5 Darshan Secrets

5 Darshan Secrets for the Age of Awakening. These can bring spiritual seekers like you some much-needed discernment.

And I do mean YOU!

First of All, This Article Is Part 2 in a 2-Part Series

What is Darshan?

Basically, Darshan is a significant spiritual blessing.

Initially, in Part 1, we considered what Darshan meant back during the Age of Faith.

In general, the ideal included a kind of contagious holiness: Like the idea that spiritual purity was transmitted by a holy person. Or object. Particularly, in the East, Darshan happened when you were in the presence of a saint. Namely, somebody in Spiritual Enlightenment.

However, Darshan can mean something very different today. Now that we’re all living in the Age of Awakening. (Definitely, all of us have been doing that. Know it or not, like it or not. Living in this Age of Awakening ever since the Shift on 12/21/12.)

As a matter of fact, you can find that Part 1 Darshan article here. Might I suggest? Take a few minutes to read it before continuing to read this Part 2.

Second, for this Article Part 2, How to Define Darshan NOW?

In this Age of Awakening, we can receive Darshan. Primarily we receive it from:

  1. A person living in Spiritual Enlightenment.
  2. When we have direct contact with that individual — that is, in energetic real time. Such as being in the same room. Alternatively, we might be talking via phone, Skype, Zoom, etc.

Already You May Have Just Learned a Couple of Secrets about Darshan

And these aren’t even the main 5 Secrets in this article. Which you’re even less likely to know… so far.

Yet those previous Points #1 and #2 make sense, don’t they? Protecting yourself from wasting time with superstitions. (Like some discussed in our Part 1 article.)

Beyond that, this article will share 5 Darshan Secrets. Currently, these ideas are not widely known.

But why keep them secret? Since every one of these secrets can help you to progress along your path. Whether you define that personal path as spiritual awakening, gaining Enlightenment, personal development, self-actualization, or any other worthy idea.

Important to know: What’s my standing to write this article?

5 Darshan Secrets

#1. No Guesswork Needed. (Nor Superstition, Either)

Who has “It”?

Essentially that’s the kind of guesswork I’m talking about, regarding our first Darshan Secret.

You see, Blog-Buddies, back in the day, how could you tell who was in Enlightenment? Or who was a “Saint”?

Unless you have a pretty clear idea about who’s Darshan-worthy, how can you get yourself some?

Back in the Age of Faith, people assumed. They guessed. Best they could do.

But now? Living in the Age of Awakeing, how can you tell today?

During the Age of Faith…

Plenty of People NOT in Enlightenment Have Been Considered “Saints”

One reason I love Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi”? All his stories about this. Chapter after chapter, in his gentle way, Paramahansa Yogananda exposed astral specialists — like “The Perfume Saint.” Nowhere close to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Rather, these “saints” had mastered one astral trick or another. Enough to convince many a desperate spiritual seeker that this person was “holy.”

In my upcoming book you’ll learn (among other things) quite a lot of discernment about this sort of thing:. Helping spiritual seekers to avoid barking up wrong trees, as it were.

Come to think of it, all this is… Tantamount to today’s confusions over being an empath. So many empaths today are studying with “empath experts” who aren’t themselves empaths in the first place!

Fact is, if anything, compared to the Age of Faith… Probably more people not in Enlightenment are claiming to be “There.” So discernment matters immensely, seeking Enlightenment in the Age of Awakening.

Enter Today’s Aura Reading.

Including Chakra Databanks

Energetic literacy allows us to learn what is going on in anybody’s aura. And yes, you could gain that skill. It’s not much more difficult than learning word literacy. Just takes a while.

Clairvoyance, I hasten to add, is NOT required. Not if you’re aiming to gain Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

For instance, here are five very specific reasons why you CAN learn to research people’s auras.

Imagine how useful! Already, you have word literacy. As a result, you don’t have to guess at street names. Instead you can learn those street names from street signs!

Slightly more sophisticated, but not that much:

  1. Learn good skills of aura reading.
  2. Then practice at discerning Consciousness Lifestyles.
  3. At will, you can research who is — or isn’t — in Spiritual Enlightenment.
  4. For a shortcut, absolutely: Nominate spiritual teachers who impress you; and receive the free research at our Spiritual Enlightenment List.

In view of how many people how wasted how much time, money, hope, etc. on questionable spiritual experts?

Seems to me, we’re exceedingly fortunate to live now, in the Age of Awakening. Gaining the first three skills I just listed? This can help you stop wasting time on questionable sources of “Darshan.”

5 Darshan Secrets

#2. Your Storehouse of Impressions

Whenever you have been in the presence of somebody in Spiritual Enlightenment, guess what? You remember that. Deep down.

Exactly how deep… deep down?

All the way down to the deepest down within a human life experience. In fact, there’s a traditional name for that deepest down: The Chitta.

Definitely known for the past 10,000 years or so, and also known by this Enlightenment Teacher today!

Your Chitta, or Storehouse of Impressions, contains precise and detailed memories of everything that has ever happened to you:

  • What you saw. Even what you saw with peripheral vision.
  • What you heard. Including whatever you overheard.
  • How you reacted inwardly.

By now, are you getting the idea? The idea of the immense scope of information in your own Storehouse of Impressions?

Your Storehouse of Impressions Lasts Forever

Wow, even longer than that drunk tweet or sexting that got onto the internet!

Joke. Neither you and I have ever done such a thing, right?

But if we had, it would last forever in that Storehouse of Impressions. Within you.

