But You Don’t Have to Accept ANY of these Woecake Ideas

Look, I’m an empath. Actually I’m America’s most experienced Empath Coach. When I published the first book for empaths, there was none of this whining.

Now Amazon sells over 7,000 books for empaths. Plus there’s a ton of victim talk about empaths on social media and at some popular websites.

From an Enlightenment Teacher

Appreciate people in your life with a new spirit of Thanksgiving.

Definitely, this is not a typical article about gratitude or being positive! Instead, I’m going to set you thinking about your spiritual Love, Light, and Power.

That is, thinking about how you can start using them in new ways…

Press Release. Plus, an Article for Writers, Entrepreneurs, & More

Celebrate the Shift’s 9-year anniversary. Better late than never!

Did you know? Many problems in society now… could be overcome if folks adjusted better to living in the Age of Awakening.

The 9-Year Anniversary of the Shift Will Be 12–21–21.

Inviting media interviews! And conversations!!!

You bet! What better way to celebrate on this day, since my personal blog…

What the Hype Is Hiding

This article aims to help you. Especially if you want to use your full potential in life. For example, do you wish to:

  • Achieve excellence, in any way?
  • Be of service to others?
  • Or improve your relationship with God?

Then read this article closely. Because…

You CAN Do This

Have you met someone who confused having a strong personal presence with… a beautiful energy?

Could that person, once upon a time, have been YOU?

By the end of this article you’ll know better.

Now let’s get to it:

What Is Presence?

Folks fascinated by mind-body-spirit often think of…

How to Protect Yourself. And Also Help Improve Our Society.

Probably this has already happened to you today. COLLECTIVE Attention Deficit Disorder is sucking some of the joy out of your life. Given society’s urgent need for friendliness, what can you do to make a positive change?

This article will help you to understand what’s going on. …

And How Can It Help YOU?

Energy Spirituality can help you to grow emotionally. And also help you to awaken spiritually.

Especially important, Rose uses — and teaches — skills that work now. Meaning now — in the Age of Awakening.

How Founder Rose Rosetree Developed Energy Spirituality

Gradually, that’s how: Beginning by offering personal sessions to help clients back in 1986. …

Surprising Ways It Can Mess up Your Aura

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Does Work

Research studies have shown that CBT has helped clients deal better with chronic pain, divorce, and many other problems.

And the idea seems so appealing: Helping clients to break old habits related to faulty cognitions. Unhelpful ideas, whether conscious or subconscious!


And Other Causational STUFF Removal from Energy Spirituality

If you’re into healing, here’s exciting news for you…. at the leading edge of Energy Spirituality?

And maybe at the leading edge of all energy healing in the world today!

Decide for yourself.

Because this article describes, for the first time, some of the newest Healing Centerpieces in all of…

Rose Rosetree

Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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