10-Year Anniversary of the Shift

One Decade into the Age of Awakening

Rose Rosetree
4 min readDec 22, 2022


12–21–22 is 10 Years into the Age of Awakening. Come celebrate this major anniversary.. Help us move into our future, our birthright.

10 Year Anniversary of the Age of Awakening — to explore that, first pack up your imagination and sense of wonder. Then…

Imagine with Me for a Moment

Imagine a day that combines anniversary news with something that you already know

Plus much you don’t know yet;

Plus, controversy.

Included in our adventure today will be perspective from somebody who’s arguably America’s authority on that particular topic:

  • Not that I’d want to argue with any of you. ;)
  • But I’ve spent much of the past decade preparing a just-published book.
  • One designed to help you move into your future
  • And gain an advantage in life over billions of people today. Good people who, unfortunately, are still living in the past.

Plus what else? By the time you read this article and the comments, you must might feel a smidge of inspiration.

Now let’s take that knowledge journey together point by point.

What You Already Know. Probably

Maybe you’ll have to squint your brain just a little, so you can remember.

But you’ve lived through 2012, correct?

Then you might recall how, for most of that year, 1 in 7 people worldwide believed that the world was going to end.

Yep, a big-deal survey from Reuters. And not just one of those periodic blips when religious zealots believe the Rapture is imminent, etc. One in 1 people worldwide — how many of them all belong to the same religion?

What Your Family and Friends — Perhaps Even YOU — Don’t Know Yet

The world didn’t end. Hey, that you’ve surely noticed. But that doesn’t mean nothing happened!

Quite possibly you greeted this brand new era on earth with your excellent skills for sarcasm.

Nonetheless, a big-deal thing began? The Age of Awakening.

Maybe you’re waiting to see the movie? Have you seen the first movie about the Age of Awakening?

Controversy. Oh Yes, Controversy

Among the relatively few who write on this topic, their opinions aren’t just weird but often dangerous.

Hey, I’m not just trying to spread the word about this new Age of Awakening. I’m also doing my best to respectfully debunk some of the cringey teachings. For example, check out this article here at the Energy Spirituality™ Blog: It’s about a popular cult related to the Shift. Especially read the comments. Many of which are heartrending.

To Celebrate this Anniversary, Let’s Spread the World RESPONSIBLY

Of course, what has happened after the Shift has confused many people.

You know what would help people to figure out what is true and what isn’t?

Good Skills of Energetic Literacy, That’s What

Given that the changes which have arisen in this Age of Awakening mostly involve subtle shifts to consciousness: What happens with people’s awareness. What I’m now calling humanity’s new Consciousness Positioning Superpower.

In order to research human consciousness in a practical way, energetic literacy helps a lot. Only let’s be clear.

Researching people’s auras (energetic literacy) is NOTHING like generalizing or squinting. Such as you’ll find in beginners’ articles about Black Aura. Likewise you’ll find equally simplistic tropes in pronouncements about Red Aura.

In general, don’t believe in old-fashioned versions of aura reading.

Such as “seeing the colours” — aka Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.

Or “chakra readings.” Only a slight improvement, technically these count as Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.

Insist upon a minimum of Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Incidentally, you can certainly learn how to do that for yourself. Just COMMENT below and ask.

Without using good quality skills, any attempt at aura reading will have a LOW Truth Value. Since aura reading aims to find truth, wouldn’t Stage 1 or Stage 2 energetic literacy… be a hollow achievement?

You’re Invited to Become a Thought Leader of the Age of Awakening

How would you become an early adapter? Must you develop a minimum of Stage 3 Energetic Literacy?

Reading my personal blog could help get you there. And COMMENTING is free.

I publish, and respond to, any civil comment about the Age of Awakening, here at my blog. (As you can tell, scrolling through our comments at the link just provided.)

Ask at my main blog’s article about this anniversary… if you’d like some ideas for learning even more about how to thrive in the Age of Awakening. In order to save yourself time, and gain yourself the best possible results, why not choose to learn systematically? (Maybe even mind-blowingly.)

That Smidge of Inspiration

Why bother to learn more about living now, in the Age of Awakening?

And why can you benefit from becoming a thought leader now? Not only help other people but mostly help yourself!

Simply put:

Living now, millions of people can move into using their full potential in life. (Sometimes called “Spiritual Enlightenment.”)

And we can do it as householders. That is, people actively living in the world. Enjoying the benefits. ;)

Never before, in human history, has this been possible. But it sure is possible now.

Thanks for Reading, Everyone

Rose Rosetree says, “Happy anniversary to us all.”



Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at rose-rosetree.com. She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.