Yes, your Storehouse of Impressions exists:

  • Throughout this lifetime. (Including whatever gets added to it. Which is A LOT. Every day!)
  • After this lifetime, when you’re living in a light body. Living in that heaven. (Including whatever gets added to that Chitta. Which is A LOT. Every “moment” of the eternity that you’re living in!)
  • Each of your subsequent incarnations, wherever you’re born and live and die. (Always, you guessed it! Adding to your Storehouse of Impressions.)

And What’s the Connection with Darshan?

Every encounter you’ve ever had with the form of spiritual greatness called “Enlightenment”? Exactly that is stored, in minute detail.

Specifically true, these moments of real-deal Darshan are yours. Gently coaching you, subconsciously. Preparing you to understand the nature of Spiritual Enlightenment.

5 Darshan Secrets

#3. New Discovery: Your Storehouse of Energetic Holograms

In addition to your Chitta, you’ve got an equivalent version. Only for this lifetime. And somewhat easier to access.

Not only have I named this…. as one’s Storehouse of Energetic Holograms. Beyond that, I research it for my Energy Spirituality™ clients. (Myself included.)

Any Darshan you’ve experienced in this incarnation? All copied there.

Not only in your Storehouse of Impressions but also in your Storehouse of Energetic Holograms.

Curious about that?

Maybe you’ll book a session with me, learning more about times you have been with somebody in Enlightenment. Present in energetic real time. In particular, one-on-one conversations are easy to research.

Incidentally, at this time, all Energy Spirituality Experts happen to live in Enlightenment. Consider this a Darshan bonus for having a personal session with any one of us.

5 Darshan Secrets

#4. Enlightenment Eye Flash

Definitely a Darshan secret here! After all, what happens if you google Enlightenment Eye Flash?

At this writing, 4 hits. But isn’t that often the case with leading-edge ideas from Energy Spirituality™? You’ll find them here, at the Energy Spirituality website and blog. Not necessarily elsewhere, not yet. (Not even Medium. Bring on more FOLLOWING from readers like you.)

Coincidentally? Not. Does any other website currently teach the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®?

Unfortunately, not having developed good skills for energetic literacy, hello! Other spiritual teachers and personal growth experts… Sigh! Suffice it to say, they miss a whole lot.

In the Context of Darshan, What is Enlightenment Eye Flash?

Simply put, a person subconsciously registers Darshan. Briefly. And, did you consciously just register the word subconsciously? Important!

When encountering a person in Enlightenment, a stranger like Gladys briefly lights up. Like having the eyes within her eyes wake up, shine up. Only happens for a second or two.

Technically, the person in Enlightenment who witnesses Enlightenment Eye Flash is consciously seeing what? Beyond a brief eye flash, Gladys has just received some Darshan.

Perhaps the most interesting way to learn more about this is to open up the following articles about Enlightenment Validation. Once there, search on Enlightenment Eye Flash. Both in the main blogpost and in the comments:

5 Darshan Secrets

#5. Darshan Is a Matter of Degree, a Continuum

Most important for us to consider, now that we’re living in the Age of Awakening?

One could consider Darshan to be a matter of degree. Because:

  1. Each aura tells a story.
  2. Moreover, each of us subconsciously registers that story through auric modeling.
  3. After we learn good skills of energetic literacy, we can consciously research anybody’s chakra databanks. Including folks we know only from a photo or screenshot from Zoom, etc.
  4. Due to living in the Age of Awakening, millions of people are likely quite close to Spiritual Enlightenment. Although not yet living with that consciousness lifestyle.
  5. Altogether different from the Age of Faith, when almost nobody lived in Enlightenment. Or was even remotely close to Enlightenment.

Seems to me, there’s now a Continuum of Darshan.

Who’s in this Continuum of Darshan?

Since spiritually powerful auric modeling is available from this range of people. Those living in:

  1. Traditional Enlightenment
  2. Age of Awakening Enlightenment
  3. The New Strong
  4. Human-Based Spirituality — and doing well, in terms of spiritual evolution. (Sadly, some with this consciousness lifestyle can be pretty stuck. For now.)Quite likely, you! At least, if you’re a regular reader of my Energy Spirituality™ Blog. Since spiritually powerful auric modeling is available from this range of people. Those living in:

Inspiring, yes?

Be sure to ask any questions you have about this brand new concept. On the day of publishing this blogpost, yes! I plan to add Continuum of Darshan to my list of innovations from Energy Spirituality.

Together, let’s watch recognition grow over the years. Maybe give this particular new concept 5 years, before others write about it online? No gambling, please. Otherwise, I do invite you to guess how long that will take.

In Conclusion

Exciting or what? Blog-Buddies, today you’ve been reading leading-edge knowledge about Darshan. Aiming to bring this beautiful, age-old ideal into the Age of Awakening.

Just for fun, here are some takeaway questions.

  1. Whatever your religious background, there has probably been the equivalent of Darshan: A holy person, wholly authorized, to be YOUR authority about God. Offering you The Teaching. (And how has that worked for you?)
  2. Living now, we’re free to move on from Traditional Guru Snobbery about Darshan. (Such as, only those authorized by the Church or the Guru have the right to teach you anything of spiritual importance.)
  3. With the clarity that comes naturally when living in the Age of Awakening, let’s talk superstition. Unintentionally, folks who believe in the Age of Faith version of Darshan can mix in plenty old-fashioned superstition. (Examples, please.)
Here’s to you! Here’s to your Darshan!

Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”

Perhaps you might have stories, questions, or comments to share. Come on over to my personal blog (smaller and friendlier than Medium, to be sure) and comment there. I’ll gladly respond.



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