicality can be an important component of sex appeal. Who needs sex appeal? Anybody who wishes to have a strong presence, contributing to your success in just about any career.

Researching this set of chakra databanks just might help.

Chakra Databank Array from 2019

Sexual Balance Chakra Databanks

So useful if you’ve ever wondered, “Am I sexy”? (1,830,000,000 )

Admittedly, a lot of people relate to sex like baby souls:

  • I am my physical body. (Not the life premise of a more evolved soul: I am MORE than my physical body.)
  • Bigger implants = sexier.

Yet the rest of us can appreciate sex as an aspect of personal development; sex bringing us more than a physical thrill. Sex even bringing us something spiritual, and potentially enriching for spiritual evolution. In that case, you might find it especially fascinating to learn about this array of chakra databanks.

Chakra Databank Array from 2021

Sexual Fidelity or Infidelity Chakra Databanks

Some people find it so enticing to tumble down a cheater’s orgasm chasm. But WHICH people?

Those left behind in the merriment are those being cheated on. Evidently they’re turning to Google in droves. Given how many hits I’ve just found for spot infidelity. (8,070,000 hits)

Two days in a row, I’ve facilitated Energy Spirituality sessions for spouses who were walloped by extreme sneaking around. Covering up a LOT of infidelity.

Maybe those excited cheaters have never heard of karma yet. But eventually, I’m guessing, they will.

Meanwhile, this chakra databank array has its uses.

In Conclusion?

Hey, more chakra databank arrays may arrive in the future. Check back to the version of this article at my personal blog whenever you like to see what’s new.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. If you’ve enjoyed this article, please consider FOLLOWING me here on Medium. I’d appreciate it.”

Photo Credit: Julie Blake Edison (I love her Etsy shop, which you’ll find at the link just provided.)



Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.