5 Signs of Spiritual Enlightenment

A Sweet Enlightenment Validation

Spiritual Enlightenment means having God in your belfry.

If you’re a spiritual seeker, Pauline’s story can inspire you.

What if you’re a writer? An entrepreneur? A crazy-busy parent?

You’all can learn something helpful from this article. To benefit most, be sure to read through all the way to the end.

Usually Enlightenment Surprises Me. Not This Time

Because my long-time client Pauline was getting closer and closer. Given that I’m pretty experienced as an Enlightenment Coach, I could tell Enlightenment was likely to happen soon.

Nonetheless, that’s the only thing about this session that DIDN’T surprise me. Including the unique sweetness.

Before You Read Further, Let’s Answer this Question

What are Rose Rosetree’s credentials to validate Enlightenment for anyone?

These days, there’s a lot of talk about Spiritual Enlightenment. Of course, you’ll find “Spiritual Awakening” is a popular topic all over the internet. Contrary to popular misunderstandings and shortcuts, Spiritual Awakening is NOT Enlightenment. Despite all the loose talk and outright gossip today about:

  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Self-Actualization
  • And Self-Realization
  • Also, for that matter, questionable ideas for personal growth or spiritual awakening.

Hey, when it comes to something as important as Spiritual Enlightenment? It’s only fair if your inquiring mind wants to know what gives me the right to “validate Enlightenment.”

This article summarizes my credentials to serve as an Enlightenment Coach. Further questions about that? COMMENT at that link just supplied. Or, if it’s more convenient for you, ask here. And now for the fun part!

Right from the Start, I Could Tell that Pauline Was Ready to Validate Enlightenment

And why was that? Because, within minutes of starting Pauline’s session, I did a Skilled Empath Merge. Immediately, as an experienced Enlightenment Coach, I could tell.

Accordingly, I went through the steps of the “Enlightenment Validation” procedure. Hooray!

Now it was Pauline’s turn to talk. Together we proceed to share a unique kind of interview.

Because everyone who moves into Spiritual Enlightenment has a unique story.

And yes, by graciously answering all my questions, as you’ll see, Pauline has shared a story that’s beautifully-and-sweetly-inspiring.

Sweet Enlightenment Validation #1.


Always I ask this question to my Enlightenment student: “Could you tell one particular moment when you moved into this consciousness lifestyle?”

Since, sometimes a person does notice. While not always.

Asking this question, I’m just doing my best to compile data. In this spirit, I write Validation blog posts like this one whenever I can.

BTW, what if any of you reading this article now… are studying with a different spiritual teacher. it could be a nonduality teacher, a yoga teacher, a Tai Chi master, a meditation teacher, etc. Please ask this teacher to start publishing articles about:

  1. How an expert at this sacred specialty validates the Shift into Enlightenment.
  2. And please describe in detail some of the personal stories.

Seems to me, these matter enormously now. Since all traditional teaching that leads to Enlightenment originates in the Age of Faith.

But are we still living then? Definitely not! Ever since the Shift on December 21, 2012, we humans have been living in the Age of Awakening.

Therefore, we need understandings and stories to help us live Enlightenment NOW.

Anyway, Pauline did NOT remember any particular moment of moving into Spiritual Enlightenment. Instead, this grew within her.

Even the process of answering my questions helped Pauline, though. She gained more clarity about her experience.

Sweet Enlightenment Validation #2.

Being Okay

Commonly, people assume that moving into Enlightenment is flashy, dramatic, etc. Perhaps that’s more likely with Traditional Enlightenment. However, it’s more common now for folks to move into Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Maybe you’re not yet familiar with that second, equally valid, form of Spiritual Enlightenment. Definitely read this introductory article before you read further.

What did Pauline notice, if not fireworks? Or some other obviously cosmic experience?

I started noticing a sense of “Everything is going to be okay.”

Where did I feel that? How did I feel that? It was in my heart.

And just in case you’re thinking that kind of okayness is bland. Or passive…

Sweet Enlightenment Validation #3.

Breaking the Habit of Worry

Probably you know, one of the famous aspects of Enlightenment is overcoming illusions. But are you used to thinking of worrying as being serious. True.

For example, in Collective Consciousness, worry is what psychologically conscientious people almost always feel. Such as saying things like:

  • I struggle (with these thoughts or feelings)
  • Or I’m concerned.

Nonsense: One reason why Pauline was able to move into Enlightenment? Years ago, I was able to teach her to avoid taking the Psychological Bypass. Namely, constantly keeping busy by analyzing herself. IMO, such a terrible waste of time!

Also years ago, Pauline learned to live The New Strong. So she’s stopped overcomplicating her life… Even while accelerating her emotional growth and spiritual awakening. However, that New Strong Consciousness Lifestyle isn’t Enlightenment, not yet.

What changed for Pauline? What changed about worrying? Quite spontaneously, she started having thoughts and feelings like these:

I can relax. I don’t have to worry.

Just like that, Pauline realized, she quit worrying about money. Friends. Her love life.

Instead, what began?

Sweet Enlightenment Validation #4.

A Sense of Safety

Deep within, Pauline started having thoughts and feelings like these:

I’m safe, really safe. Deeply safe.

For example, after talking with a couple of folks at work who probably didn’t much like her:

Knowing that’s okay. These people don’t have to like me.

Like the opposite of trying to be positive, right? Pauline told me that moving into Enlightenment was like a cosmic sigh.

Phew, I can breathe and start to enjoy myself.

BTW What Is This Pauline Like as a Person?

Hey, let’s pause in our survey so I can help you appreciate Pauline Stone. Hint: She’s hardly a passive person.

At her company, Pauline has worked her way up to the position of Director.

She loves dogs, birdwatching, hiking. Anything outdoors: Swimming, sailing, fast boats and slow boats.

I enjoy everything.

How about Politics?

As an American living now, I believe that it’s essential to pay attention to the news. It’s vital to make a difference, however we can. For that reason, I couldn’t avoid asking Pauline: “Black Lives Matter. Countering AAPI hate. Do things like this matter to you?”

Actually, yes. Including how, as part of her job, Pauline hires some of the new employees.

I’m so grateful I’m in a position at work where I can help give people a chance to have a better life.

Sweet Enlightenment Validation #5.

Quietly Making a Difference

Summing up, Pauline told me:

It’s like this. You make a difference in people’s lives. And it doesn’t matter to you if the person fully appreciates what you’re doing.

Certainly it doesn’t matter if other people know when you help someone.

Exactly! To me, that’s one of the sweetest things about Spiritual Enlightenment: Spontaneously helping others.

I responded, “This is a lot like how God helps us, you know.”



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